AltRaps 3 Point Shot


Give ‘er… 1) Give us your best guess as to what Maurizio Gherardini does in a typical work day. 2) Obviously the biggest surprise about this season, for most, has been the dismal record. Taking that out of the equation, give us one good thing that surprised you about the Raptors this season and one… Read more »

Jose Calderon

Roll Call – Mar 3 vs Rockets


The “well thank God that trip is over” edition Banks – major contribution tonight. Yup, word is he actually finished his first ever sudoku. Bargnani – stellar game tonight. As we were reminded (often) his foul trouble was a major blow to our early success. However, his defensive effort tonight was well above average (they… Read more »




Scola does for them what JO was supposed to do for us. Raptors 97, Rockets 107 Caught the 11PM replay of this one on Raptors TV as TSN2 blue-balled us again. The last time we played the Rockets they looked as bad as any NBA team can look, but that was probably because of Tracy… Read more »