This week on The Doctor Is In with Phdsteve. Arsenalist drops by and we’ve got two guys talking hoops. We talk about:

  • The chances of the Bulls catching the Raptors, I’m not sounding confident but Arse is.
  • Would making the 8th seed “save the season”?
  • Raptors giving up 106 points a game, can we survive this insane stat?
  • What success against Cleveland or Orlando depends on?
  • How do we judge Colangelo’s body of work? Is Bargnani the main judging point?
  • Are we still willing to give Colangelo five years to prove his worth?
  • Will Bosh pair with up with another superstar and if so, what city is it most likely to happen in?
  • Andrea Bargnani as a franchise player.
  • Donald Sterling and LA as a big market.
  • Will the Knicks ever eclipse football or baseball in NY?
  • Raptors predictions – 7th, 8th or miss playoffs.
  • More…

You can click the play button below or listen directly in iTunes (31:22 min). You may also download the file (29MB).


Note: there is a small glitch in the first minute or so with the recording but it gets sorted out and is clear sailing from then on out.

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