2024 NBA Draft: Devin Carter

The top choice for those who value effective and versatile guard play... if he's still there at the 19th pick.

I'd like to welcome everyone back to yet another draft cycle! This year's class won't be as intriguing as the one prior, but I still think that it can be important for fans to recognize there are always going to be talented players coming into the league who are worth getting excited about. Unfortunately, the Raptors conveyed their lottery pick this year and are left with pick 19 and 31 in a particularly weak class.

I would say this class' reputation as "weak" is a fair evaluation, and I've struggled making a big board far more than I would in a typical year, but I would still caution against writing off the entire class just because of that prevailing narrative. Even weak draft classes often yield good players, and the general unpredictability of this class means that the teams picking later could ultimately come away with the better players.

Over the next couple weeks leading up to the draft, I will be highlighting various players who I believe can potentially have long careers in the NBA -- assuming they end up in the right spots. Specifically, players who I believe will fit a combination of high talent level and positional need for the Toronto Raptors, in hopes of solving the question of who the best prospect will be on the board at the 19th pick.

First on the list is Providence's Devin Carter, who I have graded solidly in my top 10 this year. I'm not entirely sure if he'll still be on the board when the Raptors are picking, but I wanted to make sure all our bases were covered, especially when it seems like there could be a lot of surprises on draft night. Let's get to work.