Still love the Raptors? Really? Cool, win some tickets!

Win tickets to the Raptors vs Spurs game Feb 9. Also win back some on-the-fence fans.

Since the inception of this franchise, Raptors fans have always made idiotic assumptions about their own players. No name players that would become world dominating players when donning the Dino uniform, the purple, or the red & white.  Vincenzo, Primoz, Oliver, Keon, Sonny, and on and on. Every season brings predictions of 40-50 wins, a sure playoff seed and at least one player heading to the AllStar game, repping the TDOT. Fandom makes people delusional, no doubt of that.


This preseason the forums and comments were full of “surely they can’t win just 20 games, this is a 40 win team!” nonsense (okay, maybe blind hope) and I scoffed, shook my head, and made my 23 win bed and slept in it.  Fast forward to today and we have lived through fake injuries, questionable lineups, unmotivated players, and the ridicule of all our non-basketball fan friends.  We are back to the point where wearing a Raptors cap in downtown Toronto brings mocking looks and spiteful comments.


Personally I’m happy with where we are. Sure, Bargs has been up and down (heck, when hasn’t he been) but DeMar has turned a corner by working hard in the gym, Ed Davis is getting some vital playing time against some great frontlines, Jose and Amir continue to show flashes, etc. Next season, you mix in one solid NBA veteran who can still play, a nice first round draft pick, and some time for fans and franchise to lick their wounds during the lockout and we can come back regrouped and loaded for a real chance at a return to the postseason.


During a long losing streak, it’s always easy to accentuate the negative, but you as supporters stand behind this squad and make it known that we’ll get this ship back up to seaworthy shape. You have continued to make Raptors Republic the first stop for Raptors talk. Other blogs fade in and out but with your help we remain the most consistent and visited. That got us to thinking that you should tell us why you continue supporting this squad through thick and thin. Why do you defend them when your buddies mock you? Why do you stay up until 1am on the western road trips to watch these guys?


Lay a comment below telling everyone what gives you hope, what stirs the passion, your best Raptors memory, etc.  Keep it positive. Reignite the passion in those of us that consistently see the dark side.


As motivation we are giving the person that leaves the best comment (as judged by Arsenalist and Sam) a pair of lower bowl tickets to see the Raptors take on the San Antonio Spurs this Wednesday at 7pm at Air Canada Centre. These aren’t courtside, but they are very close and not too far away from the Raptors bench. Also, if you feel so inclined, we’ll let you write up a postgame review for all to see here at RR.


Wow us with your insight and passion. Let the team see that all hope is not lost.


(NOTE: Contest ends at 6pm on Feb 8. A winner will be announced later that night. Prize is 2 tickets and does not include transportation, merchandise or food & beverage. Tickets will be available at the ACC Ticket Office as of 5pm on Feb 9th.)

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