Raptors Republic Game Preview: Raptors vs. Kings

West coast here we come. First game of our 4 game trip. The young and talented Kings are going to be tough to beat. A front court of Cousins and Landry are going to cause fits for us especially on the glass. If there was a night where we needed Bargnani to step-up with boards,… Read more »


Jarrett Jack on the Heat’s Radar?

According to Ric Bucher from ESPN, Riley’s getting antsy at the point and probably looking at acquiring one come December 15th when most of the summer’s free agents are eligible to be dealt. One of the names apparently on Riley’s list is our very own Jarrett Jack. See what else he had to say.


Would You Consider Bargnani a “Bust”?

What determines a bust? Most would say someone that doesn’t come close to their expectations. I mean, does the fact that Andrea doesn’t know how to rebound or play help defence make him a bust? No. But click the link below to see some examples courtesy of RR member BC Boy that were truly “busts”…. Read more »


Raptors cut it close, secure pizza

Breathe a sigh of relief because the Raptors have won a game. With four road games against Sacramento, Utah, LA Lakers and Portland on the horizon, the first win of the season could have taken a while.


Toronto Raptors Morning Coffee Oct 30

“We seemed like the fat cats and they seemed like a team out there really trying to get a win. It looked like we won the other day and they lost. You could tell the team that really wanted to win tonight — and that was them.” – Byron Scott

Kyrie Irving

Bosh Clears the Air With FAN590

Bosh was on the FAN590 this morning to clear the air of the misinterpretation of his recent comments about why he wanted to leave Toronto for south of the border. Click the link to read what he had to say.