Raptors 93, Nuggets 120 – Box

Not much to say here, this is what the Raptors have done in their last three trips to Denver before last night: L 130-112, L 132-93, L 137-105. Last night they lost 120-93. I guess this thing was pretty accurate. I’m more inclined to give credit for keeping it under 130 points than criticize them for getting shellacked on the heels of a great night in OKC where every ounce of energy was spent. And this isn’t even counting that whole sea-level business. Let’s face it, prior to this trip the Cips were the only realistic source of a W, and when the Raptors pulled off the improbable in OKC, they were let off the hook in Denver.

Not going to get into player analysis here, it’s not worth it because the circumstance of the game never bode the Raptors well. The Nuggets have played extremely competitive ball since their big trade and were coming back from an Eastern swing with an eye on erasing the memory of their Florida-sweep (lost to Miami and Orlando by a combined 8 points), and the Raptors were the perfect bait. Some stats from the boxscore that you make you go whaaaa…

  • Raptors lost all four quarters, down by 13 after the first, 28 at halftime, 29 after three, and lost by 33.
  • Lost the rebounding battle 52-41, that’s a -11 overall and -5 on the offensive glass.
  • Got doubled up in points in the paint – 60-30. No interior defense, lots of run-outs.
  • Speaking of run-outs, they lost that 28-8. This after a night in OKC where they turned the tables on the Thunder at their speciality.
  • Lots ‘o turnovers, 21 to be exact.
  • 40% shooting, that’s the lowest mark since February 8th when they lost to Milwaukee – about a month and half ago.

The Raptors were in this game for half a quarter when the Nuggets had a 15-14 lead. Jose Calderon was having a nice defensive game up to that point and was effective running the show, much like he was against OKC in the first. After the Denver timeout at the 5:58 mark of the first, they went on a 9-2 run which created a separation the Raptors never came close to closing. Nene’s physicality and Ty Lawson’s up-tempo style were featured in this rout where the Raptors never showed any semblance of willpower or firepower to compete. When Alexis Ajinca logs 16 minutes of playing time and Julian Wright breaks a sweat (10 minutes), you know this one was over pretty quick.

When the Raptors are lethargic on offense you can just imagine how bad their defensive effort will be. The play which was indicative of how much the Raptors were mentally and physically out of this one came around 3:57 of the first quarter. Bargnani gets the ball up at the top and is trying to make a one-on-one move, no other Raptor moves throughout this process. Not to set a screen, not to cut, not to rebound, and barely to get back on defense. Denver saw that the Raptors were there to be had and upped the pressure and the energy to give themselves a nice night of rest.

In all this funky business, our man Leandro Barbosa managed to launch 11 shots in 17 minutes. That’s a shot every 93 seconds!

This post didn’t really go anywhere, I’ll see if I can find phdsteve to make up for it.

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  • Over

    You know it’s a blowout when Jack and Matt start talking about March Madness for the duration of the game.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      Well at least they aren’t promoting Corexit contaminated Gulf region seafood to eat like some soulless Corporate shills as they did in New Orleans during the Raptor-Hornets broadcast.

      MLSE Company Men promoting eating death to fans for profits.

      • Jacob

        wow…that’s an odd reference, and yet I completely agree. I remember seeing that game and thinking it was a total hack move, as if anyone gives a shit whether those two dudes ate deep fried shrimp from the gulf. It was also a display of this mindless mob mentality that if we all dive in and do something with confidence – regardless of whether it’s a good idea – then all will be well, like when eating Alberta beef in the midst of a mad cow scare became a sign of patriotism instead of just plain irrelevant.

        anyhoo…I guess we should focus on basketball, as should hack commentators.

  • rockstar

    I am pretty sure that’s one shot every 93 seconds

    • Arsenalist

      Sorry, fixed.

    • JoePanini

      Maybe he also calculated the oppositions possessions and took it out or something?

  • Futurezhao

    How is 11 shots in 17 minutes a shot every 39 seconds?

  • FAQ

    Fast forward to Wednesday, April 13th … the last day of the NBA regular schedule … when the Miami Heat are in Toronto to play their last game, which they must win to grab the Eastern Conference outright lead from Chicago … and the Raptors … win … by one point …!

    • TheR3dMenace

      Thats the day I make $1,000,000 with a half-court swish.

    • hotfuzz

      That will be the day I date a supermodel!

      • Copywryter

        That will be the day I steal Menace’s million and go all indecent proposal on your supermodel.

    • Raptoronto

      Indeed, if it does affect the Heat’s draft position it will determine how much rediculous bitching and moaning we here about the pick we lost for J. Johnson.

  • hotfuzz

    This one was really ugly. Calderon was never really able to contain lawson and the whole
    team just kinda gave up around the midpoint of the 1st Q.

    As a side note, 11 shots in 17 minutes is pretty ridiculous.

  • Bad team is bad. Depressing to watch as a Raps fan, but not unexpected.

  • Corey

    Its pretty funny to see how good the Melo-free Nuggets are, while the Knicks plummet with their new “star.” If the Raps are serious about shopping for a PG (and seeing as kyrie irving will be gone in the first 1-3 slots), I’d inquire about the Nuggets guys, Felton and Lawson.

    I am dying to know the source of all the rumours (here yesterday) that Ed Davis us unhappy and wants out of T.O.? i havent read any newspaper reports to verify whats been written here? is this bs?

    however, if it is true (and since we have two other PFs in amir and bargs), Davis might get us a top 5 pick (washington? sacto?), a centre or perhaps a PG. Again, i’d be looking at Denver, with all the depth the have… or maybe swap with Wash for Javale McGee? or maybe ask Chicago about Deng or the Suns about Gortat? or a pick.

    We have 3 holes in the starting line-up to my eye: Centre, PG and SF. thats presuming BC stays (God help us), keeps Bargs and moves him to PF (where he will continue to not rebound!). other than him and DDR, we have no other real NBA Starters.

    As for all the Jay bashing yesterday, everyone seems to forget he was a Team USA assistant? he is respected in the league. he may not be head coaching material, but its really hard to measure how good he is, when he is coaching a line-up with so many holes.

    My hope is that we go after Mike Brown or Dwayne Casey. preferably Brown, as he coached a cavs team with one good player (okay, great player, LBJ) and not much else to the playoffs more than once. My dream would be Adelman, but he is leaving Houston because they r rebuilding, so that is unlikely…

    • Corey

      i’d also be asking the Bucks about Bogut, if i was dealing Davis.

    • Corey

      and the Thunder about James Harden

      • Milesboyer

        Colangelo’s free agent signing for next season will be Marc Gasol (who he’ll have to overpay) or Andrei Kirilenko (who he won’t have to overpay but will anyway).

        • cesco

          Kirilenko is rebounding less than Andrea , not exactly the bruising defensive center that BC is looking for . Marc rebounding is not that much better than Andrea , I don’t think he would be suitable for the job either . Of course , someone will comment that they would gladly exchange Andrea for Marc or AK but they are wrong .

          • Nilanka15

            Kirilenko’s a small forward. Andrea should be doubling Kirilenko’s rebounding totals.

          • hateslosing

            Kirelenko would be brought in to compliment Bargs. He’s a small forward who once led the league in blocks and is a fantastic defender. He’s slowed up a bit now but he can still get it done and would be a fantastic addition to this team.

          • sleepz

            Count me as one of those that would gladly give #7 for Gasol. And it would be a steal in my books.

            Not sure how that makes me wrong (obviously in your opinion) but if it does I don’t want to be right.

      • the dude


    • Nilanka15

      Regarding the Triano bashing, yes this roster has holes in it. But last year’s roster wasn’t nearly as depleted as this year’s. There are no excuses for missing the playoffs last year.

      • cesco

        They would have made the play-offs if Ru-Paul hadn’t given up after the all-star break .

        • Nilanka15

          Say what you want about Ru-Paul, but he still averaged 23.5 ppg, 9.6 rpg on 56% shooting, and 8 fta per game during the final 16 games of last season before breaking his face…which for comparison’s sake, are all better than Bargnani’s current numbers.

          It’s easy to blame Bosh for last season’s collapse, but by doing so, you’re simply letting Triano off the hook.

          • Statement

            I hear you,

            I remember the stupidest thing that Triano did last year. When they were playing Memphis and it went into overtime, in part, because Hedo-bitch was on the bench and somebody else (Wright?) was covering Rudy Gay.

            Then idiot Triano inserts the ineffective Hedo-bitch and voila, game over. When asked about it Triano said “we’re going to have to rely on Hedo-bitch in the playoffs so we need him on at the end of games”. Well, the Raps didn’t make the playoffs by 1 game.

            You play that Memphis game properly Triano, and maybe they would have made it.

          • Bo

            RuPaul also missed the game-winning layup last year against Golden State, that one did us in.

            • sleepz

              After dropping 41, but blame Bosh. lol

              How about that Chicago home game?

          • KJ-B

            Except for Chris Bosh breaking his face and mashing up his ankle…

            • KJ-B

              Oh, how could I forget Hedon’t!

            • cesco

              come to think of it , didn’t Ru-Paul missed the last few games because of that boo-boo on his pretty face , BC thought so.

              • sleepz

                BC also thinks he’s a good GM

        • Statement

          I think a big reason why they didn’t make it is because they had Derozan in the starting lineup since the beginning of the year and he was horrible last year.

          • RapsM

            They also had one of the worst defensive starting line-ups of all-time.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          Put the kool aid down asap.

          BC & Jay are lying via propagandized media spins in order to protect their own asses for missing the playoffs last season- blame CB for everything.

          None of the players questioned in training camp interviews (Jack, AB, Jose, Weems) agreed with that insinuation about CB after the All Star break when BC said someone got in his ear (then why didn’t you trade him then BC?).

          Why didn’t Barg’s step up in CB’s place last season? Because Barg’s is not a clutch player nor has he the consistent desire to win-play hard as time has proven.

          Jay couldn’t manage or coach that team thus another high roster turnover last season to this season so Jay could try again- fail.

          Who do you blame this season on?


          Youth & inexperience?

          Well, BC put this roster together.

          As well, both Jose (BC tried to trade him) & Bargnani are the longest tenured Rap’s respectively and exemplify BC’s Raptor reign in full- facetious balderdash.

          • cesco

            The players are not going to criticize a player who left the team unless such player was disrupting the chemistry of the team and Bosh was not disruptive at all . Many , including BC as you pointed out , felt he was not putting out 100% . He could have played with a mask when he injured his face for example to help the team win ONE more game . I believe after the all star game no trades are possible until the end of the season when trades can be done between teams out of the playoffs, but I may be wrong on that .

    • Pesterm1

      Felton would be a perfect fit on theraptors. felton hasabig body andcan takesmall pgs into the post and score downlow. and if bargnani opens the floor by pulling his man out to the 3 point line then thepg and sg would have alot ofroom tooperate in the paint. i wouldnt doubt if we end upwith a player like felton. there has been alot of talk abouthim in previous forums.

      • Ihatehaters

        Iagree withyou thatthe Rapsshould make a playfor Felton.

        • Gee

          i2nd thatstatement.

      • Deandre

        Use the spacebar, faggot.

        • Jose

          noneed callinghim faggotIMO

  • Jay Triano is a clown! Ed Davis’ is regressing thanks to Triano’s pathetic attempts to scratch-out a few extra wins in an embarrassing season. Just resign, bud.

    • *Ed Davis

      • cesco

        Amir should be shut down for the rest of the season (he keep re injuring his leg/ankle , played only 10 minutes last night) so Davis should have a lot of playing time from now on .

    • Copywryter

      I’m not a Triano apologist, but all rookies hit the wall. Davis earned more minutes with strong play and has now run out of gas. Can’t blame Triano for rewarding his effort or recognizing that he’s tired.

  • Copywryter

    Great game if you’re into tattoos.

    I’m not into tattoos.

  • Nilanka15

    11 shots in 17 minutes…AND a team worst -30!

    I don’t understand how someone can be so consistently inconsistent. Wait a minute….I just described the entire team.

  • How did Julian Wright not record a single stat in 10 minutes? Not even a turnover.. or a foul.. guess he rly is invisible.

    • cesco

      He is depressed because he is now on the fourth unit of a bottom dweller .

  • 511

    I’d be curious to know if back-end of b2b’s for visiting teams in Denver are spread around evenly. I would think so cuz … it’s not like the NBA would ever nudge the schedule in favour of some teams over others … would they?

  • Michel G

    I like this quote by Chandler after the game:

    “They played last night, won a tough game and traveled here last night,” forward Wilson Chandler said. “We just tried to run them, play defense and wear them down.”

    And that they did. The Nuggets really benefit from teams having to travel to Denver for a back-to-back, and they know it.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2 Go!!!

      Just like the Rap’s should use those early Sunday morning games in the TDot to run opponents out of the gym.

  • Roarque

    Ed Davis is delighted to be playing in the NBA and is smart enoughto see he’s going to develop into a winner along with the Raptors by 2013. He looks around and sees DDR and Amir and Silky and says to himself – I like my chances.

  • Smushmush

    I was expecting a loss anyway but did anybody see how the Raps load up on one side and their big men leave the paint on defense(I know the 3 second violation but their big men should rotate and help inside when the perimeter guards and wings are blown by imo) and it was essentially a one-on-one defense by our guards and wings on theirs smh – That is awful defense and is inexcusable imo whether it is a back-to-back or not. Until this team learns to play defense, the Raps will continue to be a joke in this league which is why Triano (bottom 3 in defense both years. “Nuff said) and BC (awful team record with defense deficient and redundantly skilled players on team roster. “Nuff said) need to go. My 2 cents.

  • cb

    from SI: “Soft is too kind a word for the indifference Andrea Bargnani displays as the man he is supposedly guarding glides past him for a layup. The most frequently used five-man lineups in Toronto pair the 7-foot Bargnani with a rugged power forward, usually Amir Johnson or Reggie Evans. But that isn’t enough to prevent the Raptors from yielding the most points in the paint in the NBA. Toronto permits the most attempts and the most conversions of shots at the rim and it allows the highest percentage of conversions on shots from 3-9 feet. Bargnani doesn’t exactly strive to prevent this — his foul rate is the lowest of his career, and his negative impact on the Raptors’ defensive efficiency is the highest on the team, according to Basketball Value. That he is under contract at a higher salary and a longer period of time than anyone on the roster bodes ill for Toronto’s future.”

    Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/writers/britt_robson/03/22/nba.power.rankings/index.html#ixzz1HLviLAVp

    • Nilanka15

      It’s nice hearing it from a credible, respected sports publication.

      Then again, I can hear the replies now….”Sports Illustrated is just a bunch of haters blaming Bargnani for everything”.

      Lather, rinse, repeat.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2 Go!!!

      Sam knew this about Bargnani (a soft jump shooting non rim guarding-paint protecting, slow defense rotating-recognition) so BC had to fire him and hire a puppet coach in Jay aka Company Man to further coddle Bargnani’s lackadaisical, lazy, inconsistent on court efforts.

      Bargnani guards the rim-paint like Stevie Wonder and rarley fouls folks attempting break away lay ups or driving freely to the hoop. Has Barg’s ever fouled out of a game this season?

      I usually check the box score and see AB with 1 or 2 fouls a game. What is he saving all of his fouls for? It’s not rude to foul in order to prevent an open lay up- within reason and game situation.

      If Barg’s isn’t scoring, shot isn’t falling then he isn’t a factor on the court yet he still gets his minutes regardless from Jay aka Company Man aka No Accountabilty.

      As well, BC rewarded Bargnani aka Mr Sometimes I Get Lazy/Basketball not Reboundball- with a 50 million dollar contract for being mostly lethargic over his career- wtf?

      Rookie Ed Davis, who missed the early part of the season, has played half the minutes of Bargnani but has more rebounds than Barg’s on the season- imagine that?

    • AnthonyF

      Wave the white flag….. Yep a writer dislikes Bargnani….. Hoop de do…. So do many here….. We get it….

      As for Bosh’s 2010 #’s, he had much better complimentary players last year (AB, Turkoglu (regardless of warts), JJ, Calderon….. Sorry for stating facts…..

      • Nilanka15

        Did you just list Turkoglu as a “better complimentary player”? Better than who exactly?

        • cesco

          Better than anyone at the SF position this year until JJ came along .

      • Bendit

        In truth, it is Bargnani who should be the complimentary player of the “next coming” (whoever else that might be) and we should all move on with him or not. Neither Bosh nor he are good enough to be built around. BC made that costly mistake with CB …hope he doesnt do it again.

        • cesco

          I fully agree except that if we do not find him in this year draft and the team move up in the standing as it should , the chances of finding him in the future are getting less and less . Franchise players do not want to come here , so the draft is the only hope .

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    Back to reality after the OKC mirage ie Durant 6-21 (1-11 in 2nd half).

    Hopefully the Rap’s can eek out another win or two against Phoenix (playing Rap’s on a B2B), GS (Rap’s playing on B2B) or the LAC’s.

    With 12 games left I see a probable 4-8 (2 losses for every win) finish to the season leaving the Rap’s with a 24-58 record- ouch!

    Hopefully they don’t go finish up at a 2-10 clip and end up with 60 losses as that would be nastier than BC’s European Raptor basketball vision to look at- eeewwww!

    The Rap’s, in my mind, need to acquire either Felton or Lawson to lead them next season (PG Lawson & PF Davis would have that NC chemistry to build on). Denver will most likely be looking to move one or the other as both have stated in the media (post trade) that they want to be starters next season.

    • Nilanka15

      What’s the difference between a 58-loss season, and a 60-loss season? Absolutely nothing, except a few extra ping pong balls in the lottery. 0-12 would be ideal, with a lot of close losses included for character development.

      I would rather take my chances in the draft than obtain either Lawson or Felton as our future PG. Felton was somewhat mediocre for the first 5 years of career, until he landed in D’Antoni’s system, which makes players look better than they are. And Lawson is too undersized, and inexperienced to see any benefit of going with him over Irving, Kemba Walker, or Freddette from the draft.

      Other than the seemingly untouchables (i.e. Rondo, Rose, Westbrook, DWill, CP3, Wall, etc.), I don’t see any PGs that would make me feel comfortable leading us out of the rebuild. In my opinion, the draft is the only way to go.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        60 looks alot more depressing than 58 on sight in my mind.

        0-12 would be ideal? Character development?lmfao@u

        Your Raptor fan pass has just been revoked- step off with that remedial bull chit.lol

        Take your chances in a weak draft?

        Some talented underclassmen may not declare due to a potential NBA Lockout- time will tell.

        I’d take Lawson or Felton currently over any of your suggestions:

        Freddette (he’s not a NBA pg-a career back up ala Reddick if he works hard on his game).

        Walker (Don’t believe the hype on NBA level).

        Irving (will he declare?).

        • Nilanka15

          It’s a “weak draft” because there isn’t a Tim Duncan or LeBron James available, but that doesn’t mean it’s a complete waste of time. There will be a lot of great players selected this summer, and we’d be foolish to pass up such an opportunity.

          And I would MUCH rather have 60+ loses than the 40 loses from a year ago. As Mark Cuban said at the MIT Sloan conference, being a 40 win team is probably the worst position for a team to be in. You’re either a championship contender, or you’re rebuilding through the draft. Being in between is no-man’s land.

          Clearly, we’re rebuilding…and to better our chances of future success, we need more losses now.

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

            Alot of great players drafted- like whom?

            Wall, Evans & Favors aren’t exactly tearing up the League this season and they are better than what is most likely coming out this season barring a lockout ie underclassmen

            I’m not looking for a championship contending team just a competitive team that makes the playoffs on a yearly basis- got to be in the playoffs to win a championship while building on that every off season.

            Where are the Rap’s in now during year 5 under BC? No man’s land is the Lottery-especially in a draft with no projected immediate impact players. Rebuilding through the draft is a crap shoot ie Minnesota, and even LAC’s with Blake are losing alot of games.

            If we are clearly rebuilding- you drank that BC kool aid pr spin- not me, then why isn’t Bayless starting some games? Why isn’t Ed playing until he drops? Why is Barg’s still playing 35 minutes plus a night? Why is Julian Wright glued to the bench?

            We need more losses now? Sounds like a preacher preaching that evil is good ie losing with a purpose flavored BC kool aid.lol

            • Nilanka15

              Dude, winning meaningless games to end this season will do nothing to help us…regardless of what you think of the quality of the upcoming draft.

              Sure, Wall and co. aren’t tearing it up right now, but who’s to say they won’t be in 2-3 years?

              As I said before, this draft doesn’t have any superstar players who are capable of changing the Raptors’ fortunes overnight, but there will be a lot of great players who, in combination with other personel moves, will help us in 2-3 years.

              Patience buddy. If you expect us to be “competitive” next year, with another 7-10 new faces in training camp, it’s YOU who’s drinking the kool-aid…not I.

            • Jose

              You’ve got the point man. Cannot see why they still play Caldy, Bargnani, Leandro or even Reggie for that long. Showcasing? Maybe.

              It more looks like BryCo and Jay are on the hot seat now with this pathetic record/performance, and are trying to sell the hope for the next season. It is probably a last push to win back some season ticket holders for the next year. We have seen this scenario before.

      • sleepz

        I agree that Lawson might be undersized but he is bullish and has been hearing that talk for much of his career now. He has looked great this year.

        Felton has also seemed to step up his game this year but prior to that was considered solid-good but not great pg. I like Kyrie, and have some affinity for Walker as he’s super quick but not the best playmaker around. Fredette is not a pg in the league imo,so I see the benefits of taking a guard in the draft and moulding him, but also see immediate benefits in looking for a young vet that is now starting to get better and understands the NBA game like Lawson.

        At this point I think that the holes are bigger elsewhere on this team and would be looking to improve the 3 spot in this draft and hopefully get a pg like Lawson via trade. If Irving is available great but if Barnes, Williams, or Jones are drafted I wont be sad. Heck if Henson could ever put on some weight (his frame is way too thin) I think he would have more impact in the league than some of the other ‘top tier’ prospects as he’s been highly touted since his freshman year, it’s just that he projects as a PF and Raps are 4 heavy on this roster.

  • kuzzybear

    Forget Irving- Brandon KNight has what it takes to play in the NBA.Keep an eye on him.
    As for SF- Barnes looks to skinny. I like the kid from Arizona 1st then then Jones from Kentucky 2nd.

  • RapsM

    Where’s Roll Call? I wanted to see PROPERTY OF THE DENVER NUGGETS in big red letters over everyone’s name. Solomon Alabi should have called back before that game because he probably would have had a career-high in minutes.