Jamario Moon needs to make a jumper

This is from a couple days ago but the Pacers did an interview with TJ Ford where he talks about a bunch of things. It was hard to focus because of the interviewer. The segment is quite boring but he does mention how in Toronto he got into techno music. Good luck to him, hopefully… Read more »


Questions you would like to ask Bryan Colangelo

Let’s hear Bryan Colangelo talk: One interesting thing to note in the interview is Colangelo’s implicit frustration with Chris Bosh taking shots outside the paint and getting away from his low-post game, something he didn’t do in the Olympics. He’s also saying that this is the first time Chris Bosh was fully prepared for a… Read more »


The Raptors are not a deep team

Let’s talk about Marty Burns this morning as he addresses the Raptors’ depth (or lack thereof). He’s lodging the same complaints that as everyone else really, citing the O’Neal signing as a positive event but not enough. You can’t argue with him when he says that the signings of Will Solomon and Hassan Adams are… Read more »


Chris Bosh had a great Olympics but who really cares?

Word to the wise: Chris Bosh is good. If you didn’t know it already the Olympics were supposed to remind you of that. His defense in the Olympics is being hailed as one of the key factors for Team USA’s win and you can’t disagree with that. I’d like for the media to halt the… Read more »


Waiting patiently for training camp

I hardly feel like starting this thing again after the break I just had but duty calls. The Raptors-related action during the past two weeks can be summed up in one sentence: Calderon injures himself but its not too bad at all. That and the Redeem Team winning the Gold over against a depleted Spanish… Read more »


On hiatus – back on Aug 25th

Everyone needs to take a break at some point and this is where I take mine. Since this site is a one-man operation service will be affected. The next Arsenal match that I’ll cover will be the 2nd leg of the 3rd qualifying stage of the Champions League against Steve McLaren’s Twente Enschede. I’m missing… Read more »


Raptors second best in the East?

The title of this post is an example of how you can put a question mark is front of even the most ridiculous statements and give them a serious air. To get to the point we now know that Jamario Moon’s using his new found money to buy the finest cocaine in the land. That’s… Read more »


No news so let’s look at some stats

Team USA’s looking rather unbeatable. LBJ, Deron Williams and Dwight Howard are just too good for anybody and its not a stretch to think that this team can win each game by 25+. Never say never but I don’t think those Argentians can back-cut this team to death like they did against Antonio Davis and… Read more »


Proof that Andrea Bargnani is working hard this summer

I’ve been known to read peoples facial expressions and judging from the picture above the Paul Bunyan look-alike muscled an offensive rebound away from Bargnani and then put it in for a 3-point play. Seriously though, aside from working with John Lucas and attending Tim Grgurich’s big man camp I have no clue what Bargnani’s… Read more »