Kyrie Irving

Raptors Skin the Cats for Five Wins in a Row

Raptors 107, Bobcats 103 – Boxscore That’s how you play basketball. That’s how you bounce back from getting your salad tossed the last time around. That’s how your two best players mesh together and carry this team with Jose and Hedo out. It was electric, it was intense, it was exciting and it was gritty,… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Raptors Roll Call Dec 30 vs Bobcats

The “home crowd advantage” edition. Banks – whole lot of nothing from our man tonight. He had as much impact on the outcome of this game as Richard Peddie has on this team winning a championship. Still a damn sight better than what we had last year from a third string point guard. Here’s hoping… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Podcast: The Doctor Is In

Calderon to the Lakers for Morrison (expiring), Farmar and a first rounder.(polls) This week on The Doctor Is In, I tip my hand as to why Bosh is NOT going to be traded this season. In “Hot or Not” we look at the Eastern Conference playoff race and Marcus Banks. In the internet’s most popular… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

The Horrors of Charlotte

You might recall the last Bobcats game, it’s the one where you almost stopped being a fan. You know how in movies when a violent crime is committed against somebody, the memory is a bit hazy and they only remember the most shocking parts, and when the police asks them to recall the events of… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Scouting Report: Jarrett Jack

This is the first in a quick series of posts outlining what our summer acquisitions have turned out to be. We start off with Jarrett Jack, who was hired as a back-up point guard but has suddenly found himself in the thick of the starting unit.


Building confidence, HoopData stuff

2-0 for the short week and four straight overall. The opponents weren’t exactly Goliaths but job well done by the Raptors, they got the two things that they could possibly get out of this stretch – momentum and confidence. In a game as psychological as basketball, those are prerequisites and will come in handy when… Read more »