Roll Call

Roll Call – Jan 12 vs Celtics

The “trade Jose” edition

Bargnani – how fitting that the assassin would pass up the final shot in regulation to the Italian Don. Bargs hit it like he was the only man at a convention of women in heat. The ultimate ending may not have been kind to the Raps, but if you didn’t jump out of your seat just a little bit at that shot, you aren’t human.

Bosh – got away with a possible over-the-back call during that last possession, which was a bright spot in yet another mail-it-in performance. An AllStar? Probably not. He is definitely the best player on a weak team, but one of the conference’s best 15? You tell me.

Calderon – have to wonder how much him staying in Toronto contributed to the fact that we were in this the whole way. Interesting how it was being referred to as being a “playoff feel” game tonight, yet 2 out of 3 big names on our roster were in Toronto probably chilling at Alice Fazooli’s.

Graham – fought his way back to the free throw line with a fraction of the intensity he showed last night. He kind of reminds you of your woman during that time of the month: you just never know what kinda reaction you are going to get.

Humphries – well, it’s about time, Kristopher. Far from dominating, but at least further away from sucking. Maybe the in-flight hostess gave him an extra bag of nuts or he just happened to find his own after a long search.

Jawai – guess what he was wearing? You have to believe he was many things back home, but you also have to assume one of them was not a heartthrob.

Kapono – yes, looks in transition are his strong point, but he didn’t look comfortable on many of them tonight. Matter of fact he looked as comfortable as Matt Devlin alone around Jane & Finch. At least twice tonight, I think if he had dribbled once and set himself, he would have sunk his shot.

Moon – we saw the goofy grin tonight. Nuff said.

O’Neal – have you ever had spicy food, say hot wings, and a little while later you feel that rumble in your stomach? You know, your bowels saying “hey jackass, thanks for this”? Then, as you let loose, it burns like a mother? That whole situation will be, from this day forward, be referred to as you Jermaining yourself. After all, nobody really sees it happen and you don’t feel you owe anybody an explanation.

Parker – hard to say if Allen just had an off night or if AP helped lock him down. Of course, offensively, Parker was about as on-target as Dinosty in the washroom after a few pops at Philthy’s.

Solomon – waiting for Devlin to say anything positive about Solomon is about as much fun as timing yourself for the moneyshot while watching porn online only to have the video cut off just as she is about to receive her morning snack. Jack gave him props, but probably too early as Will lost his will and turned into a pumpkin late in the game. He was playing with leg issues, though, so credit him for that.

Ukic – much better than last night. He either watched tape or someone told him to take it to the hoop and make them pay for not respecting you. That OT 3 was Moonesque though. If you haven’t made more than 1 three the whole season, chances are your coach isn’t going to be happy seeing you try and take over the game by trying to double your luck. He made some poor decisions in the fourth as well, but as they said, he looked gassed.

Voskuhl – kind of surprised he never made it off the bench. Could we be seeing the return of the Sam Mitchell way of coaching, by having guys have no clue when they will play? In any event, second night of a back to back with your bigs in some foul trouble early and one of your two hustle guys is nailed to the bench? Strange. Oh…hey…look!! There is Jake!!

Driving The Bus:   Andrea Bargnani

Under The Bus:    Jason Kapono

Game Theme:      Nathanbreaker

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