Raps @ Grizz: Foregone Conclusion

I remember they used to have this thing called the “James Naismith Cup” which they gave to the winner of a Raps/Grizzlies pre-season contest. Thrilling stuff really and probably the most meaningful pre-season games ever played – they handed out a trophy for God’s sakes. There were heated battles where Big Country would try invainly ... Read more

All Star Saturday Night has just lost it

3-pt challenge Shouldn’t DirkNowtizki have been eliminated in the first round because he really only had 12 points and his moneyball was shot after the clock expired? Who cares, it’s worth noting somewhere on the internet that it did happen. When the 3-pt competiton ended, I didn’t even know that Dirk had won. This couldn’t ... Read more

When can you fire an NBA coach?

When can you fire a coach? You are allowed to fire a coach when they come back from a coastal swing with an X-Y record and with the team record at M-N. X must be either 0 or 1. Y must be either greater or equal to 5. Y can also be 4 but in ... Read more