Statophile, Volume 3

Is Bayless performing that much worse than Jack? For all the knocks on Bayless’ inability to pass, his assist percentage isn’t that far behind “pass first” PG Jose Calderon. Problem is his turnover percentage is quite high. Does Amir's contract looks better than Drew Gooden's> Just how hot was Andrea Bargnani this week in our three wins?

Gameday: Raptors vs Celtics – Nov. 21/10

Arse has been up since 7am doing laps, push-ups and cursing at the mirror in preparation for the Celtics today. You hate, them, I hate them, everyone hates this team accept people who live in Massachusetts.

Statophile, Volume 2

Has DeRozan's shooting improved? Who should start? Jack or Calderon? Has Johnson broken out of his slump? Guess who's ranked two and three in the league for rebounding?