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Raptors vs Heat Live Blog/Chat

Raps win! Roll Call will come early morning and Raps Fan will bring the post-game post around the same time.

Quick thoughts:

  • Who knew AP could be clutch?
  • Bargnani with a strong game, got involved early unlike the Magic game.
  • Another huge double-double from Bosh/JO – 5th straight. JO haters, what do you have to say?
  • Sam almost screwed things up by starting Solomon and Moon at the start of the fourth quarter to give the lead right back to Miami. Good thing we had Jose.
  • Wade (40, 16-30 FG) had a much better game than the one in Toronto and kept Miami in it, brought them single-handedly back from 13 in that 3rd/4th quarter stretch.
  • Bosh, JO and Bargs: 15/11, 16/17 and 25/4. Box.
  • Ukic with a DNPCD. Very weird considering how bad Solomon was.

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