Roll Call – Apr 7 vs Hawks

The “who the hell are those guys” edition

Banks – partying in Vegas while sitting out with a bad toe. Why sit with your team on the bench when you can be downing drinks at the Bellagio? (see story in the weblinks). HO would be proud.

Bargnani – early foul trouble accompanied by a technical hampered his game. Of course, he still gave us double what he provided last year and the look over to BryCo when he went to the bench tells you that the two are still in love.

Bosh – 10 of 12 and another double double. Probably had the most dunks he has had in one game all year while offsetting that with some horrible D in the first half. Awoke in the second with some swats and some hustle.

Calderon – a quiet double double in that 2 bad decisions with the ball in the 4th may have cost us a shot at a win. I would love his game so much more if he wasn’t making me want to give him a bouquet of flowers for his attempt at dramatizing every single foul/out of bounds play. I’m gonna start calling him Reggie.

Douby – Q showed some stuff tonight. Didn’t distribute as much as we would need a PG to do for this squad, but went 4 of 5 and held his own. One more of those and we should float him a summer league invite for an extended look.

Graham – has this guy fallen off the charts or what? He’s like the basketball version of Craig David.

Humphries –      

Kapono – quite the little run he went on there, huh? When he hustles like that you can almost hear his little brain saying “come on buddy, lift those knees, eyes up, must run to your spot and earn that paycheque”. And, hell, did you see him zip down the floor twice tonight and he was actually ahead of the ball??? Must be getting his legs in shape for golf season.

Marion – beginning to think he may have been the secret ingredient in our win streak. He had a nice game tonight, but not like some lately where you could see him active all over the floor. Can’t lose sight of this guy…keep him active in plays and feed him the ball.

Mensa-Bonsu – if Joey is Craig David, then Pops is Kriss Kross.  

O’Bryant – okay, he was absolutely brutal around the hoop, but those arms are things of beauty. You could use those things to lift floats up at the Macy’s parade. No denying his hustle either….he was running the floor like those dogs they have at halftime every so often. Good stuff. Still not a keeper, but might be worth some summer viewing too.

Parker – I’ve seen better games played by an armless man at a slot machine.

Ukic – all you fanboys out there…..your man was outplayed by a guy who has a name that reminds one of mind altering drugs who also sports a unibrow. Only thing that Roko is good for at this point is maybe finding some tweezers in that purse he wears while standing like a chick and making his way over to Quincy’s locker to start deforestation work.

Voskuhl – in a game full of retreads, he wasn’t even an afterthought. Mr. Voskuhl, your pride is on hold on line 1…Mr Voskuhl.

Driving The Bus:   Jose Calderon

Under The Bus:    Anthony Parker

Game Theme:

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