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The ‘Fino and CB4 lead the Raptors in one of the better wins of the season over the Rockettes



Houston Rockets 80, Toronto Raptors 93 A solid win triggered by the defense and headlined by Chris Bosh’s gritty return. When we were down 16-2 to start the game it felt like the Boston game hadn’t ended with Shane Battier draining open threes after mild penetration. Houston’s domination didn’t last long as the Raptors stepped   …Continue Reading

Toronto vs. Houston, 12:30



No significant pre-game post today because of yesterday’s (read it) mid-season (read it) analysis (reading it cures impotence! Get on it!), but I couldn’t resist prospect of posting a… Girl Talk: Rafer Alston As of this very moment…I vow to myself to never view this site again…yall can have Rafer’s lying ass…he will NEVER change….and   …Continue Reading

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