Roll Call

Raptors Roll Call Nov 13 vs Clippers

The ‘ain’t no reason to sleep on this team’ edition.

Banks – he was seen working on his tan behind the bench.

Bargnani – if I told you he had 1 rebound in 33 minutes, would you be surprised? The guy rebounds as well as a bag of water thrown at a brick wall.

Belinelli – must be his turn in the moon cycle, because he (and his mouthguard) hit stride in this game. Seemed to be raining 3s (even though he only hit 3) and they hit at times that seemed to crush the Clippers spirit. About as efficient as you’ll ever see him.

Bosh – top 5 in the NBA right now. No question. 21 pts and 14 boards…and it seemed like he had 4 times that. He has made the paint his home and his hunger for the ball is only matched by RapsFan’s hunger for lapdances on a Friday night. Bosh’s fire lit this team up tonight.

Calderon – his delayed reaction to getting hit by an elbow was Arsenal-esque in its beauty. Other than that, his game continues to improve (18pts on 8/14 and 9 assists), he still needs to drive more and for those of you with video editing prowess, you can easily use tonights game and make a DIY music video using Jose as the star for this song.

DeRozan – I have to feel sorry for the kid. First game home, 11 minutes, 2 points, and a shameful display of basketball in front of his friends and family. He saw more positive airtime in the 3minute halftime segment than he did on the Staples Center floor.

Douby – DNP – GF

Evans – faker.

Jack – had about 4 minutes of worthy play tonight. The remainder of his 16 minutes meant as much to this victory as sunlight means to a vampire. Not sure what is wrong and why he isn’t sliding into his role as anticipated. Maybe he is taking the news that he isn’t bunking with Bosh on the road a bit too hard.

Johnson – probably the best 19min of ball played by a Raptor reserve this season 7pts/7rebs, he was all over the floor.  Loved seeing him in the face of the officials fighting for calls and, just as importantly, taking up the cause of talking on D.

Nesterovic – he reminds me of that uncle at your family picnic. You know, the one that is a bit older than you last remembered, but just active enough that he wants to take part in the picnic games. You let him throw the ball a bit and then put your arm around his shoulder and walk him back to his chair so he can watch the rest of the game. That is your 2009/2010 Rasho Nesterovic.

O’Bryant – Triano pointed to him tonight, but that was just to ask who he was.

Turkoglu- damaged goods? Beginning to think so. Sure, he “recently” hurt his hip, but that’s like saying I “recently” felt the need to eat. Something is wrong with our big signing and if it means sitting him, then do it. He looked like a hockey player trying to play a game of ball at the gym.  Sit him out.

Weems – nice black outfit tonight. Pimpin’ ain’t easy, brother.

Wright – nice effort again. Perfect example of how this team can click if all the role players play slightly above their average ability. Nice to see him involved in some ball movement tonight as well…something he seemed to forget how to do in the past few games.

Driving The Bus:  Marco Belinelli

Under The Bus:  DeMar DeRozan

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