RR Ratings – Raptors vs Heat

Post-game coming up when I come off the high of Arsenal beating Barcelona.

Post-game coming up when I come off the high of Arsenal beating Barcelona, I’ll also be talking to A-Dub who was at the game a bit later.

Amir Johnson, 7. The 2-10 is sticking out like a sore thumb, but his overall defense was good and his energy kept us ticking. He should know better to fall for Bosh’s jumper-fakes, I could’ve seen those coming. Missed a lot of close ones he usually makes.

Sonny Weems, 1. Zero awareness on defense, zero chance of coming back next year. The guy turns his back on his check too many times and always gets burned by it. Yeah, he’s guarding LeBron, that should serve as a motivation and pump you up, not make you shrivel and die. I hate him.

Andrea Bargnani, 7. He had 1 rebound for the majority of this game, and played the poorest help defense of all season. Still, you can’t ignore 38 points and offensively, he was the ONLY thing going along with DeMar’s improving jumper. Would like to see him defend, honestly, it’s getting old but he needs to defend because, you know, it’s part of the game. Not going to happen.

Jose Calderon, 5. 14 assists, good quarterbacking of the team, too bad we also needed his jumper – 2-9. Many of them wide open. Generally poor defense.

DeMar DeRozan, 6. The jumper is improving, so is the confidence. I’m waiting for him to start finishing better at the rim, no need to twist and turn, just throw it down. If you can. Development year…development year…development year…

Leandro Barbosa, 1. Ouch. 1-7 FG. Terrible D on House. Hurt his trade value.

Jerryd Bayless, 2. Double Ouch. Terrible D on House, bad shot selection. Needed him to provide a boost off the bench, he failed.

Alexis Ajinca, 5. Surprisingly active off the bench, as Jack Armstrong said, he’s playing for a contract (Weems should take note). Gave us a boost in the third quarter, good game.

Ed Davis, 8. 13 rebounds, good finishing around the rim, great effort as usual. Him and DeRozan might just make this terrible year worth it.