Roll Call

Raptors Roll Call Dec 1 vs Wizards

The “well then” edition.

Banks – seriously…activate him and sit Weems. Try something.

Bargnani – ran the lane once, hit some nice shots, but defensively he lived up to my fellow RR brethren’s low expectations. As disappointing as ordering a black coffee, but getting a double double.

Belinelli – hit 2 shots but committed 2 turnovers that hurt. Some wanker on twitter said this trade was the most underrated one of the offseason. See..and they say that Raptors fans can’t be blindly optimistic.

Bosh – One great quarter but a silent 3 quarters. Kind of like going to Mandarin, getting there on time for the fresh chicken balls, but left with only noodles and steamed broccoli the rest of the night. Sure, he got his double double, but he was invisible when we needed him.

Calderon – started the game like the good old days. Seemed like he could have taken a shot from section 312 and at least hit rim. He was even active defensively through most of the game, until the 4th quarter when the Raptors collectively turned into a turtle.

DeRozan – 16 minutes of play, only 2 of which you could actually tell he was out there showing effort. Hmm……2 minutes of value in 16 minutes of action. Kinda reminds me of what Arsenalists woman told me about … er, never mind.

Evans – Beginning to wonder if he isn’t going home every night and hitting himself with a hammer extending his time away from being with this squad.

Jack – RapsFan hates it when he takes a jumper, but he stepped up big tonight.  Nice shot of energy, hit some big shots and once again showed he and Jose can co-exist.  Nice game that made RapsFan blush.

Johnson – not up to his normal workmanlike standards. Seemed to have trouble with the size of the Wizzers front court. He’s one of the bench guys we need to get a push from to push us over any hump in a game. Jack held up his end, Amir didn’t.

Mensah-Bonsu – they have 20 more days to figure out if they want to keep him or not. I’m thinking the fact he never gets off the bench for minutes that matter is a telling sign.

Nesterovic – I’m probably alone in this, but why not throw him out there for a few minutes against Haywood. Lay the body on him, maybe tire him out a little. Possibly even draw him out of the paint and open it up for others or let him hover near the paint and hit the jumper? Just askin.

O’Bryant – guess my Raptors MIP pick is not going to win me any money in the office pool.

Turkoglu- Mr (can’t hit a) Big Shot comes up empty in a Raptors uniform again. Strange that when I’m writing shorthand now, whenever I jot down the word “disappointment” I just shorten it to “Hedo”. He was touted as the guy to hit the clutch shots for us but tonight he had 2 chances late and delivered nothing.

Weems – stick him on the IR or send him to the DLeague. I actually feel sorry for the guy BUT I also wonder if his off-court and dressing room antics aren’t truly a distraction.

Wright – seriously another o-fer. At least he is becoming consistent. If he isn’t hitting his shots, I’m not sure what else he can (or is) bringing us.

Driving The Bus:  Jarrett Jack

Under The Bus:  Hedo Turkugly

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