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Raptors Roll Call March 13 vs Warriors

The “first NBA team to lose to a D-League team” edition.

The “first NBA team to lose to a D-League team” edition.

Banks – the time has come to put Evans in a suit and to return Marcus to his rightful place: in a uniform.

Bargnani – Not reflected in what is a pretty weak stat line is the fact he showed aggression, something 3/4 of his teammates lacked tonight. Of course I’m only referring to his offensive game. Could have used his “rebounding talents” tonight. I also could have used a stiff drink.

Belinelli – Jay played the guy-going-up-against-his-old-team card to the expected result: 0 points. Marco did receive a nice hand from the Golden State crowd when he checked in, but I’m sure most of that came from fans happy to see the back end of the guy.

Bosh – I witnessed something tonight that I thought I’d never see: an all-star  undeserving of a double double. You have a leader playing with no heart and no mental toughness and the apparent unwillingness to hold his teammates accountable. Inexcusable. 6 turnovers, no hustle, and apparently punching his ticket out of town.

Calderon – now on to someone worthy of a double double. He started off a bit timid, if not disinterested. Then a light went off in his head, he hit back-to-back 3s to give his team a spark, and he ended up hitting a career high in made 3s (7). In a dessert tray full of rice pudding, he was a dish of fresh strawberries.

DeRozan – came out playing well and, surprisingly, was on the floor at the end of the game. His confidence may be building and the point production is starting to come around, but his defence and his desire to amass fouls is hurting this team.

Evans – in a game that screamed out for your best defenders, Reggie Evans never saw the floor.  Jay is a wise man.  As mentioned above, get ye self to a linen store and get measured up for some fresh new suits.

Jack – far from his usual game, but we are getting used to his lapses every few games. Shame since I was looking forward to the Curry/Jack battle. Never became a battle….it was more like playing 2k10 using just the right trigger button.

Johnson – the beginning of his night was something out of a Hollywood script. A massive block, hitting almost every shot he took, rebounded well in traffic and then he lived up to his usual standard by committing his share of fouls.  Second best player in a Raptors uniform tonight.

Nesterovic – things that would never happen: people with media access asking tough questions, the Raptors selling out any game from now until the playoffs, Adnan Virk actually being funny, and Rasho seeing the floor in Golden State.

O’Bryant – starting to hit the sack every night hoping to be included in the Bosh sign and trade.

Turkoglu- he may be a nightmare pickup for this NBA team, but he is a fantasy team’s wet dream. He fills up stat sheets like his coach fills up reporters recorders with lame ass excuses. Hedo really is like a sloth. Slow moving, determined and easily winded.

Weems – start calling him Vegas, because it’s like rolling dice watching him play every night. He showed some athleticism tonight but he needs to embrace what he can do and use it game in and game out. He can beat guys, he can jump over guys for boards, and he can defend. Do it.

Wright – know when you come home after a hard day of work only to find your dog has crapped in your new pair of slippers? Well, tonight Antoine was your dog and the Raptors were your slippers. It’s not a stretch to say he brought next to nothing tonight and played 6 minutes more than he should have.  Expect a bounce back in Portland.

Driving The Bus:  Jose Calderon

Under The Bus:  Antoine Wright

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