Roll Call

Raptors Roll Call Dec 27 vs Pistons

Filling in for the vacationing AltRaps and breast-feeding Arsenalist, it’s the “We swept a season series from a good team”edition.

Banks – Bynum crossed him over so bad, no one wanted to sit with him on the bench.

Bargnani – Hit a few timely shots, a timely block and a few boards. Had some lapses on defense and was on the bench during key defensive possessions at the end of the game, but that’s who this big lug is.

Belinelli – Oh so close to that double-double: 9pts 6fls. Apparently got into Hamiltons head, but all I saw was poor defense and and embarassing flops.

Bosh – Shouts of MVP were drowned out by cheers for pizza. The franchise had a big game AND the Raptors won, weird how that worked put. His defense was suspect at times, but none of the bigs were great in the paint today.

Calderon – His suit looked a bit baggy, gotta get the slim-fit stuff man.

DeRozan – Hopefully he took some notes from Rip on how an NBA shooting guard should play. Weems played the important minutes, ’nuff said.

Evans – At least he got to the game in time (see O’Bryant, Patrick).

Jack – I’m getting used to our point guard driving to the rack so much, opens up the floor for others to do their thing.

Johnson – Makes me cringe when he shoots jumpers, a free Amir is one who lives in the paint, not one who wanders on the perimeter.

Mensah-Bonsu – Hustled, put down some dunks, and was all over the glass – all during warm-ups.

Nesterovic – I swear I saw him nod-off a few times planted at the end of the bench. The team could have used his size on Big Ben down low, but Triano was coaching so we opted to let Wallace do what he wanted instead.

O’Bryant – Didn’t show up until the 1st intermission, way to support your team.

Turkoglu- Disappeared in the second half, but had a good game considering. Great dish to a slashing Weems for a dunk in crunch time.

Weems – The kid needs to slash more and shoot less, but he has emerged as the front runner at the 2. Great hustle today.

Wright – Got burn during crunch time of a close game, must have dug up some sketchy pics of Triano and that barista.

Driving The Bus: Chris Bosh

Under The Bus: Marco Belinelli

Game Theme: Coming as soon as I get to a computer

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