Don’t blame it on Roko

Arse’s post game post here.

Doug Smith wrote in his Blog:

Action: No Roko.

Reaction: Maybe tomorrow?

Asked a member of the staff if the young point guard was available Sunday (Ukic had been bothered by some bruised ribs, I’d been told) and, yes, it was just a DNP-CD.”

So Roko was a DNP-CD in a pre-season game?Is that common for rookies who need experience, to not get a whiff in a pre-season game? I’m sure Sam will give him his minutes playing against CSKA Moscow, so he can get that experience he needs playing against NBA players… See what I did there… If Jose or Will go down, we’re going to need Roko and it seems like Sam had made up his mind about him and he might as well pack his bags, because obviously there’s just too much at stake for Sam to worry about getting his rookies experience in the pre-season. It’s got to be great for the rook’s development.

Notice how JO got the minutes he asked for despite foul trouble. I know Sam wanted to make good for not getting him much burn last game, because he “left him out too long”. Isn’t what he meant “I lost track of one of my main objectives and I messed up”. Isn’t Sam the reason JO sat so long in the first place. Why not just say that. It’d be a refreshing first, but I think Sam’s too insecure in his abilities to do that, and perhaps rightfully so. I’ve heard Bill freaking Belichek say he was out coached in a post game; I’ve heard Pat Riley say that. Heading in to year 5 of Sam, I’m still waiting for his first mistake….

Something to watch for this season is the relationship of JO and Sam. I think Sam is intimidated of JO and he should be. Not physically, well maybe that too, but here’s a guy who embodies everything Sam has been preaching about, a guy he played against and a guy who was brought in to provide what Sam said he was missing. Now it’s up to Sam to make it work, and I don’t think JO’s the type that’s going to put up with  Sam’s demeaning attitude if Sam’s not bringing anything else to the table. JO’s going to be able to see the difference too.  If play calls and subs make us scratch our heads, it’ll make JO scratch his too, and from everything I have seen of JO so far, he tells it like it is. JO is the embodiment of either BC giving Sam everything he asked for, or Sam’s bluff being called. Yet Sam can’t manage to look at young players and get the guy enough burn at the same time? JO’s nickname may as well be “Truth Serum”.  Because he’s going to answer all the questions we have about this team.

In my opinion, if preseason games are an extension of practice than the coach should be busier and more in control to see his goals accomplished.   That’s why you practice, right? It’s not just “what you do” when your not playing. I get the impression Sam still approaches the game from the vet player’s mentality, and not even a winning vet player, but a journeyman “pay check” player.

I’ve ranted too much, and I fear any points are now lost to just another angry “fire Sam after a pre-season loss”, which is so typical, but that’s not really what I’m going for. It’s not fire Sam, it’s not this game, it’s just my observations. I’ve had two years to see that Andrea does not have very good rebounding instincts, and I’ve had four years to see Sam can’t focus on more than one thing at a time, and lacks the humility to recognize it and lean on his staff a little more.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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