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Raptors Roll Call Jan 22 vs Bucks



The “3 hours at the grindhouse” edition. Banks – no burn, unless you count that seething feeling in his body at not getting PT. Bargnani –  2 reasons I hope this injury isn’t one that sees him out of action for an extended period: it’s obvious he has become a major part of this offence   …Continue Reading

Breaking It Down: Calderon and the high screen



Here’s a play against the Bucks which relies heavily on timing and three players being on the same page. It is executed to perfection.

Gameday: Raptors vs Bucks – Jan. 22/10



Wednesday was the second time we lost to the Bucks this season. It is key we realize that we lost the season series with a team that probably wont make the playoffs. Regardless of whether or not we win tonight, one or possibly two of these losses the Bucks handed us could come back to   …Continue Reading

Morning Coffee – Jan 22


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