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Raptors sign D.J. Carton to a 10-day contract

The Raptors add one of the most efficient guards in the world to the roster.

A few days after the 10-day contracts for Justise Winslow and Mo Gueye expired, the Toronto Raptors are once again dipping into the G League to find another player. Toronto is churning through the back end of the roster in trying to find those developmental hits that used to be normal for the franchise.

Carton is a 23-year-old guard who spent two years in college and is now in his third in the G League. He has steadily improved his numbers every year in the G, to that point that he is now averaging 20.8 points, 7.2 assists, and 1.6 steals per game during the G-League regular season for the Iowa Wolves. Because he’s shooting a ridiculous 43.4 percent from deep and 66.4 percent from 2-point range, his true shooting percentage of 73.3 would be the second-best in the NBA, behind only Dwight Powell.

He’s efficient and explosive as an athlete, and he has made himself into a pass-first guard who is hyper efficient when he does shoot the ball. (Which is rarely.) The Raptors play next on Feb. 22 against the Brooklyn Nets.