2024 NBA Draft: Isaiah Collier

The Raptors could find themselves able to draft the talented guard from USC if his stock continues to freefall.

While his name remained a fixture in the top 10 for a good chunk of the season, Isaiah Collier's stock has fallen into the mid first round, potentially putting him in the Raptors' range. Check out the previous piece on the best big man in the Raptors' draft range, DaRon Holmes, if you have the time.

Isaiah Collier | 6'3.75 Guard | Southern California | 19 years old

Isaiah Collier - USC Trojans Guard - ESPN

The Intro

One of the best guards in the draft at generating offence, Collier's shooting remains his biggest hurdle to his success in the NBA. He came into the year as a presumptive top 5 pick, remained in the top 10 for a while, and now stands to potentially be a mid to late first rounder based on recent intel. He's more of a project than most people expected.

Collier remains one of the more polarizing players in the class, with some still believing he's a top 5 prospect simply due to his athletic gifts combined with his ability to slash and play with both strength and finesse. Others believe that the shooting concerns are too great, placing him much farther down their boards.

Where do I land, and should the Raptors take a stab at him if he's available? Well let's see...