Toronto vs. Minnesota, 7pm (Snooze-Alert!)

Let it be known when I got into the office, I actually considered trading my tickets for tonight’s game for dry socks.  The Miami Heat might be the ‘worst’ team in the league, but if you ask me, Minnesota remains the worst team to play for. At least in Miami you’ve got sun, sand, and palm trees; in ... Read more

Toronto vs. New York, 7:30pm

Sniffles and sore throats reign supreme here in Dinoville. If you value your health, you’ll quickly switch websites. Go buy a gund or something. But if you read on and get sick…I don’t wanna hear about it. I wrote a post following Wednesday’s Boshtastic, Joseriffic win against Orlando, but the trade deadline and flu/ebola hybrid ... Read more

This is how WE do All-Star Recaps*

*Completely accurate and not-at-all made up. Andrea Bargnani’s Hotel Bill Rigatoni al pollo x 3 Pizzas (pepperoni, mushroom, mozzarella) x 5 Multipulciano D’Abruzzo x 10 San Pellegrino x 15 Tartufo x 3 Moisturizing Hand Cream x 1 Sleep Mask x 2 Slippers, size XXL x 2 Note: Bedframe damaged, cracked in middle *************** Jason Kapono’s ... Read more

Raptors vs. Nets, 7pm

  In our last game before the All-Star Break, 4th Assistant Coach Jay Triano is riding the bouncing pony tonight on the Replacement Coach Merry-Go-Round. Can’t wait to see which ill-advised lineups and defensive schemes he’ll break out to show Sam he should be “listened to”. TJ and Jose and Juan, all at the same ... Read more

Toronto vs. Miami Not-So-Hot, 7pm

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! The Heat are in town! Skippity-riffic! Mark Blount and Ricky Davis and Earl Barron! It doesn’t get better than this! What do you mean, it does? You’re not excited? Come on, get into the frame of mind! This is the NBA – Where Amazing Happens! Isn’t it amazing that ... Read more

The Dinosty Presents: All-Star Selections

On the weekend of Feb. 17, NBA’s most talented fashion criminals (plus some real criminals) will take over New Orleans for NBA All-Star weekend. But before we make a single obvious metaphor or smarmy condescending remark, I must tip my hat toque to the guys at Hardwood Paroxysm, who have defied all odds and actually ... Read more

A Spanish Soliloquy

Dear Senor Stoudamire, Como estas? My friends Juan Carlos and Pau have shared with me rumors of your unsatisfaction in Graceville. And today I awoke after a long night of drinking cervezas with beautiful women to read on major sports leader, the ESPN, that you are considering ze great powerhouse of Boston along with the ... Read more

Toronto vs. The Green Meanies, 7pm

Q: If we can’t beat farm teams like Philly, how are we supposed to take on Kevin Garnett’s Boston Beasts? A: The only way we can win is if they beat themselves. Even if the stars aligned and Kapono* decided to earn his cash, Bargnani remembered he’s supposed to be good, Jamario’s only shot attempts ... Read more

Raptors vs. Kings, 7pm

I woke up what-should-be-this-morning (actually the middle of the night, LA’s three hours behind for some stupid reason) to feel something gently nuzzling up against my leg. At first I thought my cousin was being fresh, but looking down there’s my computer, it’s cord between its legs, little apple nose softly glowing. I guess that’s ... Read more

Airwaves and Accolades

Today, my mug’s filled with joy. It’s nice to be recognized. In case you’ve noticed a bit of buzzing in the comments section of the blog over the past week or so, this little island burg floating in the vast interocean has been found! Land HO! That’s right folks, due to lowered standards and the ... Read more

Raptors vs. Knicks, 7:30

It’s a good way of keeping perspective.  Eddie Curry. Zach Randolph. Stephon Marbury. Nate Robinson. These are four guys I’d pay NOT to be on my team. And while it seems like they might have talent (and fifteen SF/PF’s) on paper, take a look at their roster.  Of course there’s no chemistry! I like exactly one player ... Read more

Toronto vs. Philadephia, 7pm

I’m going to save my words for after the game, but it goes without saying that this is a ‘must win’ game (and probably the only one Philadephia’s involved with this season). We have to win tonight. To restore the confidence of the fans (last game stung more than the franchise will admit), to restore ... Read more