Jose Calderon

Roll Call – Mar 6 vs Heat

The “return of dumb and dumber” edition Banks – I don’t care if Jose and Roko were taken out by snipers, there is absolutely no reason to have Banks on the floor outside of garbage time, let alone the first half. Bargnani – do you think The Future looked at that headband wearing loser in… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Linkage for Mar 5 6pm to Mar 7 8am

Linkage for Mar 5 6pm through Mar 7 8am: Fat lady warming up | Toronto Sun Pops makes impact | Toronto Sun | Raps can live without O’Neal and his salary | Raptors get scorched by Wade, Heat Wade rips Raptors FAN590 – Wade Heats Up Toronto Big Pops has some Hops!… Read more »


Raptors Highlight Mix

We’d like to thank Birdman – a true YouTube talent – for making us a little Raptors highlight mix. Technically speaking, there haven’t been many highlights this season but that hasn’t stopped his creative juices from spilling out:

Kyrie Irving

Dinosty’s 3-Point Shot

It’s Friday, and I know you ain’t got no job, you ain’t got sh*t to do, so: 1) Of the final 20 games on the schedule, which one (if any) are you most looking forward to watching? 2) Which former Raptor currently on a playoff team do you think will make the most impact come… Read more »

Finally! Moon vs Joey

The Reckoning Mensah-Bonsu will be taking over the bench spot vacated by Nathan Jawai after being released by the Spurs so they could sign Drew Gooden. Not sure what this does for us basketball-wise but its a move which could allow us to reduce Bosh’s minutes as the season winds down. The Raptors apparently had… Read more »