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Raps drop a head shaker at home



Charlotte Bobcats 105, Toronto Raptors 100 Pinch Blogging: The Arsenalist is away and he asked me to write his blog for this game and the game against Jersey. Here it goes: Well that sucked. Forgive us if the “Sea of Red” is more of a “Splash of Pink” this year. We’re in a dogfight for   …Continue Reading

It’s Friday and time for another Raptors weekend


Kyrie Irving

Digesting the Atlanta loss hasn’t been easy. Al Horford’s claims that he nipped the ball on it’s way to Ford is probably the card the NBA’s going to play in denying our appeal. Regardless of whether he nipped it or not, the NBA’s got the reasonable doubt it’s been looking. Plus, we did blow a   …Continue Reading

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