The “payback’s a bitch” edition:

Ajinca: unused and unloved, 2 words attributed to Alexis tonight courtesy of Jay Triano.

Alabi: just found out that bangers and mash wasn’t some hood term for sex. Enjoy England, bubba.

Barbosa: he played, I heard his name, but didn’t see him contribute much at all. On the positive side, it’s good to see this team win without him busting his ass.

Bargnani: looked like he was feeling the ongoing lingering issues associated with licking car door handles outside Filmore’s. Just not himself, looked distraught and probably gave 1/2 the team some disease.

Bayless: you know what he’d be good at? Dance Dance Revolution. Just sayin’.

Calderon: if they could combine Megan Fox, Halle Berry and Scarlett Johansson into one person, the result would just about start to resemble the game Jose had tonight. He may claim it was payback for the last time these 2 teams met, but if it was that or seeing Jack again or rising to the level of Paul, whatever it was he should bottle it. He kept Paul in check, even blowing by him like he was a rookie, he manned up against Jack, he did everything and anything he wanted.

Davis: back to coming off the bench and he did it to okay levels. He’s had better games but his hustle is infectious.

DeRozan: didn’t do much well tonight, but did enough things “good” that allowed his team to stick around. What’s scary is this kid could be the leader of this team, especially if BC ever moved Andrea. Scarier is I think he is starting to realize it.


Evans: ever feel like you are yelling into a black hole wondering where it all went awry?

A. Johnson: it’s like somebody told him there will be no ball next season, so you might as well go out and perform now. He is a changed man from the first 2 months of the season and he is doing it without showboating or primping & preening. My respect for him and his game has increased tenfold.

J. Johnson: as the MLSE-employed commentators continue to bow down to Colangelo and basically call this move a steal, before we can claim he is better than Primoz Brezec, lets see what the kid can do over 10-15 games. He has a 1/2 year of adrenaline to get rid of..let’s just enjoy the ride.

Kleiza: call Pizza Pizza and see if he shows up at your door.

Weems: heck of a first half. He was stroking that shot like RapsFan at a convention of women dressed like Asian schoolgirls. Then he had a halftime interview with Leo and reality set it. 2 points the rest of the night and AltRaps smiled knowingly.

Wright: wrong.

Driving The Bus: Jose Calderon

Under The Bus: Leandro Barbosa

Game Theme:

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  • JYFelony

    The question is, when will Colangelo offer J. Johnson a 4-5 year extension?

    • KJ-B

      It’s not like James Johnson just woke up one morning and said I’m gonna play like I’m 6’9″ 245 with range, handles, hops, quickness and a good tude–the guy’s ALWAYS been good, he was playing on the Chicago Bulls behind this guy name Luol Deng… By comparision, have you seen what kinda lines Gortat is putting up on Phoenix now that he’s got regular playing time not being stuck behind SuperDwight???

      ((are you guys fans of the game or just the Raptors?!))

  • This game showed three things

    The Raptors can win when they

    1. Score in the paint
    2. Keep other teams from scoring in the paint
    3. Have superior guard play

    • joey

      great points


      1. we don’t do consistently or until ed david develops his potential
      2. our overall d is the worst in the league – new coaching mentality and team culture
      3. if dd explodes into a top 10-15 player along with a healthy jose, it remains to be seen

      • Manny_Lee

        Just enjoy the win against a decent team and stop being an ass (since it is not a common occurrence, we are out of the playoffs and going for a lottery pick in a weak draft)

  • Mediumcore

    Man the Raptors look good when they play against teams that don’t need to be defended against.

  • Kuma

    Wright: wrong.


    • Smushmush

      lmao. You Raps republic guys are jokes :D.

  • LOL “I was hoping they’d play Bayless longer. That’s a trade I don’t regret one iota.” – from the New Orleans Blog page.

    I was hoping Triano would sit his ass for the entire game. Id rather have Trey Johnson over Bayless at the moment.

    • Smushmush

      which begs the question, where is Trey Johnson Triano? If we still have him, get Bayless some DNP-CDs to clear that little bitch’s head and play like a PG instead of a ball hog. My 2 cents.

      • Tray Johnson, I assume, is back in the NDBL. They used his spot to trade for James Johnson. I’d say they got the best Johnson. The bigger one, anyway.

        • tonious35

          Who ever seen the show called “Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law”, I have to follow it up with: “Ha-Haaaaa…..Bigger one”

  • Huge statement by Calderon tonight.

    • Mahmammysays

      and whats that? that it’s acceptable to have an all round game once in a blue moon?

      • Nilanka15

        Not sure what the “statement” was, but it was easily the best overall game I’ve seen Calderon play, especially considering the statline Paul put up.

        Then again, that Hornets #3 was NOT the real Chris Paul last night.

  • wienermobile89

    The two times Jose blew by Paul and the late, great dunk by Amir made me lose 100% of my shit. So awesome.

    Two and a half wildy entertaining games from the Raps since the break – and I can’t even reeeeally enjoy them because in the back of my mind I’m thinking: “Oh my God, did that dunk just cost us Kyrie Irving?!”. The race for last place is a terrible thing.

    • hound

      Guys, let’s stop worrying about the draft. It will work itself out. Kyrie will not play again this year and with the uncertainty of the NBA, I bet he will be back at Duke next year. Coach K thinks there is a decent chance for his return. Let’s just enjoy a couple of wins and hope between the lottery and shit house luck, we end up with a good player.

      • KJ-B

        Jan Vasely Czech Republic–that’s my dude, remember the name…

  • hateslosing

    Jose is less than a point and less than an assist away from averaging a double double and to me, this game exemplifies what he is capable of when healthy, motivated, and happy. As good as that trade this summer looked I’m stating to feel like Jose may be worth keeping around after all. His contract is still awful but we have so much cap flexibility it’s not so much of a concern as it was a year ago. It’s not easy to find a great passing point guard anymore and to me Jose is one of the only players on this team that would be good enough to start on a good team.

    James Johnson continues to impress, I know we shouldn’t get our hopes up about him but if he keeps this up, I think it will have to be considered one of BC’s best deals.

    • Suds

      Best Colangelo move: Trade for Amir Johnson.

    • Nilanka15

      Going forward, I think Jose’s best role would be as mentor to whichever new PG we bring into the system. In 3-4 years when this team is (hopefully) ready to compete deep in the playoffs, Jose will be nothing less than a decrepit, arthritic, senile old man. The sooner we get our new PG (whoever he is) up to speed, the better.

      • hateslosing

        I disagree with that. While I assume you think he will be bad in three years because of his injury history, there is a pretty good chance that Jose will be able to play at a fairly high level into his mid thirties because his game doesn’t rely at ll on speed. I don’t think he’ll be like Nash playing like an all-star at 37, but I think Jose will still be a solid player at 35.

        • Nilanka15

          I was mainly referring to his defense. As great a game he had last night, he’s still a sieve on defense. I would prefer to build with a PG who provides a little more resistance, thus putting less responsibility on the shoulders of our front court.

          • hateslosing

            Still, I think finding that point guard is less of a priority with Jose playing well and I think the focus should be on finding our three of the future (assuming James Johnson is not that man ;)). I’m hoping the can raps take Harrison Barnes in the draft this season to fill that spot and since his stock has fallen off a bit with his early season woes it may actually happen.

          • HOw was Jose a sieve on defense? He kept Paul out of the lane, for the most part, and was partly responsible for the poor offensive game he had. Calderon defense this year has been okay. Not good, but okay. At least for the most part. He’s just got a bad defensive repuation from the last couple of years, and most people don’t seem to realize that NO ONE can defend most PGs in the NBA nowadays. Not with the rules the way they are.

            • Nilanka15

              I wasn’t talking about last night. I could’ve defended Paul successfully last night.

              But if you’re suggesting that Calderon is just a victim of a bad reputation (regarding his D), I’d beg to differ.

              I admit the rules don’t exactly make defending on the perimeter easy, but there are still much better defensive PGs than Calderon out there. There’s no arguing that.

              • Calderon is partly a victim of his own reputation. Yes. Calderon has been MUCH better defensively this year. The difference has been noticeable to many people, not just me.

                And yes, there are a lot better PG defenders out there. But there are not a lot of PGs who are better on offense than Calderon. And this is not a case of being hypocritical because I am so critical of Bargnani’s defense. Calderon is a better defender at PG than Bargnani is at center, but more importantly, having a poor defensive big man is far, far more of a liability than a poor defensive guard.

                I’m not saying he’s the long term solution, but he’ll do fine until someone better comes along.

                • Nilanka15

                  I agree he’ll do fine until his successor comes along. But I guess I’m just eager to get this team turned around as fast as possible knowing that Calderon, who currently occupies a starting role, isn’t our PG of the future.

  • Lightninghank

    So… what the heck has happened to Chris Paul? He just had no interest in taking on a scoring role and the Raptors knew it. The game plan (yes! a game plan!) was clearly to take away his options and make him a scorer, knowing that he wasn’t interested, and still he wouldn’t take the bait. (Jack, of course, came off the bench against a “make the PG a scorer” defense and was happy to oblige.) I know a lot of the Hollinger-kinda guys (who I respect a ton) keep carrying the flag for Paul but this is NOT the guy who thrilled me 2-3 years ago.

    I’d trade him while he still has time on his contract if I were NO.

    • Lightninghank

      Not to say he’s not still a very good PG, but I really wanted to see him in the “best PG ever” conversation. And based on 2007-2009, there was no reason to think he wouldn’t be. Such a disapointment.

    • It was a bad game for Paul. Ironically, Calderon had the sort of game that Chris Paul usually has. And I think Paul is playing hurt. He hasn’t looked like himself for most of the season. I read something a while back, but don’t remember what was injured.

      • KJ-B


    • Smushmush

      New York Knicks happened to Chris Paul (we can all see he is clearly distracted and is plotting his time to leave the New Orleans Hornets with the shitty supporting cast, he has been provided with(only David West, Ariza, and Jarrett Jack are decent players on that team after Chris Paul lmao)). He wants to take his talents to the Madison Square Garden and play with his buddies in Melo and Amar’e lol. That is what happens in a David Stern league where players are running the asylum and forging big 3s on their own playing with buddies to win a championship making a lot of small market teams unprofitable and the league a top heavy league(which is not good) like the MLB :(. Hope, this gets addressed in the new CBA.

      • hateslosing

        Okafor’s pretty solid….

        • Smushmush

          Point taken 😀 – I clearly forgot him and yeah, he is a solid guy that comes to work and does his job quietly a la his teammate David West, what an oversight!

          • yertu damkule


            • Theswirsky

              Landry is severely overrated by fans. He was a fantasy basketball stud last year so people love him…. but….

              He is crafty and can score, but the dude is too small to defend or rebound at the pf/c position. He also doesn’t have the bulk to make up for his lack of height.

              • yertu damkule

                i don’t disagree…smushmush had compiled a list of ‘decent’ players on the hornet’s roster with whom CP plays, and given who was on that list, i felt that landry certainly qualifies as ‘decent.’

      • sleepz

        What if Ariza had signed that offer from BC in the summer of Turkoglu???


        • RapsM

          Meh…still woulda been better than Hedo “Pizza”glu.

        • The Raptors would have had a young athletic small forward that can defend and score a bit, and wouldn’t have gone through the rogues gallery of mediocre, at best, SFs they have had the last year and a half. Ariza isn’t great, sure, but he’s a decent SF, something the Raptors haven’t much of in the last 5 years.

    • KJ-B

      CP3 had a strange look on his face midway through this game that I found to be strange–it’s like he was in pain and his eyes were saying, “I just hope the NBA doesn’t introduce a ‘franchise tag’ cause I’m gonna be stuck down here in Nawlins come rain or come shine…”

      • I really think the guy is playing hurt.

        • Theswirsky

          So was Vince and Bosh…………..

  • AJM

    “J. Johnson: as the MLSE-employed commentators continue to bow down to Colangelo and basically call this move a steal, before we can claim he is better than Primoz Brezec, lets see what the kid can do over 10-15 games. He has a 1/2 year of adrenaline to get rid of..let’s just enjoy the ride.”

    U gotta give Colangelo credit when he deserves one. Apparently it is just easier to make fun of him when he makes a bad trade but when he makes a good trade you don’t give him credit.

    • KJ-B

      So dunking true! A matter of fact, Barbosa and DeRozan better start playing better in the 4th Q, because as soon as james Johnson learns enough of the playbook and is ready to execute them in crunch time, one of these dudes will be glued to the bench–my guess is Leandro tho…

      • Nilanka15

        Agreed. Not sure why Barbosa was seeing any minutes down the stretch. DeRozan was forced to play the SF.

    • hound

      The thing is, BC made the safe move. Getting a player he knew could play some minutes for us now at a position of weakness (weems). The real question is, can this guy play consistently? Does he have an upside? Is he coachable? I believe Chicago didn’t think he rated high on the questions so they would rather take their chances in the draft. I won’t declare this trade a win for us, until the draft shapes up and we see by the end of next year how well our pick is playing. I have to think that Nolan Smith will be available at that spot and that in the long term may be better for us, than JJ. I could be wrong though.

      • It also had to do with economics. Johnson gets paid more than a late first round pick. And Chicago can use the money and roster spot for a veteran who will help the team immediately (Rasual Butler).

        There’s always a chance that a better player might be available at 27 (or so), but if that’s the case, there’s a good chance that Colangelo can simply buy a pick, since the value of draft picks this year is so low.

      • RapsM

        Technically, whoever Chicago picks isn’t necessarily who BC would have picked in the draft.

        • Nilanka15

          Good point. This concept is often lost when talking about traded picks in hindsight. Just like in the Jermaine O’Neal trade. The Raptors traded the 17th pick, not Roy Hibbert. Hibbert was selected by Bird, not Colangelo. Had we kept the pick, there’s no telling who we might’ve selected.

  • Bo

    Great game, Jose doing a heck of a job, and he out-rebounded Bargnani lol. Amir with 7 blocks I hear? Damn, just damn, fear Amir, the dude goes all out. DeRozan also doing his thing, and JJ with some good energy off the bench, and to think that some people whined about trading a 26-30th pick for him….please..

    • C.d.G.

      while going like “DeRozan also doing his thing”, maybe you forgot to mention he had 1 (one!) board in 35 and 1/2 minutes.
      Demar is the one been out-rebounded by Bargs!!

    • Jonathan R.

      James Johnson does not come off the bench, He has got the start over weems every game he has played for the raptors.

      And you know what? It’s working, he plays better well-rounded basketball and when weems does come off the bench he also seems to be playing a little more agressive but smarter.

      • Nilanka15

        I know it’s only been 3 games, but JJ plays with a certain level of poise you wouldn’t expect from someone with such little NBA career minutes under his belt. He doesn’t play out of control, doesn’t take wild shots…just doesn’t force the issue in general. I’m very impressed with what I’m seeing from him.

        There’s a LOT of energy in the front court with the Johnsons and Davis. I hope it becomes contagious with the rest of the team.

    • KJ-B

      Fear THE Amir. Enuff said.

  • Smushmush

    Nice game and win tonight – hate to say it, Bargs gave us some timely buckets in the 4th quarter that stemmed the run by the New Orleans Hornets(the long cring 2s type but we will take it if they went in 🙂 and the pass out of the double by Bargs for a Jose 3 in the 4th too was beautiful(*tears in my eyes*), clearly shows Bargs is maturing and knowing to not be a black hole in the 4th (hope, he could be a 6th man playing crucial offensive minutes in the clutch if he continues to play horrible defence. Be like Weems and recognise your ceiling, Bargs – it could work for your career).

    Now, if Bargs could only learn how to defend and rebound even decently at average, we might have something on our hands. Nice to see Weems has recognised he is a bench player and he is supposed to slash to the basket instead of shooting jumpshots – hmmm, but why are we seeing this new Weems(is it because he finally has competition in James Johnson? lol). Nice plays by DD and ridiculous stat line by Jose(22 points, 16 assists and 7 freaking rebounds – looks like he might be out of his offensive slump or am I jinxing him? lmao). Good memories.

    The Bulls and Hornets win is enough for me as a fan to get through this bleak season (hopefully, we can get a new head coach in Nate Mcmillan, Jeff Van Gundy and Mike Woodson in that order to get these Raptors team to play defense and untap their potential, and a new GM for the rebuild as I don’t think we should be rewarding bad performance by giving thesame salary for thesame number of years to an inept GM and for BC supporters, in your place of job, if you get rewarded for bad performances, let me know, we are talking about reality here guys. I am a realist, BC needs to go. Kudos to BC for getting a find in James Johnson(once he works with Alex English or Eric Highes in the offseason on his jumpshot, he will be ok and once BC signs Corey Brewer, we might not need finding someone in the draft that is a SF, instead focusing the draft on a PG as we can get a starting center in the offseason (even though we would be competing with the Miami Heat for the starting centers’ services lol)).

    • Smushmush

      Forgot to mention the block party (first time, mentioning the Raps having a block party as a fan *tears in my eyes*) by Amir the Warrior(keeps on coming for more and playing through his injury, has earned his new shiny contract imo after this stellar season) with 7 blocks, James Johnson with 3 blocks and Special Ed Davis(the serious kid) with 1 block :).

    • Nilanka15

      Just throwing this out there…what are the odds of Colangelo convincing Jerry Sloan to move to Toronto?

      • Smushmush

        If BC is ready to give Jerry Sloan a part of the personnel acquiring decsion a la Gregg Poppovigh’s duties in personnel acquisitions with the San Antonio Spurs(Gm is RC Buford) and MLSE is ready is ready to fork out money to attract Jerry Sloan out of retirement and the players Jerry Sloan wants to acquire, we might have a chance. With a Jerry Sloan acquisition and free hand to Jerry Sloan to make personnel decisions, the Raptors return to relevance and we might get the fans that left back to the ACC. If I am MLSE, I would not mind calling Jerry Sloan and asking for his salary and concessions made to him to get him out of retirement – Jerry Sloan is a legendary coach.

        • barenakedman

          Jerry Sloan is almost 70 tears old and has won zero titles. In fact when was the last time he had his team in the finals, over 12 years ago? I know his winning percentage is right up there but throwing a pile of money at Jerry Sloan is far from a sure thing as far as helping the Raptors image around the league.

        • KJ-B

          I think the debacle in Utah kinda shows that the “modern era” (i.e. those who came into L in the last 5 yrs) don’t really mesh well with Sloan’s methods, albeit very effective and proven… It’s just a perspective thing and players are not always looking to give up control and numbers that come with playing for self 1st and team a close 2nd–Sloan wants team 1st and team 2nd and 3rd…

          It’s the difference of eras, I suspect he’d not fit in well with this losing environment that the Raptors have cultivated in their culture of entitlement by run by overvalued “assets”…

      • yertu damkule

        none. end of discussion.

        • Nilanka15

          How about Nate McMillan? I’d rather see him in Toronto than the over-hyped Van Gundy.

          Lawrence Frank intrigues me too…especially now with his experience with the C**tics.

          • hateslosing

            Overrated Van Gundy? Guy coached the Knicks to the finals and helped Houston reach the playoffs three out of the four years he was there. He is in no way overrated.

    • hound

      I think we will be in great shape once the new CBA is done. I guarantee there will be a hard cap, somewhere around 65-70 million and maybe a franchise tag. I think the Heat situation will not be able to happen again. Just the hard cap will mean NYK will not have the space to sign Paul without getting rid of Chauncy and I think once playing with Billups for awhile, they won’t want to get rid of him. Also, the heat will be maxed out now and won’t be able to get a 7-10 million dollar big. It could work out great for us. Trust in BC to pull it off is questionable.

      • Smushmush

        Actually, Chauncey Billups contract expires exactly in 2012 when Chris Paul, Deron Williams and Dwight Howard(I also noticed that Boston Celtics do not have a center past 2012, maybe going all in for Dwight Howard who will be attracted to their winning organisation and history?) are all free agents so the New York Knicks are going all the way in imo for the 2012 free agency. The 2012 free agency class could be derailed by the franchise tag though or teams might have to lose a lot of assets(TPE, 1st and 2nd round draft picks, prospects) to get such franchise player imo.

  • ghostface

    Bargnani has proven that he is a top scorer in the league. He has shown glimpses of good rebounding and pretty decent defense when inspired to do so. Wouldn’t it be easier to find a coach to light a fire under his ass than to try and replace him with someone else gieven his unique skills. If we had that certain coach,the Raptors frontcourt issues would be solved…now only if we can convince BC to get rid of JT.

    • “Wouldn’t it be easier to find a coach to light a fire under his ass than to try and replace him with someone else gieven his unique skills.”

      Actually, no. The NBA wasteland is littered with countless good coaches who have been fired because of people exactly like Bargnani. Guys like him are a coach killer because some GMs always think the same thing you do, That he just needs some motivation to harness those talents. He doesn’t need a better coach. He needs another personality. Nothing against him, but he doesn’t have the personality to ever “harness” his talents.

      Believe me, it’s a lot easier to replace Bargnani than to find a coach to light a fire under him.

      • Coochfish

        believe me, we wish you would go away as well.

        • Who is we? People who don’t watch enough basketball?

          • Dookielove

            timothy, your views on basketball are all old and outdated. like yourself. go spend more time with your wife and adult children you old fart.

            • If you don’t actually have something intelligent to add to the discussion, other than “I don’t agree with your views, so please go away because I find opposing views uncomfortable”, might I advise you to perhaps not post anything.

        • App

          Agreed. +1.

        • Theswirsky

          I don’t. I thnk Tim W is spot on most of the time.

          • Jonathan R.

            I agree, Tim W views are usually pretty accurate and supported. Dookie you do realize you make yourself sound like a retard right? You insult another persons views and support your insult with no evidence. You degrade whatever intelligence you do actually have.

            And it’s entirely true, history has shown numerous times great coachs have been fired because of players with big egos.

            It’s wrong and it’s sad.

            And everyone knows dam well that if Jay benched bargs as much as he deserved to be benched BC would be pissed for making him look bad and probably warn/fire Jay. It’s sad but its true and everyone knows it.

            Will it change? Nope.

      • Guest

        A player getting a coach fired? That’s a new one lol.

        • Smushmush

          It is actually not new – see LBJ “sacking” Paul Silas and Mike Brown and Bargs “sacking” Sam Mitchell, Shaquille O’neal “sacking” Stan Van Gundy (the year, Pat Riley led Miami Heat as a midseason coach after sacking Stan Van Gundy to a championship in 2006), Deron Williams “sacking” Jerry Sloan, Roy Hibbert and Darron Collison “sacking” Jim O’Brien for evidence. Food for thought.

          • Guest

            Those are just rumored media reports, you’re looking too much into it.

            • Smushmush

              Actually, there are evidences to support it but is the team’s policy not to discuss bad stuffs happening in the dressing room so as to have a sqeaky clean PR image to attract free agents.

              • Jonathan R.

                Ding, Ding, Ding.

        • You MUST be new to the NBA. Loads of players have gotten coaches fired.

          • Guest

            Players don’t make decisions, ultimately, the General Manager does….you MUST be new to professional sports.

            • EdDames

              Not necessarily, see every Pistons team since 2002-03.

            • You’re taking my comment a little too literally. The player doesn’t actually fire the coach, but the player(s) often get the coach fired. In some cases, the players demand the coach be fired (Magic with Paul Westhead or Penny with Brian Hill, for example), but in most cases, a player the GM thinks has a lot of potential is not fulfilling that potential, and the GM blames the coach instead of the player. Sam Mitchell was fired, in large part, because he refused to give Bargnani enough minutes. Colangelo had more invested in Bargnani than Mitchell, so Mitchell was let go. Triano has lasted as long as he has, despite a poor record, in part because he has given Bargnani a much longer leash.

              It boils down to ego. The GM has gone out on a limb with a certain player or players, and if the player or team is not performing up to expectations, the GM doesn’t want to blame himself for betting on the wrong player(s), so he assumes it is the coaches fault.

              Guys like Derrick Coleman are coach killers. They have loads of physical talent, but not the mental part. GMs love betting on these guys because the payoff is so big. Unfortunately the odds are usually smaller than they’d like to admit that anyone can motivate guys like that.

              • Guest

                Says who? Falsified media reports and rumors? Until a GM actually comes out and says “I fired coach X because of player Y” then it’s just speculation and I don’t believe any of it. What a crock.

                • Huh? You seem actually offended by that. I’m not saying anything even remotely controversial, here. These are pretty well known realities in the NBA. You don’t think Westhead was fired because Magic demanded he be? Or Brian Hill fired because Penny and others demanded he be? Or is it that you don’t believe a coach can be fired because he’s not making the GM look good? Why on earth not?

                • Guest

                  Huh? I rest my case lol…

                • Why, for lack of evidence? Fair enough.

                • Guest

                  For your lack of intelligence.

                • Jonathan R.

                  Guest all I see is you insulting and giving random opinions. Where’s the evidence? Tim_W is completely correct in his statements about the risks of being an NBA coach.

                  How much common sense does it take to not understand that if a GM is being made to look bad by a coachs techniques that he will be fired. A GM looks bad when his player significantly underperforms given skill and hype and is benched accordingly by coach.

                • yertu damkule

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                  the monetary laws of your country. It is an inheritance fund.

                  If you are interested to work with me, please provide me with your name,
                  address, nationality, age, and date of birth, height, and phone and fax
                  numbers as required for the amendment of the WILL. On completion of this,
                  I will send you a copy of the amended WILL which you will fax to the bank
                  with a back up letter written by your good self requesting for the release
                  of the fund to you. I will also write to the bank as the legal
                  representative of my client before his demise, ordering for the transfer
                  of the fund to you, as the beneficiary of his will.

                  I will appreciate your urgent response in this regard. Thanks for your
                  anticipated cooperation.

                • KJ-B

                  Uhmm Yertu, you do this a little too well…wOwzerS!

                • Theswirsky

                  where have you been for the past decade?

                • Guest

                  Not the same place you have, thankfully.

                • Theswirsky

                  reality? Yeah wish I wasn’t there either.

                • Guest

                  That explains everything.

                • Nilanka15

                  Denial, that explains everything.

      • Jonathan R.

        Tim your views are entirely correct given my experience.

        Everyone knows this is a player’s league. It’s not college ball anymore..

        If bargs gave the equivalent defensive effort he does every night even one quarter while playing for North Carolina he would be benched the rest of the game. Enough said.

      • KJ-B

        It’s like everytime Triano sees #7 he hears a remix of Ca$h Money, “We in the building $50 million dollars”, and won’t dear cross him in fear of losing his job…Honestly, I’ve been hard on Jay BUT after the way the team looked last night when he had an “excuse” to take #7 early out of the game, the “team” looked a whole lot better + just used #7 when they had to… instead of letting #7 use the team to feed his out of context jump-shooting addiction!

        • hound

          I agree Jay coached a good game last night. I like his calls out of timeouts and his subbing Bargs for offense/out on defense at the end of the game was very encouraging.

      • hound

        That’s not true. Find another scoring 7 footer like him, who spreads the floor and can beat anybody his size off the dribble. Can’t be done, he has unique qualities whether you like him or not. Numerous NBA players play different for different coaches. Reason being is that they learn to be better or are forced to be better by losing playing time. If you don’t believe this, you have a limited view of coaching. Bargs didn’t get Smitch fired and he isn’t going to get JT fired. The team’s inconsistency and lack of team defence should get Jay fired and Sam just didn’t see eye to eye with his boss, or Bosh, and that got him fired. You always try for new coaching in pro sports before getting rid of talented players. It will happen in Detroit as well at the end of the year.

        • I agree that you probably can’t find another player like Bargnani. But that’s not a reason to keep him. How many players are there out there like Reggie Evans? It doesn’t mean he’s not expendable. There are only a small handful of PGs out there that have Calderon’s ability to shoot, pass and not turn the ball over, but I don’t see people saying he’s irreplaceable.

          Yes, Bargnani has a unique set of skills that can be valuable, but unfortunately, he doesn’t have other skills that are necessary.

          I’ve seen too many players like Bargnani, over the years, who teams think just need the right type of coaching or the right chance to fulfill their potential. And I’ve seen the vast, vast majority of them never reach their potential.

          As for Triano, is it his fault or Colangelo’s fault that the players aren’t good defensively and don’t put out a consistent effort. It’s incredibly dangerous to stock your roster full of players who aren’t self starters and then expect the coach to make them work. It’s a recipe for disaster. Obviously coaching helps, but Bargnani simply doesn’t seem to have the type of personality that will make him into the player his fans expect. Amir is a self-starter. Ed Davis is a self-starter. Calderon is a self-starter. DeRozan looks like he might be a self-starter (his work ethic is renowned). Those are the types of guys you want on your team because they don’t NEED to be motivated. Bargnani does.

    • KJ-B

      Hey, #7 was top 5 in the L in scoring in the month of February–he’s that talented…However, I’d trade in much of those point for w’s and loftier rebounding #’s–If only he could find the talent of hustle…Is that asking too much, he’s shown flashes, right?!

      • Nilanka15

        He did draw a charge last night. It was the 1st in five years, but hey, he’s “improving” 😛

        • hound

          It was great, I just about fell out of my seat. He played pretty decent D in the last quarter. I’m an optimist but hope he continues the effort.

  • Jonathan R.

    Yea JT only has so much power to control bargs.

    It would be the sam mitchel problem all over again.

    Benching a player like bargs who gets paid like he does and who recently had his contract extended another 5 years makes BC look like a retard which he probably is because if BC really cared you would be okay with benching bargs until the message was sent home and after a month or two of realizing this guy just isn’t responding and getting the message then you play him for another month with no benching just let him try and light it up so then you can show him off so we can trade his ass and get real players who have the passion (see Amir)

    So Jay has to do it in spurts.. I think if Jay had full power bargs would not even be starting until he could prove he could play at a conistant effort level every night.

    • KJ-B

      It’s funny, if Colangelo paid more attention to “building around Bosh” like he said he was doing instead of justifying/extending what in reality is a 6th man in the N.o B.oys A.llowed and not starting center material in #7, what would this team look like today, who knows?!? It’s important that BryCo/MLSE correct their mistakes, because they’re allowing this silent killer of his contract and draft pick status to corrupt the development of the entire team…

      Just look at the way they played last night when he was “sick” and couldn’t shoot as many shots and the ball moved and moved = W…

      • Jonathan R.

        I just want to see Ed get the start over bargs and just see how the game turns out.. I’m not saying don’t bring bargs in, but its pretty clear that if the raps come out in the first quarter and bring the defensive intensity of amir, ed, and james that we are a tough team defensively.. that is our core defense.. sure demar and jose get owned by guards but even once they are beat the 3 big boys are down low ready to stuff someone, we saw it all last night, someone getting beat off the dribble but one of the bigs coming over the top with the block. I love it!

        It’s guys like those 3 when they play with that level of defensive intensity that gives me hope for this team. 🙂

        And all 3 of those guy are so young its awesome!

        If BC can move bargs and bring in something useful it would make this team so much more competitive.

        Or just scare bargs into playing! make him realize that him and the bench are going to get to know each other a lot more if he doesn’t match the intesity of his teammates.

        I feel bad for the teammates, it must be so frustrating. I wondering if the teammates would get in trouble for saying something to him that the coach is too afraid to say.

        Coach can get fired but are you really going to trade off amir or james for telling off bargs and his lack of effort, I doubt it.

        Amir seems like too much of a nice guy though to ever be that brutally honest to him.

        I honestly no longer see a need for evans. I say show him off the rest of this season if and when he ever comes back and then trade for a 3 point perimeter shooter that can sub in for demar and light it up when demars not getting the calls.

        • KJ-B

          My pick would be James Johnson’s black belt to do the “telling off”… It’s like Sam Mitchell always said, “Good teams police themselves.” NO dunking WAY he could pull this nonsense in places like BOS, LAL, MIA, DAL, SAS, etc… #7’s me-1st style of play is killing this year’s version of the Raps where he’s the leading actor…

          My hope is that he gets packaged on draft day to a contender that would “dare” use #7m as 6th man for scoring purposes…Hopefully that’ll net us a veteran and a couple decent picks in the process AND some serious relief from carrying a 10 tonne gorilla of his contract/draft pick ‘status’…

        • Nilanka15

          Evans’ contract will expire at season’s end. Any chance of trading him was lost when the deadline came and went. I would be very disappointed in Triano if Evans got any minutes down the stretch (other than garbage time). It doesn’t benefit the Raptors in any way to play him.

          BTW, it’s ironic you mention trading him for a 3pt shooter. We acquired Evans by trading Kapono 😉

          • Jonathan R.

            Oh wow, I never knew that. I think it was more understandable back then. We didn’t know what Amir was going to turn into and we didn’t have Davis either.

            If only we knew what we had before we made that trade for reggie. Having a solid and reliable 3 point shooter would really really help the offense to this team. Bargs just does not cut it.. he seems very inconsistant with his 3 pointer.

          • hound

            1000% agree. Now is not Reggie’s time.

        • hound

          That fact is that Bargs doesn’t bother his teamates near as much as he bothers the people on this site.

          • sleepz

            Really? And you know this as fact because???

            We all have our own opinions but you shouldn’t assume that you know or are aware of the feelings of his teammates.

          • Jonathan R.

            Actually this is a really great point. I truly wondering what his teammates must feel when bargs gives a sub-par performance on the defensive end of the floor. Maybe they ignore it if they kept them in the game with 25 points + but how do they feel when he goes 4 for 16 with only 20 points and plays the worst defense in the history of centers?

            I’d imagine they’d have to bottle some anger up. It’s not like its a lack of skill either, we all know he CAN play, he CAN defend, and he CAN play with great effort but like that has got to be hard on teammates when you know what your teammate is capable of and you are giving your all but your teammate and your friend who is playing right next to you doesn’t. That has to hurt.

            In reality it’s acutally bad for the team as a whole. Its bad chemistry, loss of trust. Imagine when this team is good and players develop and we a play-off team and then bargs gives one of his usual lazy efforts on D the team will be irrate with him.

            Oh wait, nevermind, what am I thinking, we’ll never make play-offs with bargs as a starter on our team anyways. haha.

            Well at least if he keeps his current style of play.

    • sleepz

      “because if BC really cared you would be okay with benching bargs until the message was sent home”

      +1. If the effort is not there the minutes shouldn’t be either, regardless of often they can score. This should apply to ANY player in the NBA.

    • hound

      That’s completely false. Jay has said many times, Bargs plays because they need his scoring. He would like to play him less, but wants him on the floor to score. I even think Bargs is instructed to not foul, so that he can play so many minutes. Once we have more offensive talent Bargs should only play 25-30 minutes and play more aggressive.

      • Bargnani has never shown an aggressiveness on the floor, even when playing limited minutes. It’s his personality. Just as Amir plays just as aggresively when he’s playing 20 mpg or 30 mpg, Bargnani will play the same whether he’s play 25 mpg or 35 mpg.

        • 421

          Never? Not even once? Then you’re right, you should take his place, just stay away from these forums.

          • He’s never shown an aggressiveness n a consistent basis. I didn’t think I needed to clarify. But thanks for saying I am right.

            • 421

              You said never, as in never ever, stop trying to spin things and correct yourself, just admit it. Go spend time with your family as dookie suggested, I fear they are getting concerned about you and your overly-obsessive internet habits. You may be suffering from OCD, go see a doctor, or please try to resist your temptations of dumb comments.

              • Do you want to have a discussion about semantics, or do you want to have a discussion about basketball? Or, as seems to be the case, do you want to insult me simply because you disagree with my opinion?

                And, by the way, while I often disagree with hound, I find him to be an intelligent and respectful poster who is able to carry on a discussion with someone who he disagrees with without resorting to childish insults. You could learn a few things from him.

                • 421

                  Like I said, please get some help….please.

              • Nilanka15

                Wow, way to base your (weak) argument on a technicality that really doesn’t prove/disprove anything.

                You should spend less time coming up with poor rebuttals, and more time with your BFF Dookielover.

                • 421

                  Lol and you’re Tim’s lover/boyfriend? You sure seem to defend him a lot. Mind your business idiot, and leave me out of your cyber love affair ya dumb clueless pre-teen.

                • Nilanka15

                  Haha, josua reynolds. How many screen names do you have? Fucking loser. Bargnani sucks. Peace.

                • Jonathan R.

                  you’re an idiot.

                • 421

                  Looks like you can join the club, 3’s company, I bet you’re in for a little menage a trois with both of them you fag, get a life Jonathan Retard.

  • Nick Ostertag

    what was the primoz brezec thing about?

    • EdDames

      He’s awesome.

      • yertu damkule

        well, yeah, but not as awesome as pops.