Roll Call

Roll Call – Jan 18 vs Suns

The “Parker and Graham Oh My” edition

Bargnani – his game today was kind of like making up with your girl: timid at first, then you sort of find your way, then the makeup sex. In his earlier days, an Il Mago vs Shaq matchup would make my breakfast come back up around 1pm, but he handled his own today. Shaq got in early foul trouble, which should have allowed Bargs some freedom, but he wasn’t shooting the ball well. Came on late, though, and should feel no shame in his game.

Bosh – still not the vocal leader we need him to be, but he had a steady game. Came down awkwardly on Shaq’s foot in the fourth, but bounced back up and continued on. Missed a chippy at the end of the game which I’m sure will force him to the local steakhouse.

Calderon – as you read this, I am sure he is cradling Will Solomon, telling him it will be alright.

Graham – anybody up for him starting more? (cue Khandor). 22 points, 7 boards, 4 assists and all the confidence of Donovan Bailey going head-to-head with me in a 100m dash. You could just sense his head was in the game at all times and it makes you wonder “what if…” once again.

Humphries – 6 points and 4 fouls in 11min. Where have you gone, Kris?  You need to come back, son. Sure, that reverse layup was pretty, but those useless fouls were not.

Jawai – did you see it? did you? A new suit!!! Yay!!! Also, Nathan will be happy to hear that this notion is just a myth.

Kapono – has the flu. Either that or he is trying to find his game. Your call.

Moon – no headband, and wearing socks up to his knocky knees, he had a great (by his standards) game. Hit 4 of 6 from downtown, had active hands leading to 3 steals, had a block that was called a foul, and did I mention no headband?

O’Neal – all you fanboys are gonna have to come up with some great excuses for this one. So, he was able to play in Indiana on Friday, but not today? Surrre. Oh, but he might play tomorrow, so that is why he is being kept out today. Surrrre. Oh, and no, Bryan will not comment on it. Riiiight. And, sorry, he was ON the court on Friday, but can’t sit on the bench today because…???  This guy is a twoface punk and has made a laughing stock out of all you “we are gonna rule the world with our own version of the twin towers” pipedream believers. Crow for 2?

Parker – slap my ass and call me Mary..where the hell did THAT come from? Playing like the good AP of last year at a position he rarely plays, he posts 26 pts, 7 boards, 5 assists while spending a good chunk of his day up against Steve Nash. Yes, Nash had 18 assists, but I think anybody would be hard pressed to say Nash outplayed Parker by a wide margin. If anything, it was quite the little battle. A stellar game that should have 2 people pretty concerned right now.

Solomon – concerned

Ukic – concerned while he is also the goat. His presence on the floor in the fourth when we tied it up led to 7 straight points for the Suns and gave them a lead we would never catch back up to. 5 of the 7 were directly attributable to him and the other 2 I’ll throw in because Nash was probably laughing thinking how easy he had it.  The kid does have a future, and yes this didn’t cost us the entire game, but it did push the momentum back to the bad guys.

Voskuhl – he returns. Did what he had to in throwing his body around and reminding Shaq that even though he wears a headband, he ain’t gonna take cheap shots. And, hey, –11 in 6 minutes is always better than what you were doing a few months ago, which was looking in your couch for a few extra bills to put in the g-strings at the Rail.

Driving The Bus:   Anthony Parker

Under The Bus:    Roko Ukic

Game Theme:      Sun

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