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Morning Coffee Aug 23


Turkish Airlines (THY) starts direct flying to Toronto, in Canada and plans Turkish basketball player Hidayet Türkoğlu from whom Turkish Airlines to act a part at advertising campaign of Toronto flying. Türkoğlu had been transferred the Toronto Raptors team this year.

Basketball is popular game about for 20 years in Turkey. The players show up in advertisements since then. But our player’s international adventures are, at specially NBA, new. Türkoğlu is one of our hero’s in NBA. But I think he thought that his real hero’s are some advertisers and broadcasters, too.

So BC rectifies the Shawn Marion issue by trading him along with Nathan Jawai and Kris Humphries. In return for the favor of helping out a desperate Mavericks to grab all the chips they can with the sign-and-trade, they received Maverick duo Devean George and Antoine Wright. A couple bodyguards to protect a clutch shooter from sniping long range buzzer beaters doesn’t sound like a bad move to me; especially when it helps solidify your bench.
So now it’s time to think about the moves the Raptors are most likely to make and address the Toronto Raptors’ needs. Big daddy BC has quieted some of the haters at least according to some mediocre guys.

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