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Morning Coffee Sept 2

Pro Basketball News

4. DeMar DeRozan. Toronto – Unless he totally fails to develop or suffers some debilitating injury, DeRozan is going to be a defensive force. He’s too good an athlete not to be. A strong Summer League showing provides hope that he’ll be able to flourish on the offensive end, perhaps sooner than later. The Raptors’ shooting guard vacancy should grant him major minutes right out of the gate.

Nets, White and Blue

Toronto Raptors (41-41). With the acquisition of Jarrett Jack, Antoine Wright, and the overpaid, Hedo Turkoglu, I think this team will improve (that’s counting if Calderon, Bosh, and Bargnani are all healthy). Let’s see how Bosh plays, knowing that it may be his final year to get out of the first round of the playoffs (with Toronto). I have this team going 41 even.

Brothersteve’s Green & Red Raptor Blog

The Toronto Raptors have been through more personnel changes than a fast food joint since the start of last season.  So much so that most of us won’t be able to go to a game this season without a program.  At $5 a copy, MLSE will be very happy to hear that one!

But we shouldn’t forget those who contributed and in many ways made this year’s roster possible.  Some of these former Raptors may not have made a lasting impression, but all of them contributed something to the team or at least to our entertainment.

The Hoop Doctors

5. Hedo Turkoglu, Toronto—last season, Turk probably hit more clutch shots than anyone, but with a new home and a new team this season, it will be interesting if he still gets those same opportunities to be a game-saver. In the ’09 playoffs, Turkoglu showed he understands the moment by increasing his free throw, field goal, and 3-point percentages.

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