Roll Call

Toronto Raptors Roll Call Feb 16 vs Heat

The originator is back….and so is the best Raptor of all time. Both get booed.

The “knucklehead classless fans” edition:

Ajinca: built like a greyhound, talent of a turtle.

Alabi: soggy popcorn, hard sponges, running out of laundry detergent…..all less frustrating than this guy.

Barbosa: there are off nights and then there are nights like this. Still getting back into fighting shape and doing that against the Heat is a wee bit challenging.

Bargnani: he earned himself a month in the next firemans calendar tonight. He was faced with the best Raptor of all time most of the night and came out more than holding his own. The only thing missing was him making a “DX” motion every time he nailed a shot. 26 attempts is still just a tad crazy, though.

Bayless: his night was Khloe Kardashian ugly. Just not in a groove, didn’t help his team one iota and looked like he already had checked out for the allstar break. Brutally pathetic.

Calderon: he was the shovel to Andrea and DeMar’s fire. 14 assists, a hug for Chris, candies for the kids and tangos for the ladies. Rico Suave.

Davis: how this guy fell to us is beyond me….well, until he misses 2 months with an injury that will dog him for the rest of his career. An outstanding night for the rook in a game where he would have been allowed to be swallowed up in the hype.

DeRozan: his foes better be on notice in LA because he is heading to AllStar Weekend looking like he will take out all comers. An impressive night that finally proved to me that he is ready to hang with the big boys and also make them pay.

Dorsey: the only sniff of this game he got was of Joel’s jockstrap.

Evans: shame he wasn’t back tonight…it would have made an interesting Face vs Heel component.

A. Johnson: fought hard, left a lot of sweat on the floor, but came up short. In a way he seemed to be the one guy that really wanted to beat Bosh badly. He was a notch below his usual hustle, but still outshone all the bigs except for the rook.

T. Johnson: you give loooovvvveeee…..

Kleiza: if we had him healthy we would have won by 20!!!

Weems: you get more value and consistency from no-name glue you buy at Honest Ed’s than this guy. If you can name 3 redeeming qualities (other than looking like Joey Graham) about this guy, then you deserve to be mayor.

Wright: heading to Pearson and hopping on a plane to Cozumel for some real living. Hope he comes back healthy.

Driving The Bus: Andrea Bargnani

Under The Bus: Jerryd Bayless

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