Rapcast #96: The Doctor Is In – The importance of context

Examining the context in which the moves around the NBA are being made and what it means for the Raptors.

Some topics:

  • What do Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods have in common with what’s going on with the Raptors?
  • Examining the context in which the moves around the NBA are being made.
  • Reviewing the last three major picks – Bargnani, DeRozan and Davis.
  • Where do the Raptors stand in their division for the next few years? How many stars do you need to compete? Do the Raptors have a NBA Top 20 player? How many in the Top 50?
  • Draft Talk Speculation: If the Raptors somehow manage to get Kyrie Irving, what would be his development time and when can he actually contribute to an NBA team?
  • Trading the Miami pick: Did the Bulls overlook him and is he going to be the Raptors future three? Or did we just trade a first-round pick for another team’s garbage? The Raptors gambling with first-round picks is one strategy which can work, but has it in the past?
  • The future of the bottom teams in the NBA: Cleveland, Washington, Toronto, New Jersey, Sacramento, Minnesota. Analyzing their future and seeing who is likely to climb out of the bottom.
  • How many years away are the Raptors from being competitive?

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (17:12, 16.5MB). Or just listen below:

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