Linkage for Jun 10 5pm to Jun 13 9pm

Linkage for Jun 10 5pm through Jun 13 9pm:

  • NetsDaily Blog » Archive » NetsDaily Off-Season Report #9 – Humphries for Dooling = Nonsense Somehow in the past week that morphed into a rumor up North and then down here that the Nets and Raptors had a handshake deal on a Draft Day trade that would send Humphries to New Jersey for Keyon Dooling and a swap of picks, the Raptors’ #9 for the Nets’ #11.Doug Smith of the Toronto Star got asked about the rumor in his basketball blog Thursday. He wrote in response:

    I discovered the “hearing” and “read somewhere” came from the “very reliable” source and it’s all crap, like about 95 per cent of the junk floating around these days.
    Because I had some time, and because I figured it’s a good way to make a point, I bounced this off a couple of people in the organization.

    Their reaction:

    “Utter nonsense.”

    “Got a good kick out of it.”

  • NBA Mock Draft: Full Version 2.0 | Bleacher Report 9. Toronto Raptors: Brandon Jennings, G, ItalyMany scouts rated Brandon Jennings as the best high school senior last year when college teams were making their offers. At the time, he was a well-known guard that was set to hit Memphis and play for Coach Cal. So did he just disappear?

    No, he was the first big-name high school player to make the jump across the pond; he went to the Euro League. Jennings may well have started a trend with his move.

    He’s an extremely exciting guard that can push the ball on the break and has great court vision. His strengths include ball handling, vision, and playmaking. His experience is lacking even with the past year spent in Europe, though, and he needs to add strength to his frame. He will bring solidified talent to a team that needs it at point guard.

  • Magic willing to pay Turkoglu That leaves Toronto. The Raptors might want to make a big splash in free agency in the hopes that they can surround Chris Bosh with enough talent to convince him to stay next summer. Toronto just traded away Jason Kapono, which freed up another $1.2 million in cap space. That gives the Raptors roughly $12 million to play with, so they could make life difficult on the Magic if they target Turkoglu in free agency.However, if Toronto doesn’t express any interest, the Magic would be wise to try to get Turkoglu to sign a three- or four-year deal averaging around $8-$9 million per season. It is doubtful that any other teams with cap space are going to come that strong.
  • Toronto Raptors’ Chris Bosh interested in playing for Miami Heat – The Heat’s interest in Chris Bosh apparently is mutual. A friend of the Toronto power forward said Bosh has interest in playing for Miami, which would love to add him via trade this summer or free agency in 2010.Bosh assuredly will dismiss any report linking him to another team because he doesn’t want to upset the Raptors and doesn’t need to decide his future for 13 months. But the friend said playing in Miami appeals to him.
  • NBA Draft ‘09 Position Rankings – Point Guards – NetScouts Basketball # Jonny Flynn – 6?0 194 PG – Syracuse: Strong, quick, & explosive PG, best off the bounce. Good in Pick & Roll, needs to become consistent from distance. Smart kid, good personality, solid leadership skills. Has climbed in my view after Big East tourney, NCAA’s, and recent work.
  • Revisiting the 1999 NBA Draft — NBA FanHouse The Raptors had a chance to help Vince Carter immensely in this draft, but they traded Bender to Indiana and then took Aleksandar Radojevic with their second lottery pick. He played three (3!) games with Toronto, a total waste of a pick, especially with Andrei Kirilenko still on the board. And finally that leaves the Sonics, who take Szczerbiak with the final pick of the lottery.
  • – The Voice Of Celtics Fans: How About Anthony Parker? During our call-in show, I mentioned Raptors guard Anthony Parker as a potential free-agent target. He’s a veteran guard (33) who can shoot the ball (10.7 ppg, 39% 3FG). I’m not sure how the Celtics view his defense skills but he averaged 4 rebounds and 1.2 steals per game. At 6-6, he’s capable of playing the 2 or 3 spots.Parker made $4.5 million last year but will likely see a decrease in pay due to his age. Here are a couple of takes on his value:
  • 4 Q’s of Basketball with Sixers 4 Guidos on the Evans/Kapono Trade In an earth shattering move by Bryan Colangelo…..ok, not so much earth shattering, but a step in the right direction, the Raps have traded the so-called shooter Jason Kapono to Philly for the tough rebounder in Reggie Evans. A good move by both teams as the Sixers have been dying for a some three point shooting assistance while the Raps were in dire need of some grit. I got a chance to speak with Ricky from Sixers blog, Sixers 4 Guidos on the trade. We talked about the trade and any possible future moves for the Sixers.
  • Chuck Swirsky Blog – Raps Looking At Hedo? – ESPN Chicago With the Raptors clearing an additional $1 million off their cap thanks to the Jason Kapono-Reggie Evans trade, it appears they may look at Turkoglu to play the small forward position. Of course, that’s presuming they’ll pass on Shawn Marion and elect not to resign him.
  • NBA Draft: Studs/Duds 2005-2008 Patrick O’Bryant – Toronto Raptors – Drafted 9th overall by the Golden State Warriors in 2006.
    The Warriors regretted this choice so much they didn’t even pick up the team option on his rookie scale contract after the first year, which never happens. O’Bryant then signed last summer with the Boston Celtics for cheap, and then was traded to Toronto at the trade deadline in a deal that was simply about dollars. In three years he has played n 79 games, averaging 2.1 points and 1.5 rebounds.
  • An NBA all-star takes a funny bounce – The Globe and Mail Chris Bosh, the skyscraping star of the Toronto Raptors, is 25 years old and still growing, at least in terms of his career. The all-star forward recently signed a contract with Warner Music Canada to deliver a comedy DVD. There’s no title yet, and, really, not much of a concept in mind as to the material. “It’ll have to make sense, and it’s going to be funny,” says Bosh, from the office of his Max Deal Technologies company in Toronto. Make sense? Be funny? These are reasonable goals, ones followed by almost every comedic giant, even the ones who aren’t, in a physical sense, as towering as he.
  • NBA Outsider Mock Draft: Toronto Raptors Select DeMar DeRozan – MVN Outsider His athleticism is the key attraction for the Raptors. Toronto’s roster has long lacked the kind of aggressive, attacking swingman that can get the rim quickly and finish with authority. While Anthony Parker has a stabilizing veteran influence and a solid contributor for three years running, but he simply does not posses the athleticism to be a threat attacking the lane consistently. Given how many young, athletic wings the team faces in the Eastern Conference, Parker’s below-average quickness and strength for his position have created a noticeable problem area on defense. Toronto has therefore sought after someone with the sort of speed and leaping ability that DeRozan possesses.
  • Who is Reggie Evans? – -Over-rated rebounder. I’m not sure how his numbers are so good, but a lot of his o-rebs are on his own misses. Also, offensive rebounds aren’t as good when you either miss or turn the ball over every time you grab one.
    -Average defender.
    -Makes the occasional stupid play.
    -Horrible free throw shooter (although improved)
    -Not a good finisher. He’ll cost his teammates some assists.
  • Bosh for Aldridge : would you do it? The edge definitely goes to Bosh, for now. He is more of a legitimate inside player than Aldridge and hence has a strong rebounding edge of 2.5 rpg on the Blazer. Bosh also scores 4.6 ppg more, being the key option on offence for the Raptors. Worth noting however is that whilst Bosh is a six-year NBA veteran, Aldridge has just completed his third season, meaning that there is still room for development in the young Blazers power forward.Very simply, if given the option, most NBA observers would take the Olympian over the inconsistent and as yet unproven Aldridge. However, this trade would not be a straight up Bosh for Aldridge. There is also the inclusion of Przybilla and Bayless to be considered. For this very reason, I am here to point out that Przybilla is a much more valuable player than many will give him credit for.
  • Chase’s Lists: The Five Best Players to Leave Toronto the Toronto Raptors | Bleacher Report While the NBA Finals and NBA Draft are grabbing all the headlines in the basketball world, the possible departure of Toronto Raptors forward Chris Bosh may end up becoming one of the biggest offseason stories. He stated he will not re-sign with the team and is likely on the outs.This continues a long standing tradition of Toronto’s star players leaving stateside. Here are the top five:
  • 2009 NBA Mock – Draft Version 4.0 | ATS Sports Blog 9. Toronto SG DeMar DeRozan, USC 6-6, 220
    Comment: This pick makes sense for the Raptors, who really need an athletic wing. DeRozan is one of the best athletes in the draft and a tremendous talent. He struggled some in agility drills and has had questionable workouts. He can jump but isn’t super fast. He’s just a bit raw and will need to work on his jumper and overall game.
  • Raptors Prepping For Bosh Trade? Beware the 2009 Trades of 2010 Free Agents | Indignant Online Reggie Evans is clearly the best rebounder and most physical player of the bunch, even if he isn’t a skilled offensive threat. He’s easily the back-up power forward. On a running team, you might get away with him at center for short runs. But you have to ask yourself: was Evans acquired to be a back-up or to be the enforcer next to the less physical Bargnani, whom they seem to want to use at a center?What could the Raptors want in return for Bosh? Depending on what happens with Shawn Marion, other than Bargnani, their best remaining player would be Jose Calderon. Figure they’re looking for help at shooting guard and small forward if Bosh is indeed being shopped. (And history says this will happen during the season, if not right now.)
  • What I did on My summer vacation: By Jason Kapono – Toronto Sports Exchange Was this a good move? Does it even matter?TSE is going to have to go more with: good move that doesn’t really matter. This move was a 1 million a year salary dump. It was an admission of guilt by Brian Collangelo. Kapono was one of his first free agent moves with the Raptors, but one that ultimately never panned out. The writers at TSE feel that Kapono would make an excellent HORSE player, but never really hit the big three point daggers when the game was on the line, alla Mo Peterson.

    So the occasional three is out and some hard nosed rebounding is in. But more importantly one million a year is back in, no the question is who will the Raptors spend it on?

  • 2009 NBA Mock Draft #2 | 9. Toronto Raptors – DeMar DeRozan
    Still a great fit for the Raptors. A Wing with off the charts athleticism.
  • Wizards work out DeRozan – DC Pro Sports Report The Washington Wizards are working out DeMar DeRozan today. The 6’6″ shooting guard from USC is an amazing athlete who can jump out of the gym, but he has limited range on his shot and the next time I see him go to his left will be the first time. DeRozan has incredible potential, but when I’ve seen him he’s usually loafing on defense. Of course, a cynical bastard might suggest that means he’ll fit in nicely on the Wiz, but the team has got to cut that cord sooner or later. Let’s just get on with it.
  • Holly MacKenzie – Notes from Pre-Draft Workout #3 -Kelly made it clear that the Raptors are going to continue to look for ways to improve the team. With so many teams looking to move up in the draft this year, so many point guards to choose from and a sense that anything could happen after Blake Griffin finds himself in Clipperland, it’s going to be a wild two weeks leading up to the main event.
  • Rebuilding the Raptors: Chris Bosh Trade Scenarios | Bleacher Report So you’ll have to excuse me when I get a little cynical at the chances of Colangelo locking up Bosh in the summer of 2010. That’s not a poor endorsement of BC’s general manager skills, nor is it an indictment of Bosh’s character. I just can’t shake the image of another Raptors star skipping town without receiving something significant in return.So without further ado, I present some trade scenario’s that involve the Raptors and three teams that could use a player of Bosh’s calibre around the association.
  • Foot on the Line: About draft and the Finals I don’t know how much truth is in the fact that Demar Derozan didn’t want to come to train with the Raptors, but it doesn’t make him a desirable player. How can a young boy who didn’t smell NBA yet already grade teams he wants to play or not? Kid, Tim Duncan you’re not. You might end up being Hoffa / having a 15 win team.
  • Dino Nation Blog: Raptors Could Learn Something From The Sixers The Raptors have one of the larger online fan bases you will find. There are a ton of great blogs on the Raptors hopefully including this one. Not to mention the fan posting boards like on Real G.M and Raptors forum. Why don’t the Raptors try these type of things to embrace that Internet.
  • khandor’s sports blog » Could a Bargnani trade benefit the Raptors? Here is but one example of a straight-forward transaction which involves Andrea Bargnani, as a commodity worth trading for the Toronto Raptors:
  • FAN590 – Action – Reaction ACTION: The Raptors have already got a “short list” of players for their 9th pick in the June 25th Draft.
    REACTION (A): Nobody (other than those in the Raptors brain trust) knows who is on that list.
    REACTION (B): Don’t believe any stories out there about the Raptors making Draft-day “promises” to anyone yet.
  • Getting to know better Jason Kapono « Sixers 4 guidos The biggest thing missing from the Raptors this past season was “toughness” The team knew it, Bryan Colangelo knew it, the fans knew it and it was an area that needed improvement for the offseason.We had a little bit of it with J.O. but lost it when he was traded to Miami. So when I heard about Reggie Evans, I know it was Colangelo’s attempt to cover that void. From what I’ve ever seen from him, he’s a great rebounder and can bang around down low. He has all the skills that Andrea Bargnani lacks. I can see Evans as one of those guys can grab 20 boards but won’t do much offensively.
  • Chaun’s Raptors and NBA blog: Why, DeMar? I thought you said you loved me! There’s always a player, usually the ones that are projected to go top ten, whose agent comes out publicly to say his client doesn’t want to work for team A or be drafted by Team B (Read: Rubio). Isn’t getting drafted a privilege? What right as a player, actually no a ‘draft prospect’, do you have to tell teams not to choose you, or you don’t want to work out for them? If I got drafted, I wouldn’t care if it were by the Raptors or Kings or God forbid, the Clippers. So Every time I hear about a player doing this, I shake my head.
  • Raptors Building Team Around Andrea Bargnani : T.O. Sports While Bargnani is far from being a superstar, he clearly has shown that he has the potential to be one. He’s also shown a love for Toronto, and while no one can truly know where a player’s head will be after two or three years, all signs seem to suggest that he will be playing in Toronto for a long time, and be doing so with a smile on his face.
  • From Earl Clark to Alvin Williams – RaptorsHQ Recaps the June 10 Workouts – Earl Clark was probably the most heralded of the forwards coming into the workout and he did indeed stand out. He showed well when he went through the team drills, no doubt a byproduct of his preparation under Rick Pitino. Clark displayed his prowess as a help defender often aiding off the weak side leading to transition chances. He was rebounding well above the rim, and was either leading the break with an outlet pass or finishing the break with a strong move the hole. He also showed well in the individual defense drills stopping both the guards and forwards alike. His length was definitely an asset, and he knows how to use it well on the defensive end.
  • Chaun’s Raptors and NBA blog: The Finals and Workouts, yet again! Give the man a jersey!Having him back on the team brings back so much memories. I’m young so I grew up watching him, JYD and Vince. Plus, he’s still young and that will help him connect with the players. Maybe he could teach Roko something…
  • Foot on the Line: Jonny Flynn wants to play in Toronto Anyways, if Jonny comes here, I’ll be happy. I might like Tyreke Evans even more, but I seriously doubt he’ll be available at #9. Any of them I believe can provide some heart to our team. We just traded for some balls (Reggie Evans) and maybe this transplants make the next season better and more fun to watch.
  • Dino Nation Blog: Starting 5 with Ryan McNeill Of Hoops Addict Today our guest on the starting 5 is Ryan McNeill of Hoops Addict. Ryan gets a chance to cover the workouts for the Raptors so I thought that was a good enough excuse to invite him to be a guest.
  • – Reggie Evans Traded to Toronto for Jason Kapono And the asking price? Well, we’ll miss Reggie, no doubt–he provided energy and hustle that carried the Sixers through many a rough patch the last two seasons, and gave us countless priceless memories with his clowning, flopping and general rabble-rousing. But fact of the matter is, he was an overpaid offensive liability that was probably going to have to be dropped in the rotation in the future anyway to make room for the growth of Marreese Speights. That we didn’t have to waste cap space or a draft pick to fill our need for a downtown bomber–it’s about as good a deal as we could ask for.
  • Former Sixer Evans resigned to moving on to next NBA stop | Philadelphia Daily News | 06/11/2009 “Seven years in the [NBA], each time the season ended, I was always on a plane for home [Pensacola, Fla.] the next day,” Evans said yesterday. “This time, I stayed in Philly a week-and-a-half. I never did that.”I was getting real comfortable. We had put in 2 years together, but it was an unfortunate situation for me, because we were loaded at my position.”

    “We” used to be the 76ers. That changed Tuesday when the Sixers sent the power forward to the Toronto Raptors for shooting forward/big guard Jason Kapono.

    “Honestly, looking at who [the Sixers] got, I really couldn’t be mad,” Evans said. “There’s nothing to be mad about. It’s business. I see the direction they’re going in.

    “They’ve been looking for a shooter since [president/general manager] Ed Stefanski got there. Kareem Rush didn’t really have an opportunity, Donyell Marshall had played 14 years in the league, couldn’t play a full season. Now, they’ve got somebody who can spread the offense.”

  • 76ers happy with Kapono | Toronto Sun Raptors broadcaster Eric Smith looks at the hiring of Alvin Williams as part of the coaching staff and the Jason Kapono for Reggie Evans trade.
  • Greed-driven MLSEL doesn’t deserve a single penny | Toronto Sun The MLSEL mess doesn’t stop with just hockey. Everything they touch makes an ash of itself. Show me a Raptors star and I’ll show you a guy who left town in a huff — mostly because he got tired of being surrounded by garbage year in, year out.They were lucky. They got to leave. The fans just got a ticket renewal with a price increase.
  • Sixers-Raptors trade Although the league’s salary-cap figure for next season won’t be established until July, Toronto expects to have the ability to clear nearly $9 million in cap space this offseason, with that figure potentially climbing to $10 million if the Raptors don’t retain low-cost free agents Quincy Douby and Patrick O’Bryant.Bosh told in April and reiterated last week that he will pass on Toronto’s offer of a contract extension this summer, preferring to wait for the widely anticipated free-agent bonanza of 2010. But the Raptors still face an immediate decision on Shawn Marion — who is an unrestricted free agent this summer after being acquired by Toronto in February in exchange for Jermaine O’Neal — as they try to rebound from a disappointing 33-49 season that has raised questions about their ability to convince Bosh to stay.
  • Uniformity – The best and worst of the NBA – Outside The Press Box Toronto Raptors (home, road, alternate): The Raptors changed their sets in 2003, trying to join the power reds worn by Miami, Chicago and Portland. It just doesn’t work though. Then they added black in 2008. Plus, they have the purple and the whites. It doesn’t matter. The thing that kills them all is that black and white ribbing down the sides. Like so many teams that have come along in the last 15 years, the Raptors have no visual identity because they keep adding and changing. If they had stuck with the purple, they would have been better off.
  • Hoops Addict » NBA Mock Draft – June 11, 2009 9. Toronto Raptors – Jonny Flynn PG – Video: In The Scrum With Jonny Flynn
    20 years old; 6?0?; 172 lbs.
    Syracuse, Sophomore
  • Williams back to share his wisdom “I don’t want to be the old retired player that sounds bitter,” Williams, the former Toronto Raptor guard, said after the club worked out draft prospects yesterday. “But I came up with guys like Charles Oakley, Kevin Willis, Mark Jackson, Dee Brown, Muggsy Bogues, Dee Brown. All those guys were older vets that I looked up to when I was growing up. They showed me the work ethic that I already had.”The younger guys, I’m not sure if they have those role models that I had coming to a team. But hopefully I can help with that from the sideline.”
  • | Williams likes look of Lawson Whether or not Lawson’s a legitimate possibility for Toronto’s ninth pick in the June 25 draft is debatable; what isn’t open for discussion is the fact Williams will work with whomever the Raptors decide constitutes their backcourt.”When I was coming up, it was, `Pass the ball and get away’ and let other guys create,” said Williams. “These guys are so talented with the basketball and they get a lot of freedom to do a lot. The point guard play has changed. That’s something I have to get used to.

    “I know when I played, I passed the ball to Vince (Carter) and got out of the way. You see guys like Jose (Calderon), who’s very good with the ball, creating for other teammates.”

  • Sixers GM says Kapono will help fix shooting woes – The Globe and Mail A day after trading for Jason Kapono, whose .454 career three-point shooting percentage is tied for first in league history with Steve Kerr, Stefanski said the newest Sixer will immediately help his team.“We’ve been sorely missing a player like this,” Stefanski said Wednesday. “He gives us a threat out there and you have to respect him.” The 76ers acquired Kapono from Toronto for power forward Reggie Evans on Tuesday. Both players must pass physicals for the trade to be completed.
  • Check Out My Chain Yo – Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities Nik check out this guys chain lol Nothing against the Raptors or Raptors fans, but if your gunna sport something like that make that its, a) real, and b) doesn’t look like a cheesy cartoon character. You couldn’t pay me to wear that thing.
  • Hoops Addict » In The Scrum With Alvin Williams Alvin Williams, the newest assistant coach for the Toronto Raptors, talked with the media Wednesday afternoon about what he’s been up to since he left the franchise, how tough it was to leave the NBA due to injuries, how he’s moving from playing to coaching, how important the city of Toronto was to his development into a man, how veterans like Charles Oakley and Muggsy Bogues helped him grow as a player, his desire to help mentor younger players and a host of other topics.
  • Hoops Addict » In The Scrum With Earl Clark Earl Clark chatted with the media after a pre-draft workout in Toronto about the importance of being drafted by the right team, he explains why he doesn’t put much stock on online mock drafts, what it’s been like to work out alongside James Johnson so much and a host of other topics.
  • Hoops Addict » Exclusive Interview With Derrick Brown Derrick Brown chatted with Ryan McNeill after a pre-draft workout in Toronto about what kind of advice he gets from David West or James Posey, why he elected to not return for his senior season, the impact Sean Miller leaving for Arizona had on him, what kind of feedback he’s getting during pre-draft workouts, what the toughest part about workouts is and he gives a quick sales pitch for why he would be a great fit for Toronto.
  • Hoops Addict » Exclusive Interview With Austin Daye Austin Daye chatted with Ryan McNeill after a pre-draft workout in Toronto about the benefit of having a father who played 15 years of professional basketball, the importance of having a strong support group, what he’s taking away from these pre-draft workouts and why he doesn’t read mock drafts online.
  • Hoops Addict » Exclusive Interview With James Johnson James Johnson chatted with Ryan McNeill after a pre-draft workout in Toronto about what it was like to have Sports Illustrated write a feature story on him this season, how his MMA training provides him with additional toughness on the basketball court, what he feels he would bring to the Raptors if they drafted him, what he and Jeff Teague are doing to help each other out during pre-draft workouts, what it’s been like having all of his workouts with Earl Clark and what he’s learning about himself from hearing what coaches around the NBA are telling him about his game.
  • Hoops Addict » In The Scrum With Ty Lawson Ty Lawson chatted with the media after a pre-draft workout in Toronto about how going through the draft process last year helped him this past season, what it was like to win a National Championship and how his former teammates are helping him through the draft process.
  • Top 10 Free Agent Power Forwards for 2009 – # Shawn Marion, Toronto Raptors (unrestricted) – He gets this spot over Boozer due to the fact that you know what you’re getting from him: a multi-talented combo-forward who excels in the fast break. He picked up his scoring after being traded to Toronto and couls still be good for 15 and 9 in the right situation.
  • Incoming: Reggie Evans – Grabs Bebounds and Everything Else in Sight « Bryan Colangelo keeps to his word. The fact that he is fearless is the reason he is touted as one of the best in the business. As the Raptors season came to an end, he said there will be changes and this is just step 1. While all the media and fan chatter is around the future of Chris Bosh, you can bet Colangelo doesn’t plan to sit back and watch. He hates to lose and while the rest of the world speculates, I fully expect him to execute his plan to make sure his star player remains in Toronto next season and beyond.

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