Rapcast #92, a special hour-long edition was recorded seconds after the Indiana game ended so the first topic is Jay Triano’s little outburst about not being able to call a crucial, potentially game-changing timeout with 0.5 seconds left and down 11 points. From there on the action rolls to Ed Davis, who is fast turning to be the bright spot of the season. His defense is analysed, his game-time reviewed and his mysterious disappearance from the fourth quarter frowned upon. Ex-Raptor Roy Hibbert (believe it) is looked at and so is the guy who was guarding him, Andrea Bargnani. The Italian’s been talked about enough in these areas of late, we focus on the recent commentator coup that’s been happening. Against Minnesota it was Jack Armstrong and last night it was Leo Rautins who laid siege on Bargnani’s effort and defensive awareness. The gloves certainly seem to have come off and even the highly biased Raptors media is now forced to call a spade a spade.

The re-signing of Bryan Colangelo is discussed and we unsuccessful try to identify just what he’s done to deserve an extension. The basketball part of his job has been a failure, no doubt about that, so we try to speculate rather unsuccessfully his impact on MLSE as a whole. Of course, your insights are welcome and valued. Leandro Barbosa is termed as “dangerous” for a very unique reason and his fate along with Jose Calderon’s is decided with the trade deadline in mind.

The latter part of the podcast is dedicated to in-depth player analysis and ratings, we go down the roster starting from Ajinca all the way to Wright and rate the Raptors relative to what was expected. A funny trend that seems to appear is that the ratings are turning out to be relatively generous, which is odd for the second-worst team in the East. Still, the analysis is fair and unbiased.

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (59:07, 21.3MB). Or just listen below:

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55 Responses to “Rapcast #92: Special Ed, Commentator Coup, Detailed Player Analysis and Ratings”

  1. FAQ


    If they had been less supportive of the Raptors when vince left and the descent downhill started, they might have forced the MLSE to spend more money on players. Instead they kept on coming and enduring the punishment. The MLSE raked in the sucker’s money laughing all the way to the bank.

    Now we hear the aficionado fans whining that the MLSE should have gone into luxury tax to attract better players. Wotta bunch of smartass backseat quarterbacks …. ppprrrfffffttttt!!!!!

    • Homer4002

      let me enlighten you on MLSE and how they make their money. believe it or not most the ticket are sold to the cooperation like rogers, wild wings and so forth then to they take that and sell to us for the lower cost. MLSE has sold most the season tickets prior to even season started and got their money from big cooperations

      • Nilanka15

        I don’t forget the fact that Leafs season ticket holders are required to purchase Raptors tickets too.

  2. Nilanka15

    “The gloves certainly seem to have come off and even the highly biased Raptors media is now forced to call a spade a spade.” – The final nail in the coffin will be when super-homers Doug and Eric Smith join in on the Bargnani critiquing.

    Delusional Bargnani fanboys (i.e. cesco, john_p & pizzaman), where art thou? Can we interpret your glaring silence to mean that you’ve finally (and I mean finally) realized what the “haters” have been saying all along?


  3. albertan_10

    I haven’t listened to the podcast yet but it’s frustrated watching Bargnani jack up threes. I’ve been a supporter of him for a while but recently his game has been getting on my nerves. When you are 7 feet tall you have no reason to be shooting that many threes. 0-10 in the last 3 games? maybe it’s more now, but that’s bad. Even Weems hits them more often.

    I don’t know what you do with someone like Bargnani. Do you trade him and take the best deal possible or do you try to get someone tough to be our actual center. He’s not one. Much like Dirk and Pau aren’t centers. None of them are tough physically and like to do the dirty work. Maybe the Chandler/Bargs front court would have worked. Maybe they need to try it again. Ajinca is definitely not the answer because he is Bargnani 2.0.

    Stop hanging out at the freaking three point line and dunk on someones head. Your 7 feet tall!

    • tonious35

      Pau Gasol IS a Center, because he parks IN the PAINT and throws up hook shots. Fine, Gasol is not a chiseled muscleman, but he makes it a priority to get in the paint. Gasol has a heart of a center.

      Bargs is truly an SF trapped in a 7’0″ body, it’s another Bosh the Raptor fans have to deal with (drive! don’t shoot jumpers! score in the paint! WTF are you doing? You are being pushed around in the paint like the guy who got raped in Deliverence!)

      • sleepz

        Not trying to pile on the Bargnani roasting here but take a look at how many FT’s Bosh took last year. There is very little comparison between these 2 players.

        I take no pleasure in the beating Raps are taking now, only in conflict resolution. I remember many people criticizing Bosh last year (quite a few Bargs fans) and being thankful when he was gone. I am thankful too because the blame is starting to get closer to the actual source of the issues.

  4. pran

    i think ed davis is a perfect example of talent being put in the worst possible scenario (injury,not enough minutes, losing team, etc..) and still being able to shine through. FUCK all the projects like derozan and bargnani (especially bargnani) draft well (and high)and after half a season you’ll be able to tell if you have something there…..

  5. pran

    another thing, am i the only one that doesn’t trust B.co with all this cap space and draft picks. I bet we’re gonna see a lot more vanilla than chocolate chip next year.

    • A-Dub

      I did. I was just off by one! 🙂

      Thanks, thoroughly enjoy reading your comments, btw.

  6. yertu damkule

    i hate being the guy who bitches about the ratings, ’cause i really don’t give a shit…but kleiza a 6? what. the. fuck. he’s been horrible offensively, and worse defensively. LK is a 2. and that’s being generous.

  7. lessthanzero

    The reason Colangelo will get his contract renewed is in the numbers:


    Operating income, i.e. profit:
    2006: 8 mil
    First full BC year, 2007: 29mil
    2008: 28mil
    2009: 18mil
    2010: 25mil

    The most the Raptors made before BC was 11mil.

    It’s great that you two are willing to debate, but please, instead of interrupting each other with unfounded conjecture, there are facts out there and it would serve the podcast better if you each listened to each other AND conversed about the information that is readily available.


      More importantly, as FAQ (annually) mentions, the real enablers…

      “The Raptors are one of just 10 teams that generate more than $1 million in gate receipts per game on average.”

  8. yertu damkule

    arse – so, weems is a 4.5 & DD is a 5? how can you expect anyone to take these rankings with any bit of seriousness when you’re so all over the place.

  9. yertu damkule

    julian wright: zero offense, yet rates an 8. well done, arse. did you see his shot last night (mid-range, relatively uncontested jumper) that hit the top of the backboard? if he’d hit rim on that shot (or come within 3 feet of the rim), would he have been a 9?

    • sleepz

      That was a pass off the backboard to Amir who was positioned on the other side of the rim.

      Indiana wasn’t expecting Triano to draw that one up. lol

      • matt

        Dude I thought that was touched by an indiana player, was that really an attempted shot? man the guy can shoot at all.

  10. yertu damkule

    oh, and if bargs & DD are lowered due to their defensive &/or rebounding issues, then why isn’t reggie lowered due to his offensive issues? or the fact that he’s also a shitty & overrated defender? he does ONE THING at high level (and even that’s blown out of proportion because he played the majority of his minutes with the human anti-rebound), yet he ranks an eight? hell, even if you want to give him full marks for rebounding (say, 4/4), and break up offense & defense into the remaining 6, he’d be a 2/6 (at best: 0/3 for offense, and 1/3 for defense, for a total of 5).

    rankings only have value if they’re based on the same parameters.

    • arsenalist

      It wasn’t even supposed to be a segment, kind of came out of nowhere. Of course Julian Wright isn’t an 8, but you have to look at it in terms of what was expected of these players at the start of the season. Wright is a shit offensive player but he’s been a pleasant surprise and has often given us a boost off the bench. He’s done HIS job very well, doesn’t mean he’s better than Bargnani or DeRozan or whoever just because he has a higher rating. WTF.

      By the same token, a 5 for Bargnani doesn’t mean he’s a worse player than Jose Calderon (7 I believe), it’s all relative to what was expected at the start of the season and what the roles of these players were supposed to be and how well they’ve carried out those roles.

      • yertu damkule

        oh, i get what they’re supposed to mean, i just don’t recall such high expectations being raised about DD at the start of the season that a near-doubling in ppg isn’t enough to offset his D. i get that you’re trying to be equitable in your ratings of bargs/DD, but i hardly think that doing so is fair, given their respective experience & the difference in importance between D at the 2 vs. D at the 5.

        similarly, your expectations of wright must have been astoundingly low to rate him as highly as you did. for me, he’s been less than i was expecting (granted, he’s not had consistent enough minutes to really make a definitive statement about his impact)…a decent defensive player, at times well above average, but is that due to playing alongside such poor defenders that he stands out for what would otherwise be considered ‘ok’ play?

        • arsenalist

          It’s funny how you’re wondering why DD’s offense “isn’t enough to offset his D”, an argument you shoot down every time a Bargnani supporter brings it up.

          Back to point. He’s shooting the ball 4% worse, is rebounding less (PER36) and his PER36 scoring is up by two points. His game from last year is scaling with his FG% taking a hit and his defense remaining pretty much the same, if not worse. He’s played his best stretch of D in this losing streak. His numbers are largely a product of his increased minutes, not his development.

          If this assessment sounds harsh it’s because he’s started 114 games in his career so far and should have more to show for it. I’m glad he’s finally realizing that this team is there to be made his, except that it should’ve happened in November, not January.

          Top three things he had to work on this summer:

          – jumper
          – dribble
          – defense

          None of the three have improved as much as I had expected.

          Gotta like how he gets to the line, though.

          • yertu damkule

            believe me, i agree with every point you’re making. the reason i’m willing to be more lenient with him in terms of his D is for the reasons mentioned above (age/experience & the position). i seem to remember bargnani getting the same kind of leeway earlier in his career as well.

            i don’t really see what difference games started has…just means he has had tougher defensive assignments night-in & night-out; maybe that has slowed his offensive development somewhat? again, it’s early…if he’s still as piss-poor defensively next year or the year after, then i think we can safely assume that that is who he is.

            oh, and FWIW – the same arguments you make re. DD (‘He’s shooting the ball 4% worse, is rebounding less (PER36) and his PER36 scoring is up by two points. His game from last year is scaling with his FG% taking a hit and his defense remaining pretty much the same, if not worse. He’s played his best stretch of D in this losing streak. His numbers are largely a product of his increased minutes, not his development.’

            could also be said about bargs. with increased USG & attempts, his efficiency has gone down, as has his rebounding & D. so…yay us.

            but going back to the actual ratings…if they’re based on EXPECTATIONS, then i guess you had expected significantly more out of DD this year than you did bargs?

  11. Tim W.

    Armstong and Rautins are just haters, right? I’ve been saying this for years and that’s apparently what I am.

    Am I happy that Bargani is playing badly? No. It further exposes his fatal flaws I have been harping on for years and makes him more difficult to trade.

    Am I happy that people are FINALLY seeing the player I have been seeing? Goddamn right!

    • Nilanka15

      According to voy, all you’re doing is perpetuating “conflict” (yes, the same word to describe world wars) on the internet.

  12. voy

    he’s lucky, too, that he hit the very top corner of the backboard, otherwise I think that shot would have missed everything and would have sailed a good 4 ft behind the basket.

    I’d love to see a clip of that shot again.

  13. Suds

    MLSE is a corporation. A mandate of a corporation is to make profit. Not win championship. The return for investment required to win a championship in modern sports league is not enough to entice a corporation to authorize such a path. This would mean profits margins be small to non-existent during the years leading to a championship, due to being in the luxury tax. A corporation likes steady revenue.
    Why BC will get auto renewal contract: Corporate endorsements. He makes enough moves, and does a great job with marketing to up-sell his product in the off-season to generate enough buzz and interest to draw in the Corporate sponsors.
    If any of their teams win a championship, it will be purely luck, not by design.
    Hell, they like to diversify their investment portfolio, branching into food, and real estate.
    Unless there is a billionaire in Toronto willing to buy out MLSE, we will never win a championship.

  14. Tim W.

    A few random thoughts after listening…

    Triano has thrown enough f-bombs in interviews that I’m pretty sure it’s not forced. I think he seriously doesn’t realize he’s doing it half the time.

    I don’t see a point in firing him. I think he needs to be given permission to show some tough love, because the other way is now not working.

    It’s hard for me to feel sorry for a basketball player making $8 million dollars with the talent to be a very good player, but simply doesn’t seem to care enough.

    I don’t understand being critical of of Amir’s ability to finish inside. He’s 3rd in the league in field goal percentage. I think that pretty much says it all.

    • yertu damkule

      it’s part of the brainwashing that started a few years ago that was centred around the notion that in order to be an effective scorer, you had to have a pretty jumper, or have some tremendous array of moves. um, i think i’ll just take the guy who makes shots, thanks.

  15. yertu damkule

    re. leo/jacks new found ballsiness…it was noticeably different than the usual pablum they’re usually trying to feed raptor nation, to the degree that the conspiracy-theorist in me is thinking that there MUST be a BC henchman whose responsibility it is to take a continual pulse of the blogosphere. too coincidental, that after all this time of letting it slide, there’s a distinct difference in tone & message from two guys, so closely following a forum topic that delved into how the organization deals with the on-air product. no way do two ‘toe-the-party-line’ guys like jack & leo all-of-a-sudden decide – independently of each other – that they’re going to be more vocal in their criticism of bargs without consent from above.

    • Theswirsky

      not sure if you read any RapsHQ but these guys started questioning Bargs willingness/play after Franchise asked Triano why he left Bargs out there while others were playing better (paraphrased)

      Coincidence? Maybe… but sometimes all it takes is someone to get the ball rolling.

  16. Raptor4Ever

    Thanks Guys
    I am looking forward to listening this tonight when I get home. Sounds like you covered alot of interesting topics with this podcast.

  17. Borntobewild

    Can somebody sum up the ratings for me? Speakers arent working right now. Please and thank you.

  18. Suds

    Maybe if we start rioting like in Egypt, but this time the target is MLSE, and force the teacher’s pension to sell their shares to someone else?
    What do you think?
    Or start some sort of rumor that the MLSE board are all a bunch of necrophiliacs or something?
    Start our own consipiracy?

  19. Mattdub14

    Ya really, who the F@#& gave Andrea that patheitc nickname? It has to be because he makes every center in the league look like a All-Star? He can turn mediocre players ( Hilton Armstrong, Mareese Speights etc) into fricking all-stars. Please the raptors have to realize this is the reason why were so bad, please get rid of him, lets start with a good pick and develop a good young core next year while bargnani can go back home and eat pasta all day, cuz we know by watching him on the court that he honestly doesn’t give a flying fuck about basketball and he has no heart or pride.

  20. Sam

    Why are we debating the merits of the players on this team at this point? Who trusts Colangelo to do the hard part of a rebuild? Sure he’s dumped some money and gotten an extra draft pick but he’s had money and draft picks before and look where we are. He’s taken a middle of the road defensive team and made it one of the worst in the league. I wasn’t expecting much from this year but some defensive improvement, even with young players, was possible. I have zero confidence he can get this team to contender status. He should go.

    If Colangelo comes back I may just switch teams. League Pass and a couple of weekends in New York or (can’t believe I’m saying this) Boston seem a lot more attractive than watching the crap Colangelo seems to think is basketball. And I used to be a supporter.

    • Toshmon

      no offense intended but, I hope if the raptors win a championship 25 years from now you don’t attend the parade.

      or will you switch back teams when they make the playoffs?

      • Sam

        I’ll switch back when they learn to play defense. Why should MLSE get my money if they don’t even try.

  21. Statement

    I just wanna say one thing,

    I love how the majority of the posts are during the 9-5 workday…seriously, it’s awesome.

    This site is an awesome diversion from work.

    Raptors Republic…killing work productivity for over 4 years!!


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