Kyrie Irving

Roll Call – Apr 8 vs Pacers

The “worst game of the year” edition Banks – him chilling in Vegas rather than be seen with this team is telling. Bargnani – thanking his lucky stars that he was selected to suffer the rotating fake injury tonight. Bosh – Triano can’t even do this right: Bosh was one board away from another double… Read more »


At some point you have to play some defense

Douby and O’Bryant both played. And it wasn’t garbage time. Hawks 118, Raptors 110 In my efforts to compose poetry yesterday I completely forgot about Hoop Heads North winning the RR March Madness Pool. Here’s his bracket in which he went a whopping 51/63. Congratulations and take a bow, I’ve dispatched my carrier pigeon which… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Roll Call – Apr 7 vs Hawks

The “who the hell are those guys” edition Banks – partying in Vegas while sitting out with a bad toe. Why sit with your team on the bench when you can be downing drinks at the Bellagio? (see story in the weblinks). HO would be proud. Bargnani – early foul trouble accompanied by a technical… Read more »