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Morning Coffee Sept 7

This morning I read on the Internet the news about the Classification of the Canadian National Team for the World Cup. I think that is good news for Canadian basketball and from here, I want to congratulate the fans, players and the Canadian Federation. I am delighted that they will participate in the next World Cup and hopefully we will meet there fighting for the medals.

Bleacher Report

Just as everything was getting brighter, it took a turn for the worst as Shawn Marion’s agent, Dan Fegan and the Raptors management could not come to a deal and Marion would not be re-signing with the Raps.

Then, some wacky Idea by one of Bryan Colangelo’s henchmen was proposed to BCo and after some phone calls to NBA management, it was resulted as a legal move. So, Bryan got to work and came to a four team deal.

New Leisure Blog

I was scanning through the lineup for the 09-10 Raptors, trying to figure out which team does the current roster most similar to. Obviously, I was hoping for the 02-03 Spurs, the 08-09 Lakers or even the 08-09 Orlando Magic, but the result is quite surprising and maybe a little unsettling for Raptor fans.

That team is the 08-09 Indiana Pacers.

The Picket Fence

Calderon suffered a hamstring injury. He kept playing, but every facet of his game suffered. As any athlete knows, especially basketball players, a hamstring injury can be devastating. It can takes months to heal and greatly effects your mobility, especially laterally. The fact that Calderon was able to average the numbers he did, and miss as little time as he did, is a testament to his drive.

Of course, the average Raptor fan isn’t the most enlightened when it comes to this area. There were many who felt that Calderon was a great backup, but should not be a starter on a good team. The fact that he would start for more than half the teams OVER their current starting PG didn’t seem to sway these fans who probably know as much about the NBA as Richard Jefferson does about marriage.

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