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Sitting on the fence: Why I cant make up my mind about this team.



Its official, I need help. Serious, professional, help. My problem is simple: as bad as this team plays, as horrible as the GM is, and as much as I swore I would never love another bad team after three decades of being a Red Sox fan (pre 2004)…I still get excited when Joey Graham shows   …Continue Reading

“Son, sit the f*ck down”


Kyrie Irving

Franchise Player vs. Wannabe Franchise Player Mavericks 96, Raptors 86 That’s what Jay Triano told Chris Bosh after he benched him in the third quarter because he was playing like a prima donna. Listen child, if we wanted our PF to take jumpers we’d get Dell Curry and Tracy Murray out of retirement, have them   …Continue Reading

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