Rapcast #92, a special hour-long edition was recorded seconds after the Indiana game ended so the first topic is Jay Triano’s little outburst about not being able to call a crucial, potentially game-changing timeout with 0.5 seconds left and down 11 points. From there on the action rolls to Ed Davis, who is fast turning to be the bright spot of the season. His defense is analysed, his game-time reviewed and his mysterious disappearance from the fourth quarter frowned upon. Ex-Raptor Roy Hibbert (believe it) is looked at and so is the guy who was guarding him, Andrea Bargnani. The Italian’s been talked about enough in these areas of late, we focus on the recent commentator coup that’s been happening. Against Minnesota it was Jack Armstrong and last night it was Leo Rautins who laid siege on Bargnani’s effort and defensive awareness. The gloves certainly seem to have come off and even the highly biased Raptors media is now forced to call a spade a spade.

The re-signing of Bryan Colangelo is discussed and we unsuccessful try to identify just what he’s done to deserve an extension. The basketball part of his job has been a failure, no doubt about that, so we try to speculate rather unsuccessfully his impact on MLSE as a whole. Of course, your insights are welcome and valued. Leandro Barbosa is termed as “dangerous” for a very unique reason and his fate along with Jose Calderon’s is decided with the trade deadline in mind.

The latter part of the podcast is dedicated to in-depth player analysis and ratings, we go down the roster starting from Ajinca all the way to Wright and rate the Raptors relative to what was expected. A funny trend that seems to appear is that the ratings are turning out to be relatively generous, which is odd for the second-worst team in the East. Still, the analysis is fair and unbiased.

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (59:07, 21.3MB). Or just listen below:

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