Roll Call

Roll Call – Oct 29 vs 76ers

A new season, a new home for roll call, and a Raptors win in what could be a game to decide playoff seeding later on. Sah-weet.

Adams – last seen hitting up the ATM at King and Bathurst before heading to “the doctor

Bargnani – not often you’d hear me say this about someone with a zero point night, but he didn’t really aggravate me once. Kept his fouls down to 2 in his 20min, grabbed 5 boards in a night we had to beg borrow and steal to get any. Didn’t try any 3s either. This game in his rookie year may have garnered some support.

Bosh – a long haul of 41mins, but his first of many double doubles this year with a 27/11 night. Impressive from the line, maybe the most vocal he has ever been, and the ability to, once again, take charge of his team. An Olympian effort indeed.


Calderon – committed five fouls while being outmatched by Andre Miller and made any Raptors fan wonder what may happen when we play a team that can hit a shot. Didn’t have a Jose-esque performance in directing this team. Pulling in 32 minutes as a point guard that is supposedly on the cusp of being an all-star and only dishing out 7 assists isn’t something to write home about.

Graham – you know that hot chick you meet at a club. At first you start checking her out, you make your way over to her from behind, start grinding on her…..the night is feeling great, you have your buzz on. You take a quick break to check in with the boys, hit up the washroom, splash some water on your face, then go back out to the floor to discover you’ve been dancing with the second coming of this? Welcome to a night in Joey Graham’s NBA life. Came out on fire, looking like a man possessed, but left looking like he was repossessed. 8 min, 2 of 7, contract year, oh my.

Humphries – new season, same uncertainty. Nailed to the bench tighter than Oliver Miller in a booth at Denny’s.

Jawai – if only he would show more heart.

Kapono – ASSASSIN. Finger blowin, ass shakin, lady killin, freestylin and electrifyin….. WOOOOOOOOOOOO. If Jesus came back as a basketball player, he would be Jason Kapono. 3 of 4 from 3, nailed the dagger, 25 minutes of big money worthy ball. BC was prouder than Billy Ray Cyrus tonight.

Moon – like Bargs, I can’t really rag on him. His stupid shots went in, he at least feigned attempts at playing his man. Still the expert in the blowby….except his is on the defensive end. 6 points and one board in 24 minutes. Did we mention he is our starter. Just lovely.

O’Neal – the new lear jet that is parking in our hangar, he got off to a rocky start, but pulled himself out of it after having his leg jerked in the dressing room. Nice dunk with a pompous point to his fam in the crowd, and he missed a lot more rebounds and blocks than he got, but the flashes where he and Bosh were in cahoots made you lick your chops. 17/8 in 34 is nice. Enough to be a major factor in getting us to the playoffs? If he can help crowd the paint and Jose/JK can knock some stuff down, we’ll be fine. If not….

Parker – solid game on the defensive end (although a few lapses) but horrendous on the offensive end. 3 of 11 in 37?  MIKE JAMES!! MIKE JAMES!!!!

Solomon – last seen hitting up Kensington Market looking for one of these. Next stop? Roko’s locker to grab some leftovers from his comb to make sure the Gods know where to aim.

Ukic – Roko Jessica Parker played better than I expected in his first game. Only question would be whether the adrenalin hit and he flew like he never flew before or if this is the relaxed Roko and he is going out to shut up his critics. Only played 15min and only had 2 assists, but he was a reliable ball handler and fulfilled his role. Still seems to want to hog a bit after he hits a shot, so needs to work on that, but otherwise a nice night.

Driving The Bus:  Chris Bosh

Under The Bus:    a tough call, but….Anthony Parker

Game Theme:    Indeed

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