1-7. Is it Time For a Change?

RR member tbihis asks with 7 losses in 8 games, 6 straight, is there a change brewing in the horizon? Should…… Jose start? Jack play 4th quarters? Weems start? Amir start? I dont know if now is the time to push the panic button and tinker the depth chart, if not, how many more games… Read more »


Reflecting on the Raptors

It’s already reaching the point where you look at the losses piling up, and they start resembling shiny, gleaming lottery balls. Yes, the Raptors level of play against some of the tougher teams in the Western Conference may have given reason to think this game was for the taking, but in light of last night’s performance, it’s possible that those teams took the Raptors lightly and played down to their level.

Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

This Team Needs More Cowbell … Errr … I Mean, More Wright.

We’ve noticed more playing time for Julian Wright as of late, which seems to have pleased some of our fans. RR member grindhouse asks the question on whether or not he should be considered as a starter. As per some of his observations, Julian appears to be making all the right decisions when on the… Read more »


Raptors stand tall, but fall short

If defensive-ball is your thing, then this game was must-see TV. It fittingly ended with Stephen Jackson making a defensive play on Andrea Bargnani after Jay Triano’s poorly constructed “play” was easily countered by a Charlotte defense that appeared more amused than anything.