Final Thoughts: DeRozan tried a dunk that had been done before – the pass off of the side of the backboard. He took so many tries trying to get it right that by the sixth try he had lost all energy and it ended up looking a weak dunk. There was no power in it, slightly above-average creativity and decent technical difficulty, but the most important thing was that the crowd didn’t respond to it that well. That’s what hurt him. Having Amir Johnson as the passer didn’t make much sense beyond the fact that they’re buddies, maybe he should’ve had his boy Brandon Jennings make a proper pass.

He should have had two “chicken suit” dunks, one to get him to the finals, and the other one for the finals. As it was, his Ace of Spades was still in his hands when he lost the game. Bad move. Griffin was a deserved winner, he was the only true power-dunker in the competition and the judges love that, he made up for the quality with presentation and had enough “umph” in the 360 and elbow-dunk to take him past the rest.

This contest was setup for Griffin to win it, his dunk over the car was worse than Ibaka’s who took off from the FT-line legit yet got a lower score. Griffin’s second dunk in the first round was of a lower degree of difficulty than DeRozan’s first – the Raptor took it between his legs. I’m not going to say DeRozan got robbed, his second dunk was great but the finish on the first one wasn’t as authorititative as it needed to be. Even if you give Blake’s second and DeRozan’s first dunk the same score, you would give the slight edge in the other first-round dunk to Griffin because of his 360. McGee was trash, can’t believe he made it as far as he did. The three-balls thing was boring, in fact, Ibaka’s dunk with the kid and the teddy-bear was way better. I’d say this was a fairly close competition with Blake, DeRozan and Ibaka close to each other, with McGee a distant fourth.

See all the dunks

11:02 PM: Griffin wins it. Brings a car and a choir out, Baron Davis alley-oops it from the sun-roof. Great presentation, very average dunk.

10:49: DeRozan is out. McGee dunks three balls, ugly dunk and took 7 tries but the judges ate it up. And his mom kissed the judges or something stupid like that. Never saw the chicken suit, which is disappointing.

10:45 PM: Took Griffin 8 tries to execute the same dunk as DeRozan, but on the other side except it was a windmill and no between-the-legs. He started off trying a reverse but it didn’t work out. DeRozan is in second now. McGee needs to have less than 44.

10:41 PM: Some kid asks Ibaka he lost his teddy bear, it’s on the rim. You get the picture. He gets the teddy bear with his mouth and dunks it. Nice dunk, only gets a 45. He’s basically out.

10:37 PM: DeRozan’s second dunk is off the bounce, catches it with one hand and reverses it home. Gets a 50. Gonna be close, basically McGee or Blake need less than 44 and 45.

10:31 PM: Blake Griffin with a 49. Hard 360, strong spin.

10:25 PM: A separate rim is being brought out for McGee. DeRozan is dead. McGee has two balls in his hands. McGee tried to dunk on two rims by throwing it off the board. Missed 8 times, finally finished the dunk off by hitting one off the backboard and the other in straight-up style.

10:23 PM: Ibaka comes in with girls in “NBA Africa” flags, takes off from the FT line, his toe steps on the line and gets a 45. DeRozan is not looking good. Ibaka is a 7-footer, that dunk isn’t as impressive as it would have been for a guard.

10:21 PM: Amir trying to hit it off the side of the backboard, DeRozan catches it and slams it home after taking it between the legs. Problem is that it took like 6 tries. That might hurt, and yes it does – a total of 44. Barkley says “Bryan Colangelo has done a good job, they got a bright future.”

10:19 PM: Darryl Dawkins is wearing a green snake-skin suit. He makes no sense when he talks.

10:17 PM: Clyde Drexler, James Worthy, Brent Barry, Dominque Wilkins and Dr. J are the judges. Yes, I’m wondering what Brent Barry is doing there as well.

10:17 PM: Barkley and boys are interviewing Dwight Howard. In clear view on their tables are half-eaten hot dogs. Blake Griffin is asked about Kenny Smith’s coaching and says, “He hasn’t helped me at all.”

10:12 PM: “Where’s the guy who always dresses up?”, chimes in a girl who isn’t an NBA fan. She’s referring to Dwight Howard.

10:10 PM: Here we go: Griffin, McGee, Ibaka and DeRozan. DeRozan is announced first, they mention his Compton connection. Serge Ibaka’s nickname is Air Congo. McGee’s is Commander in Chief.

10:05 PM: They got some musicians here singing again. I was totally expecting the dunk contest but now I have to watch this. Good reminder of why I usually watch this on PVR. We’re supposed to get 10cm of snow tomorrow according to this guy passed out on the couch next to me.

9:59 PM: Ray Allen gets 15, James Jones is the winner. Allen was under a lot of pressure. Great line by Barkley, people were giving Reggie credit for developing Jones, Barkley goes, “He ain’t taking credit for Haywoode Workman!” Hahaha.

9:55 PM: Pierce comes back strong in the final round. Gets 18 after hitting three moneyballs. James Jones will now come on and brick the hell out of the rim…..wait, James Jones just made me eat crow. Finishes with a 20, surprised everybody including himself. Great shooting performance, hits on four moneyballs. Allen’s got pressure on him.

9:49 PM: Pierce with 12. That’s good enough to progress. Somewhere, Larry Bird is crying. Ray Allen’s got this in the bag.

9:48 PM: Dorrell Wright with 11. Word of advice to Stern: If you haven’t heard of the player, don’t include him in any competition.

9:46 PM: Was I right or was I right? Durant gets 6. This guy should not have been in the three-point shootout, just because he’s a star doesn’t mean he needs to be there. Gibson and Durant looking really bad. This is supposed to be a showcase of three-point snipers, not streaky shooters.

9:41 PM: Ray Allen with 20, didn’t even get to take the last moneyball. Kevin Garnett is wearing a red cardigan. Fake thug. Ray Allen does look pretty good here, I’m picking Kevin Durant to either hit 30 or less than 12. Nothing in between.

9:38 PM: Back. Three-point shootout. Ray Allen, Kevin Durant, Daniel Gibson (what?), James Jones, Paul Pierce, and Dorrel Wright. Jones starts us off with a very unimpressive 15. This competition is actually pretty reflective of the NBA players’ overall proficiency with the three-point shot. Daniel Gibson made a total of five shots for 7 points, this is quite sad, much like the Cavaliers.

9:22 PM: Some dude in a green jumpsuit is singing. This looks like a good time for dinner.

Woah, the trophy for this thing is bigger than the NBA championship trophy.

9:17 PM: Curry with a 28.2. Westbrook was put under too much pressure, started off well but the jumper got him. Couldn’t hit one, reminded me of Jamario Moon. The champ is Stephen Curry. Take a bow son, take a bow.

9:11 PM: Derrick Rose takes it a little easy on the final course. Two people are pissed: Reggie Miller and the little kid who Rose is playing for. There’s a scholarship on the line for him, c’mon Derrick. Chris Paul blows his layup and finishes with 42.7, a poor score by any standard. Westbrook and Curry are in the finals of this competition.

9:07 PM: Benny the Bull is the worst mascot in the NBA. Stephen Curry is one of the best passers in the NBA. He takes 34.1 seconds to finish this course. They need to make this more challenging, perhaps use some barbwire or a half-loaded pistol. Russell Westbrook takes 30 seconds, matching the duration of Sam’s wedding-night fun. Jon Wall takes 39.3.

9:00 PM: Up next is the skills competition: Chris Paul, Stephen Curry, Derrick Rose, John Wall and Russell Westbrook. This is where they get to throw a ball through a hula hoop, should be tough.

8:55 PM: Atlanta has beaten Team Texas in this competition. It took Team Texas a looong time to make that final half-court shot. Kenny Smith was talking a lot of trash before this and Steve Smith shut him up. Funny story: we were playing ball on this court in the East end one day and there was this bangin’ babe on the sideline just texting and stuff. Everybody tried to hit half-court shots trying to impress her, I was the only one that hit. It didn’t help, she never talked to me.

8:45 PM: Rick Fox hits the half-court shot. This is the Haier Shooting Stars competition BTW, you basically shoot the ball from a few different spots and there’s a time limit. I’m trying to think how I can convert this into a drinking game. Kenny Smith hits the half-court shot.

8:40 PM: Steve Kerr nailed the half-court shot, before that he had two that rim out. Atlanta finished with a better time than the Bulls, nobody seems to care, not even Atlanta.

Side Note: Chris Bosh wants DeMar DeRozan to win the dunk competition.

8:36 PM: Teams for this stupid competition:

Hawks: Steve Smith and Al Horford + WNBA person
Bulls: Steve Kerr and Taj Gibson + WNBA person
LA: Rick Fox and Pau Gasol +WNBA person
Team Texas: Kenny Smith and Dirk Nowitzki + WNBA person

8:26 PM: Shaq has picked Blake Griffin for the dunk contest, McHale has picked Ray Allen for the three-point competition, Chuckster picks Javale for the dunk contest. Barkley really going out on a limb, especially considering he hasn’t seen a Wizards game since Jordan played for them.

8:24 PM: Barkley has picked Derrick Rose as MVP. Bold pick you have to say, most analysts are playing it safe by going with Sonny Weems. Lots of parties last night in LA, apparently DirecTV threw a party and it was so good that even Craig Sager saw some action. gave some kids a Kia Sorento, no word whether they also gave them the life insurance policies that usually go with Kia products. Everybody’s dressed in a suit, Shaq is in jeans. Nothing says playa than having last night’s clothes on.

8:14 PM: They’re showing a list of great #1 picks. Bargnani is nowhere to be found. They also had an “all-time draft” with Chuck, Kenny and a bunch of guys selecting from all-time greats. Chuck picked Iverson. Everybody else picked Jordan. Further proof that Chuck has baba ganoush in his brain. Word on Kenny Smith, he’s hanging out there with Barkley, McHale, Shaq and all these hall-of-fame guys and he was an average two-guard at best. He certainly has won the broadcasting lottery.

At 8PM the festivities start, I don’t care about them. Later on in the night, DeMar DeRozan will do some crazy dunk with which involves a guy in a chicken suit. At least that’s what this video foreshadows.

I really hope it’s not as big of a letdown as last year when he underwhelmed against Nate Robinson, although I still believe the NBA fudged the polling numbers because nobody had heard of DeRozan, and it’s really cool to have a short guy in the slam-dunk contest. Damn Spud Webb.

DeRozan will be up against Blake Griffin, Serge Ibaka and Javale McGee. DeRozan will be coached by Darryl Dawkins, best known for terrorizing little children because they wouldn’t go to bed on time.

Here’s a breakdown:

Griffin: He has power, he has size, and he has the crowd on his side. He’s like A-Dub at an eating contest.

Ibaka: This douchebag had a chance to dunk in last night’s rookie-sophomore game and chose to lay it in. He has as much a chance of winning as me getting through Jennifer’s Body. I don’t care how banging Megan Fox is, that move is trash.

McGee: I like great defensive players, just not in the slam-dunk contest. No matter how good a dunk he pulls off, the fact that he’s 8’4″ means it’s not going to look good. He should be working on his jumper or something instead.

DeRozan: He’s the clear-cut favorite if Griffin calls in sick. Problem is, I don’t think Griffin is going to call in sick. DeRozan’s the only traditional contestant here – wing player with ups. Except his ups are more hearsay than reality. Here’s hoping tonight changes all that and his performance is circa Vince.

RR has acquired this exclusive image of the chicken and DeRozan practicing for tonight:

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67 Responses to “DeRozan Watch: All-Star Saturday Night Live Blog”

  1. Jclaw

    Didn’t raptor tv do a similar thing last year when they teased some dunk that looked ridiculous and then demar did nothing like it? Do you think the chicken will make an appearance? Btw, did you catch the Miami three being asked about griffin and the contest and lebron was kind enough to say that we should watch out for derozan?

  2. Dookielove

    demars getting last place. not once has he done a dunk that wowed me. ever. i dont even know why he was included in the field when weems dunks better. this is gonna be embarrassing.

    • Bandit9

      Pretty much. DeMar has one dunk in this contest. He’s going to try and put it between the legs (amir will bounce it off the side the backboard). If it requires multiple attempts he’s not making the finals.

      • AwesomeGuest

        Why in dear goodness did Derozan choose Amir to pass the ball to him? I know he’s from LA too, but the dude just ruined the contest for him.

        • KJ-B

          I agree, but in the context of LA, you’ve gotta represent for your boyz… I think, if I saw it right, Brandon Jennings was in warmups so I think he might’ve been part of the “Chicken Dunk” –hope he puts that thing on Youtube… Amir looked nervous like nothing else though on the big stage–maybe he could’ve picked Jerryd Bayless who he grew playing against in AAU…

    • KJ-B

      “WHATCH U TALKING BOUT WILLIS!?” DeMar DeRozan got robbed, “Straight Outta Compton”…

  3. Smushmush

    Did u see that anticlockwise 360 dunk by Blake Griffin and two hand dunks on different rims by McGee. Ridculous! I don’t see how Demar Derozan gets out of the first round lol.

  4. Smushmush

    Told ya guys that DD was not gonna get out the first round. The creativity is not there and the first dunk was not creative enough.

    • erinobrien

      The creativity was not there????????? Demars dunk has a GREATER LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY than McGees who thefuck cares about dunking two balls

      • Smushmush

        Those dunks DD tried have been done before – they are only a variation of the same ideas(first one was thrown on the side instead of the backboard like Dwight’s original dunk). The dunk contest final 2 dunks was underwhelming(the Blake dunk would have been crazy if the car parked exactly in the middle and Davis threw it straight up and he dunked it).

        • erinobrien

          Blake Griffin basically had the same dunk as Demar did in the first round but Demar got points off becuz he took too many tries Blake Griffin did the same amount or even more of tries and got a higher score .How does Javale McGee try like seven or eight times and get 50 its just biousness its only because Demar is from Toronto Raptors. I agree with “final 2 dunks was underwhelming” because Javale McGees mom kissed every man on that judging panel he ended up in the final and came up short with expectations

        • LMFAO

          Dude, those were early entry dunks. Ofcourse, nobody saw what’s better, he got robbed before we could see anything. Griffin’s top dunk, so far was another Dwight Howards THROW-IN…NOT A DUNK!!! Too many Griffin nut-huggers looking for the “hype” and bandwagoners”. Just because Griff’ jumped over A HOOD of a car means SHIT!!! Jump over the TOP of it and give me a woody. Please. Griffin’ is a great GAME dunker. But CLEARLY DeMar got robbed. You don’t see that, you need to actually turn your TV on, next time.

  5. hateslosing

    I’m calling shenanigans, no way Blake’s second dunk was beer than Demar’s first.

    • KJ-B

      What sucked for me, is watching guys like Baron Davis all coming over to Deebo and tryna comfort/propz him during the Finals, because they all silently “knew” the hype-fix was in…

    • KJ-B

      You know what at the end of the night, I was comforted by the fact that DeRozan did his thang, and I’m glad he didn’t get ALL THE HYPE that Carter got after 2000 which basically ruined his career and made him an attention seeker south of the border… HOPefully DeMar will use this as added motivation and will come back with some fire in his wire ‘after the break’!!!

    • Kreza23

      I bet that if Demar did the same three ball dunk as McGee, and he had to try it the same number of times, no way that he gets a 10 from any of the judges.

  6. AwesomeGuest

    Wow… How did Derozan only get a 44 in that first dunk? Robbed. BG does the same shit and gets 46.

    And sorry Javale, but that 3 ball dunk was fricking boring. It’s not creative or even flashy. No idea how he got 49.

    • KJ-B

      It was sooo funny…. McGee couldn’t muster the hang time for 3/4 straight dunks — AND ANOTHER THING SINCE WHEN DO THEY STOP THE CLOCK AFTER DUNK ATTEMPTS INSTEAD OF LETTING IT RUN — then all of a sudden on his like 5th attempt he has the hops to hang in the air and dunk all three– SHHHH -A- DDD-YYY!!!!

    • KJ-B

      Yah, the whole evening had the feeling of Lakers v Sacramento Gm 7 when the Kings got jobbed… David Stern is the corporate mastermind behind this junk–they basically gave Blake the title b4 it started? I mean to say, Deebo never even lost a slam dunk contest b4 last year and I still don’t think he’s actually lost 1 if this were being judged on the street?

      Any1 @ league office ever youtubed DeRozan???

  7. Raptorshype

    Javale took 10 tries each and got 50 and 49? Mom kissing the judges? What’s next? Sleeping with the judges?

    Agree w/ hateslosing, Blake’s second dunk was easier and he settled for plan B after realizing he can’t do the first one.

  8. Dookielove

    the problem with demars dunks is he has zero hang time and zero finesse…..dudes a mad overated dunker. therefore he better get that 7% from 3 pt line up or kids goin nowhere.

    • Brasky

      His second dunk was a thing of beauty and damn near perfectly executed. Easily the best dunk of the “competition”.

  9. DonCarlos

    Best dunks of the 1st round:

    1) Derozan’s “Showstopper”
    2) McGee’s two balls, two hoops
    3) Derozan’s 1st dunk

    Though Blake’s lob elbow dunk was awesome.

    There’s no way Griffin should have made it out of the first round. His off-the-side-of-the-backboard windmill wasn’t even as good as Derozan’s last year. Though if he had completed that 360 (or 540?) two handed twirling windmill it probably would have been the greatest dunk of all time.

    • KJ-B

      Have to agree amigo–The ONLY positive is the other players, all knew McGee cheated, heck even the judges saw the replay during the commercial break, if the looks on their faces was any clue–I know Charles Barkley caught it… Even still, DeRozan should’ve still been in first place–wonder who’s getting more hate tweets, Amir or McGee?

  10. JJ

    What a joke!
    Derozan get’s screwed over again!
    His 1st dunk was better than Blake’s 2nd and his 2nd was one of the hardest. All they talk about is how hard it is for these tall guys – they’re just doing power dunks, no technique, no style, not to mention they are the most athletic big men in the game with ridiculous wing-spans. Jesus Christ! Pathetic!

  11. James

    I have a new found hate for Javale. Dude’s a boring as shat dunker. I do not support props in dunks and that 2 board dunk was a snoozer, not to mention the 3 ball dunk.

    “Hmm.. Let’s see I have to be creative for the contest…”

    2 months later*

    “I got it. I’ll use 3 balls.” Genius.

    • Kreza23

      Agreed. The props and all of the other shenanigans before the dunks have gotten really bush-league. Makes me appreciate Vince’s year so much more. Nothing but beautiful uninterrupted dunks. No need to talk it up, let us judge for ourselves. Don’t tell us how great your dunk is gonna be.

  12. DonCarlos

    After watching Blake struggle with his 2nd dunk of the 1st round, I had a whole new appreciation for what DeMar did. I don’t even think Amir’s pass was that good and he still finished it under the leg.

    Someone really has to break out a 720 next year.

  13. Statement

    Nevermind about Blake (even though he did the same dunk as Demar with less difficulty)

    It just seems like T.O. was fodder for Blake and whomever it was o him. I fucking hate the NBA

    Damn you Jordan for actually making me watch this WWE ripoff.

  14. Statement

    It was Blake vs. whomever, I guess we are fools for assuming that it actually meant something. It doesn’t. The NBA is shit, no wonder it trails MLB and NFL in revenue. Justin F’N beiber is on the court.

    • matt

      with all due respect, but I bet Bieber can beat you one on one anyways so really, It’s useless to hate on a kid who can actually play, I mean if you’re told me before the game you expected him to shoot 3-pointers I would have slap the sanity out of you.

  15. Statement

    Blake Griffen = John Cena for the wrestling fans on the forum

    Fuck you Cena….Fuck you Blake…If you smell what the Rock is Cooking.

  16. AwesomeGuest

    Aghhhhhhhhhhhhh I hope Derozan feels as robbed as we feel right now. Take that anger and determination to become better overall DDR! BESS BELEE N DAT!

  17. RikkJames

    Top 3 dunks were DD’s 2 and Blakes elbow off the lob. Blakes first attempt looked good, but he missed it, and the dunk he finally did make was not close to his first attempt, but everyone seemed to think it was. McGee’s 3 ball dunk was crap, any 7 footer can throw 2 balls in the rim and tip in a 3rd while hanging on the rim. And Blake’s 2nd dunk was a basic dunk with no flash. Demar got robbed, he should have at least made the final 2. The contest this year was basiacally and NBA version of Glee, pure showmanship and no interest in physical skills.

    • arsenalist

      Ibaka off the FT line was pretty solid. DeRozan’s first one was technically better than Blake’s same dunk from the other side, but DD’s was a weak finish whereas Blake’s was hard.

      • RikkJames

        True, Ibaka was crazy, even for a big man, but his length on the replay didnt make it look that impressive, he is crazy long , body and arms. Demars first dunk was between the legs, while Blakes from the other side was just a catch and he had the time to reach back and tomahawk it hard, but Demars was alot more difficult , the bounce from Amir was off the support behind the backboard, maybe he made it look too easy?

  18. DonCarlos

    Arse, I disagree with your statement on Derozan. Yes, the multiple attempts made DD look weak on his first dunk, but it took BG as many attempts, he scrapped the 360 of the side of the backboard after the 3rd attempt and STILL took 3 attempts to do the windmill that Derozan did last year. Derozan’s 1st dunk might have been one of the highest levels of difficulty ever attempted because of the physics of it. Usually when someone goes under a leg to dunk, it’s not on a lob, and secondly, any lob-under-the-leg dunk (specifically Vince, or the player throwing it up themselves and catching it on the bounce), the ball is travelling straight up and down, or slightly away from the player, so there’s additional room for error. Demar 1) had someone else throw the pass and 2) the ball was coming TOWARDS him on the catch. It is much harder to make that catch and still have enough clearance between the ball and the dunker’s torso to make the rotation under the leg. Catch it a fraction of a second too late and it’s pinned against your stomach/upper thigh.

    • arsenalist

      “Yes, the multiple attempts made DD look weak on his first dunk”

      Say no more. That’s all the judges saw, you can talk about technicality and angles all you want, the crowd reaction really wasn’t there and the judges go by that big time.

      • DonCarlos

        Sure, though Demar seemed to get punished much more for multiple attempts than BG or JV. And there’s still no way that BGs second dunk is better than Demar’s first. The other comments on angles and such was more about me thinking of whether I’ve ever seen more difficult dunks pulled off in competition — I can’t think of one.

        Even though Ibaka’s second dunk was kind of cheese, there’s something kind of wrong about a legit FT line dunk not getting a competitor out of the first round.

        DD always said it himself – “don’t miss”. Being perfect is the only way he’ll have a chance.

        • arsenalist

          I also question the decision to have Amir Johnson as the passer. I know they’re buddies and all, but if I’m DeRozan, I pay for a first-class ticket for Jose Calderon.

          • DonCarlos

            Judging by tonight’s competition, I’d rather have Amir than Baron Davis LOL.

            Though really, I can’t see Jose putting in the practice time for a dunk like that – seems like he’s more than happy not dealing with the insanity of All-Star weekend.

            Also, from a marketing perspective, it’s probably more advantageous to have a Young One in there in case DeMar wins and Sonny went last year.

            Though judging by DeMar’s reaction on his Twitter account, this is just going to add more fuel to the fire for the second “half” of the season.

  19. DonCarlos

    Last comment of the night: Anyone who doubts DD’s hops has to look at where his head was on the Showstopper. I watched it on replay and I was shocked, as someone who thought his dunking ability came more from long arms and big hands than true hops.

    • Brasky

      It’s his lack of long arms and big hands that holds him back from being an elite dunker.

  20. cdub

    I thought Demar got robbed. His second dunk was awesome, nailed on the first try, the only true 50 of the first round, and his first dunk was at the least on par with both Blake’s other dunks. Mcgee was crap I agree he was a distant last with his gimmick dunks. Also Kenny Smith is soooo annoying.

  21. Employee

    Wasn’t last year’s dunk against the side of the backboard and this year’s was of that bar or whatever?

  22. CJay

    ROBBED! What BS, I’m tired of the politics involved in this trash, I honestly won’t be biased, DeMar should have been in the finals, and from there, would’ve won, no doubt in my mind.

    Did you know that the two finalists (McGee and Griffin) had the two biggest mouths (Webber and Kenny Smith) as coaches. What a dumb concept.

    And Griffin? He could’ve done a layup and still win, hell, just for showing up he’d win, they overhyped him. DeRozan’s first off-the-side through the legs dunk was better than Griffin’s second off-the-side windmill dunk, yet Griffin still got the higher score? O cmon son!

    DeMar, if NBA asks you to do it next year, tell them to kiss your ass, this was a joke if I’ve ever seen it, and those judges……SMDH.

  23. Aaa

    DD was robbed, I think thats the last time I’m going to watch the NBA skills contest, let alone the dunk contest. The NBA is not fooling anyone here. The two most difficult completed dunks of the night were by DD, the fix was in and everyone knows it.

  24. Anon

    Robbed again!!!!

    Bryan colangelo, sign Justin bieber the MVP. he’s a better pg than careless bayless. Plus he should put TO back on the bball map. perhaps he would get superstar calls. never say never

  25. KJ-B

    The good news is, DeMar got robbed and people know it… the bad news is the NBA sucked the air right out of the building and I wasted 30 mins of my time I won’t get back…Deebo was the best dunker in the house, no questions asked!!!

    Javale McGeeL what a thief, hangin’ on the rim like dAt to layup/tip dunk 3 balls?!?


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