The “slicked back hair” edition:

Alabi: back to professional tear-aways.

Barbosa: first he seemed to be hitting the deck more often than a drug dealer at a police convention, then he pulled a hammy. Not a good thing when one of your sparks gets snuffed out.

Bargnani: as automatic and expected as your womans period on days when you are suffering from natural Viagra. You can even add in a dash of “wow” when you see him battling for boards and getting putbacks early on. A nice night that also saw him make his way to the line.

Bayless: also rhymes with careless. A poor showing on many fronts that makes you realize that he isn’t flatlining, he’s just being him.

Calderon: a double double night that, like Bayless’ evening, was exactly what you’d say was a typical Jose night: some shots that made you cringe, he always looked for Andrea first, he demanded attention, and you have to think that some teams out there are looking at calling Colangelo to add him as a piece to their playoff roster.

Davis: white headband = good night. Always happy when he makes himself be noticed and tonight he did. Fought hard in his 19 minutes and also positioned himself well on the offensive end. The future remains bright.

DeRozan: full of piss and vinegar tonight and I loved it. Being called for tickey-tack fouls on one end and being absolutely jobbed on the other, he showed some rare verbal fight and got T’d up for it. Good on him. Hell, the way the night was going at the time, I would have loved to see him get tossed. Instant cult hero situation right there.

Dorsey: Ski Hill Forehead was out on the floor. The end. He really had zero impact…kind of like a foam wall on a NASCAR oval.

Evans: he even got replaced as a carrier of Leandro. Gotta hurt the ego a bit.

Gaines: get ready young man, your time will come in less than 24 hours.

Johnson: looks like he is feeling a bit better. A lot more mobile and making himself a physical factor again under the boards. Other thing that hit me: he has become a lot less vocal and a lot more workmanlike. Love it.

Kleiza: offensively tonight he reminded me of Jamario Moon. A lot of “what the…”’s and not enough of “nice one”’s. Also like Jamario, though, he was active and made himself a factor in the game. And again like Moon, it just didn’t matter.

Stojakovic: it was Serbian night tonight. Peja chewed his best gum in appreciation.

Weems: he tweaked his back in practice. Want a hot rumour: it’s more a chemistry problem with him and the team, not his back.

Wright: he did one thing tonight that always wins my appreciation: he tried to motivate his troops. More than once he could be heard trying to wake his guys up defensively and two times specifically it seemed to translate into some good things happening. Worth its weight in gold.

Driving The Bus: Andrea Bargnani

Under The Bus: Jerryd Bayless

Game Theme:

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  • we come to compete against playoffs team and then right after we lay eggs against non play off teamS ur 2010-2011 TORONTO RAPTORS

  • Bearvon

    Spill more of the Weems beans Altraps!

  • Bob

    REF were Terrible! Again!

  • Me

    Thank you Jay, this is your loss. You are the most incompetent coach in the nba history. DD shows some good thinks but why he never pass the ball to Andrea when he is in a better position for a shoot?? DD has no basket-iq, he only try to improve his own statistic not playing for the team. Mayby is Triano still tankikg. What a shame.

    • smushmush

      I will continually say this – It is better to be a Clippers fan or even a Kings fan now. Those teams already have franchise guards and franchise big men talent and they are still bad enough to get a franchise wing in the draft. However, the Clippers could actually be decent in the next 2-3 years with Vinny Del Negro while the Kings continually suck if they can not get a defensive coach and veterans on that team.

      The Raptors are just a bunch of 6th men at most – a Bargs that should be playing from the bench(for Bargs’ supporters, you saw the abuse a rookie by the name Greg Monroe gave him on the boards last night lol), no elite level talent and they can not even make the best out of a bad situation by playing defense.Triano has lost the team. As a fan, if you don’t know what to expect from your players on a day-to-day basis, it can be really frustrating(I am really happy, there is a lockout – aligning myself with an inconsistent losing side with no improvement really sucks).

      The refereeing too is brutal. I don’t think the refs know what is home-court advantage. We are getting slaughtered on the other side, no calls but a breath on our opponents is a foul. I am not surprised, it happens in a David Stern league.

      End of rant.

      • John_P

        When did Greg Monroe “abuse” him on the boards? This is what I mean about morons who don’t actually watch the game. If you had said Wilcox at the beginning of the third I would agree, but I guess you missed the 31 points and 9 boards throughout the rest of the game. Not exactly “abused” as you suggest.

  • Lopez

    This is very frustrating because this team has potential. There is no reason to lose to this pistons team once let alone twice. God knows I love amir but uhhh can u say pops mensah-bonsu? He has got to get more assertive and earn that money! Ed Davis is more of a center than Andrea so why not stick him in at C and see how the offense works? Kleiza shouldn’t be starting, make him part of the bench mob and start Wright. Jose is solid and Alvin Williams needs to do some serious work with Mr.Bayless. In conclusion, this is sad…

  • Red Baron

    haven’t said this often (ever?), but ‘Drea was the only one playing with energy and fire out there…his focus and energy level is starting to become consistently better…all-star developing in front of us. Too bad this didn’t happen back in 2009.

  • John_P

    Like I said in another thread after the game, i don’t know how is it that a guy averaging 6 points, comes in here and goes off for over 17 each time? I don’t get it. Also, for those that suggest i defend Bargnani to the death, Triano was right for sitting his ass midway through the third because he was lazy boxing out. However, when he did return, he responded by rebounding, scoring big points to give them a chance and playing good D. Message received by Andrea. Perhaps others who may have been guarding T-Mac could have benefited from that treatment. Even though he was lazy starting the third, he was still our best player and it amazes me how we ignore him at the end of games, even though he had 31 points and was clearly the hot hand.

    Read more:

    • Statement


      I know I said I’d never read your comments again, but an actual, reasoned comment without calling anybody gay or swearing at somebody? What, did you hit your head or something…….feel free to respond with your usual blather, if need be.

      • John_P

        Just so we’re clear, I never initiated an arguement where I throw out the first gay remark. Thay have all been in response to someone else who decides to take the conversation down that road. Ussually insinuating some sort of man crush, or whatever other insult. I’m happy to return the favour if thats how people want to act.

    • Statement

      What’s more…I agree with you. Andrea played well and was rightfully taken out of the game when he started to be abused on the boards.

    • Red Baron

      Your absolutely right he should have sat after missing some box-outs, and your right he responded when he came back in. That’s why Triano should NOT have taken a pot-shot at him after the game in the media scrum. Andrea’s game has it’s flaws, but he was FAR FAR from the worst player on the court tonight. I suppose one of the Pistons Bigs got benched as well for letting soft Andrea pulled down 6 offensive boards? didn’t think so.

  • marques johnson

    Broadcast was as bad as Raps. They spent ten friggin minutes talking about Armstrongs new doo and totally missed AB was sat for not boxing out. Even Jack who is usually with it, just noted AB was getting long rest.

    Ever notice how AB’s defence always seems to pick up in 4th and he suddenly blocks a shot or two. He proves he can play D often when he picks up the intensity, but usually for 3 quarters he has no defensive intensity.

    Losses like this will be appreciated at year end if we get high draft pick

  • I think Bayless has an attitude problem

    • Pizzaman1

      Mike I agree, and you could tell with his post game interbiew. I think he believes he deserves more burn, but quite frankly he has not shown much, other than some flashes as pointed out in roll call. Probably the reason NO gave up on him so easy and took back another scrub hog in Jack that plays 8 minutes a game.
      Bayless still cannot figure out he’s too short and not a good enough shooter to play SG, and needs to pass and create to be a PG, versus almost always looking for his own which is usually not very successful. He was horrible last night and by far the worst Raptor on the floor.

    • Toshmon

      was at the game….10th row.
      Bayless sulks a lil bit, like a 16 year old sometimes

    • Red Baron

      +1. Post-game iterview sounded like a 9 year-old who’s Mom won’t let him play on his Nintendo DS at the Dinner table.

  • Pizzaman1

    great roll call, other than I disagree again on DeRozan, but that’s ok because you like his game way more than I do. DeRozan is basically a good dunker, and the rest of his game is a work in progress that I really really hope happens. In the meantime I wish someone would teach him the simple mechanics of how to make a Freakin PASS! Problem is he needs to be told to pass first and it appears that has not happened, so he continues to drive the ball into walls. I thought he was just a hog, but I’m beginning to think he has the IQ of a mosquito since he only ever has one thing on his mind.

  • AnthonyF

    I don’t dislike DD, but am very unhappy at his continued weak defense (though I am no expert) and more importantly he has shown little improvement to date on his shooting. His range amongst SG (notice the word SHOOTING) must be the very lowest in the league. Like AB in his second year I also note he has shown a bad habit of wearing blinders out there and looking only to drive and shoot. Add to that his ball handling too is weak, I am left to wonder what he is doing off hours to improve.

    Only need to look at someone like Kevin Love and the work he has done to become a very good 3-point shooter and improving his rebounding every year.

  • Yo

    Bayless does not rhyme with careless. Just sayin’.

  • Red Baron

    Triano picks this game to publicly call Bargs out? Really Jay? OK, he let a few guys climb his back in the 3rd, but overall he brought the most effort of any Raptor to this game. He scored an efficient 31 points (game high), he got to the stripe 9 times (only Stuckey had more FT’s), pulled down 6 offensive boards (again, game high), dropped 3 dimes (tops amongst bigs for either team), had a steal (led the team in this as well…should be Guards who lead in this stat), and blocked a shot. ALSO, after Triano benched him for a few missed box-outs (you’d think we lost on the glass, but didn’t), he comes back in and plays his tail off (i.e. he’s the best player on this team and is coachable and took his medicine). All this and Triano STILL singles HIM out publicly after the game???? Bayless was BRUTAL but apparently this loss is hung on Bargs. I’ve been a Triano backer for awhile but this fake tough guy routine is just plain dumb.

    • fire_triano

      THIS. SFM.

    • John_P

      Yeah that was bush league by Jay. I honestly wonder what he’s thinking and why he decides to pick on the best player, who clearly had the best game.

  • draftedraptor

    I don’t know why Triano took off Ed Davis when he was playing really well and didnt give me an extended run afterwards. The lad deserved a double double. excellent blocks, rebounds and defense. solid minutes. We don’t need Reggie anymore.

    Bargnani took twice as many shots as any other player but he looked comfortable draining those jumpers and slightly improved on his FG%. Did an offensive rebound spam twice by bouncing the ball off the boards on his own missed shots which took his count to 6 today. Deserves a shout for his free throw attempts and standing up against the rookie Monroe. Personally I thought the team looked better when he was getting an extended rest towards the end of third quarter when we were defending and playing as a team – detroit lead went down by 6/7 from 12. I guess I just don’t appreciate his efforts like the other fans.

    • Shew

      …Detroits lead went down to 5 WITH Bargnani on the floor, which is the closest they got.

      What I don’t understand is why Triano HAS to start with Bargnani?? During his injury the Raptors showed they could keep up with big teams for the first quarter and sometimes the second, only to get left behind in the second half. Bargnani on the other hand has showed that he can play good basketball (sometimes wow basketball) for 2-3 quarters…why not let the young players give it their best shot and energy in the beginning and if it fails at least have a fresh (relatively) Bargnani to do the damage and 3 quarters to do it in?

    • John_P

      I honestly wonder if people are sleeping when they watch the games. The lead was narrowed in the 4th and that had everything to do with Bargnani. They trailed by 12 throughout the third, and never came closer then that until he returned and got it as close as 3. How do you possibly miss that? How does that translate to the team playing better without him?