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Halfway to Halfway – After 20 Games



A quarter of the way through a movie, there are things you know, and things you don’t. You got the main characters, the immediate problem, and you’re just about to get down to business. An NBA season is no different. After twenty, you should know what to expect from your personnel, know roughly what’s going   …Continue Reading

Sam Mitchell can’t ride the Bosh/Bargnani excuse much longer


Kyrie Irving

Toronto Raptors 84, Boston Celtics 112 Hmmm…you didn’t need to watch past the first quarter because the other three were the same: Boston tearing an undermanned Raptors squad inside out as the Raps struggle with their offense while the coaching staff simply waits for Bosh/Bargs to come back. Yes, we were missing two key players   …Continue Reading

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