I review the trade in the light of the previous transactions conducted by the Hornets, and the ones not conducted by the Raptors. The myth that Jerryd Bayless is like Jack is busted and a new comparison is presented, we also look at exactly how Bayless will fit in the Raptors, both in the short and long-term. We look deeper into whether Calderon/Bayless is any better than Calderon/Jack, and how the Raptors can best use Bayless by looking at how he was misused in Portland. Can Bayless be the “floor general” that the Raptors need or is this just an experiment? Why was Stojakovic not moved in the summer? This and much more including a review of Bryan Colangelo’s work this year, more specifically, will he avoid making the one mistake that he has repeatedly made as Raptors GM.

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