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Yesterday I suggested that edited out Bargnani’s comment about his scoring being more complicated than defense and rebounding. After reading yesterday’s post, Jay Satur of got hold of me on Twitter (here and here) saying that the Raptors would never ask the web people to do that, and that Bargnani’s video was “cut off” for whatever reason but posted at 5PM. Sure enough, here’s the full video. Make what you will out of it, I already said that Bargnani’s comments were not malicious but a product of poor English. I totally understand poor command of the English language getting you into trouble, sometimes when a hammered blogger stumbles his way to Ginger, instead of ordering the 3-5-9, he blurts out 35-59 which is totally not springrolls and a beef sandwich. Food poisoning ensues.

Moving on, you have a subscription to Forbes magazine? Me neither. I mean, I used to steal one from my dentist’s office and pretend to read it on the subway in hopes of impressing girls but it never worked, probably because I looked too smart and unapproachable, it couldn’t have been my looks, no way. Luckily for us, the web came along and demystified these magazines. Like this. It says the Raptors are the least cost-efficient team in the league.

The San Antonio Spurs and the Toronto Raptors have roughly comparable payrolls, but the similarities end there: San Antonio won 61 games and ranks fourth in cost-effectiveness, while the woeful 22-win Raptors were the least cost-effective NBA team. Toronto was 90% less cost-effective than the league median. Chris Bosh’s departure for Miami certainly contributed to this.

Their calculations are based on what a roster’s productivity is compared to their salary. PER/Salary, or WP48/Salary. Something along those lines. What the analysis fails to consider is what the ROI on what the Raptors spend is. Honestly, Liston could probably crap that piece out in fifteen minutes.

Jay Triano’s long-ass interview was your typical end-of-season recap, here’s some tidbits:

On why everyone is so happy.

It’s hard to believe you had 22 wins and the guys are as positive as they are but the reality of our guys it that they know the situation, they’re young players in the league, they’re infant in their careers.

On asking Andrea Bargnani to rebound and play defense.

Is it asking a home-run hitter to bunt? Possibly, but he’s got to have that part of his game if we’re going to be successful. He can find a way to score 22 points, but do you want to score 22 points and have 22 wins? He doesn’t. So that hopefully becomes a motivator for him. If not, then the young players that have developed behind him will start eating into playing time, and playing time is probably the biggest motivator in the league.

Ah yes, Jay Triano is finally coming around to what Sam Mitchell had been doing a long time ago: giving minutes based on play, not on pedigree. This is the #1 complaint against the Raptors organization and why Bryan Colangelo is so disliked by parts of the fan-base. Also, that baseball analogy is off, Bargnani reminds me of ex-Bluejay Billy Koch, he might come in and get five strikeouts in two innings, but he’s also going to give up three hits, two walks and the lead. Some closer.

On Bargnani saying his natural position is power forward.

He is a five, defensively, he’s not offensively.

Translation: he has a hope in hell of guarding big lumbering centers using his height, but when matched against an agile power forward, fuggedaboutit.

On getting better defensively.

They will get better because of the experience. But to get better drastically like we have to, we’ll have to have a better system in place and better defensive players. These guys are not opposed to doing the work, it’s a toughness factor, it’s a strength issue. We talked to every one of our guys about getting stronger. DeMar has to get stronger, when DeMar played against physical players, he was less effective. When Amir played against physical players, he was less effective. Ed Davis obviously has to get stronger. I know we’re infant in our years of experience, but we’re also very infant when you look at us standing besides teams, we look like the JV team sometimes…we have to get better at that, we have to get bigger, we have to get stronger.

What should the exodus look like in order for those better defensive players to come in?

If you suffered through yesterday’s Rapcast (audio entirely my fault), you know there was a big discussion on Jay Triano and his abilities as head coach of a rebuilding team. Questions were asked of Triano, questions like whether he commands enough respect, is taken seriously, holds players accountable, has his strategies right, knows the difference between butter and I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter. I felt that he’s gotten the proper effort out of players who listen to what he preaches, in other words, it’s a question of talent and not coaching. The 30th ranked defense looks terrible on his resume, but that’s not reflective of his motivational abilities, but of his inexperience at the NBA level.

Is he Colangelo’s man on the inside? Yes. Does Colangelo influence him? Probably. Would it really have mattered who the coach was last season in terms of player development? Not much. The talent on the roster is what it is – sub-par and until that is fixed, there isn’t much sense bashing the coach. He did what was needed which is give players the playing time to prove themselves, some did and some didn’t. His puzzling treatment of Solomon Alabi and Julian Wright got him some criticism, but other than that you have to say his allocation of playing time was straightforward. He should be held accountable for the defensive ineptitude, but so do Alex English, Eric Hughes and P.J Carlesimo. Triano doesn’t strike me as a guy who, like Sam Mitchell was accused of, pays little heed to his assistants. All in all, for a rebuilding year where nothing was expected, Triano played the part.

Liston is back with an article tomorrow. Not sure what he can analyze at this point, so pay close attention to his charts tomorrow because I’m pretty sure they’re just copied from the weather network. One last thing, the people called for it so there’s playoff chat on RR during the games.

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  • Milesboyer

    I didn’t listen to the Rapcast, so maybe this was brought up, but is there any knowledge/consensus as to who the third best player in the draft is? Seems like D. Williams and K. Irving are 1 and 2, and from the most mock sites it seems like a Euro is 3. I don’t want to bash Euro’s without having see them play, but drafting a Euro big scares me for obvious reasons.

    • triano

      This would depend on whether or not Barnes declares. If he does, I would would put Barnes ahead of Williams, making Williams the third best prospect. I really don’t think there is any question that Barnes will be a much better pro than Williams, who, I am quite confident, will really be underwhelming in the NBA (a la Evan Turner). I would be sick to stomach if the Raptors took Williams with Barnes still on the board.

      If Barnes doesn’t declare, then Kanter, at least in my mind, is the third best prospect (behind Irving and Williams).

      • Mediumcore

        Yeah, by default I’d say Kanter is the best option with the 3rd pick (if we land the 3rd), but I’d say if there was a shot at Irving or Barnes then take it and if not explore moving the pick. Williams is solid, but is a tweener in the NBA, and Kanter is 6’10”. He would be an effective PF, but we’re stocked at that position.

        • yertu damkule

          this will probably make me the butt of some jokes (now or down the road), but i like valuncianus (sp?) over kanter…if the choice is between the two of them, that is. don’t really know why, just a feel thing, i guess.

          there’s so much that can happen between now & the draft, it’s a little silly trying to project who the raps should take (or rather, what they should/could do with their pick).

          • Mediumcore

            An argument could be made for either, and many mock drafts have both going in the top 5. I just prefer Kanter’s more rugged back them down in the post style…just seems to be a bit more NBA ready.

          • Jo

            Bargnani 2.0? Nice.

            • I think you’re thinking of Motiejunas. Valanciunas is anything but Bargnani 2.0. He’s skinny, but he’s a very good shotblocker who can score inside, but just needs to add (a lot of) strength.

              • BCistheMan

                LOOOOLL, We will have the skinniest front line of NBA. Amir, Ed and Vala should work out together. It will be fun to see how bodies of these Swans under the basket will fly when a Guy like Howard is in Town.

                Seriously, how do you come up with these suggestions ? First Kanatr and now Vala !!! Do you even watch any international basketball ? Have you lived in Europe ?

                It seems like you just pick your information from this chartroom and that message board and …

              • KJ-B

                JAN VASELY… Is the only Euro big worth drafting!

              • Jo

                Same thing..

          • Valanciunas seems like he might be a good choice. He’s probably got more upside than Kanter, but he’ll take longer to develop. And he’s so skinny. Can you imagine Davis and him on the court together?

            • triano

              Valanciunas is an absolutely horrendous basketball player. I suggest people watch him and witness this first-hand. To say he will be a bust is a understatement.

        • JD

          Actually more recently I’ve heard that Kanter is up to 6’11”, which isn’t surprising since he was already 6’9″ at age 15. Great wingspan and built like a bull too, so I don’t think there’s any doubt he’ll be playing center in the big leagues. Kanter might even be the 2nd best option after Irving, but it’s hard to gauge given that he missed an entire year of basketball.

          • Mediumcore

            Second after Irving is high praise for Kanter…didn’t know he was up to 6′ 11″. I still think that Barnes may have the most potential of everyone in this draft class, but he has some VC in him where he just seems to coast on natural ability more so than hard work or intensity.

      • Nilanka15

        I would actually prefer Williams over Barnes, based purely on watching them play in the NCAA tourney (which I admit, isn’t enough to judge either player fairly).

        Williams looks like a polished player all around (post-up game, outside range, rebounding, defense, ability to create his own shot, etc.), while Barnes seems like nothing more than a spot-up jump shooter

      • yertu damkule

        a little early to be making declarations about turner, isn’t it? i’d say he’s had an underwhelming rookie season, but there are definitely signs that he is (or could be) quite a special, multi-faceted player. it’s hard to really gauge his impact this season, given what happened in philly…was he being relegated to the bench & seeing limited minutes a contributing factor to their success, or did they have success because he had a limited role?

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      Bismack Biyombo, coming off of a strong Nike Summit showing, will most likely be the Lottery “flavor of the month” prospect when all is said and done.

      ESPN Lottery already has him projected in their top 10 Lottery picks.

      NBADraft dot net currently has Bismack going at #25 to Boston.

      Draftexpress has him going in their current mock draft as a projected top 10 pick.

      As well, some sites also have Bismack ranked ahead of Kanter (knee questions).

      I just hope that after all the pre draft player evaluations come draft night that Bismack, Kanter, Donatas Motiejunas, Jan Vesely or Jonas Valanciunas isn’t the Rap’s draft selection.

      The last thing the Rap’s need is another International player hopefully Barnes comes out and Raps can draft one of Barnes, Williams, TJones or Irving but none of the 4 are immediate impact (winning games) players.

  • Balls of Steel

    It doesn’t matter what was said. All I know is that changes must take place. Big changes.

  • albertan_10

    I liked Barnes in the tournament. I didn’t get to watch the game they lost but he was a beast in the other ones.

    Plus he looks like a dinosaur so he needs to play here

    • Ambidextrious

      Calling all dinosaurs

      Harrison Barnes would be dope so would Williams.

      • KJ-B

        JAN VASELY–Remember the Name…. aka “The Dunking Ninja”!!!

  • BCistheMan

    Amir gets 1.2 more rebound more than AB and he is considered a Monster on th board and we are all hammering AB for his rebounding number !!! Get over it People.

    Jay Triano:
    “It’s hard to believe you had 22 wins and the guys are as positive as they are ”

    Yes, Jay. They don’t care. They are just happy that them found a sucker team that is paying their scrub-ass some real money otherwise 50% of this roster was riding buses from city to city in the D-league.

    Jay Triano:
    “When Amir played against physical players, he was less effective.”

    The Almighty Amir !! How Dare you challenge him Jay ?? How dare you ask him to go to gym and bulk up. If he does that, then he will have no time to make those cheesy videos about Amir 3000. Isn’t better to just get a tough center like KG or Howard to bail Amir out 😉 . Amir, Bro, I got your back Dog.

    “Liston is back with an article tomorrow”
    Can’t wait for it. The guy is as clueless as it comes and the dishonesty in his articles is just astonishing 🙂

    • Hai

      Amir was playing on a bad ankle for a lot of games, whereas Bargnani would sit out from the common cold (which he had numerous times over the season.)

      • BCistheMan

        The whole season !!! Really !! I had no idea Amir was hurt the whole season.

    • Pesterm1

      bargnani is a CENTER… why dont some people still not get it. Amir is a PF who just got his first real minutes of his career. bargnani is our starting center, its his 5th year, and he plays alot more minutes then amir. that is why people complain.what do u stil not understand?

      you cant even hate on a player like amir, i know if players are injured they shouldnt play but he was firced to get himself out there and play through injuries because our whole roster was injured this season. amir will easily close to a double double of the bench

      • AwesomeGuest

        You do know that when the players get on the floor, the positions (G/F/C – 1/2/3/4/5) that you guys assign to them, essentially mean nothing more than who they’re SUPPOSED to be guarding on the defensive end, and who’s guarding SUPPOSED to guard them on the offensive end. These can change on the fly when the game is actually rolling, as a PF can guard a Centre, and vice-versa.

        Bargnani can defend the PF position on the defensive end, or C position, whatever you kiddies want, and his position on the offensive end is essentially up to who’s guarding him. The positions that you guys keep saying don’t mean jack shit when it comes time for game-time.

        • hotfuzz

          Thank you!!! someone needed to say that.

        • BCistheMan

          Fully agree with what you said here.

        • Theswirsky

          PF and C are used in relation to who those guys TEND to guard on the floor. Ofcourse in every situation player X won’t guard player Y, but generally speaking they will. So a C on one team will usually guard a C on the opposing teams. This changes as match ups and situations change, but that does not mean players can not be assigned a general position for ease of description.

    • AwesomeGuest

      Why do you even follow the Raptors?

    • Ihatehaters

      “Amir gets 1.2 more rebound more than AB and he is considered a Monster on th board and we are all hammering AB for his rebounding number !!! Get over it People.”

      Ya, people. Amir only averaged 23% more boards, in 28% less time. Get over it!

  • hateslosing

    “What should the exodus look like in order for those better defensive players to come in?”

    I took his comment to mean that our guys are the ones who will get better.

  • KJ-B

    Y’all might want to do a little Google search 4 the Italian word for complicated it’s “complicato”… Je parle un tit peu d’un peu… Hablo uno porquito… Western European languageS are the base language for many English words >>#7 KNEW EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS SAYING<<

  • RapthoseLeafs

    [ “Make what you will out of it, I already said that Bargnani’s comments were not malicious but a product of poor English. “]

    This post better reflects what I hope we both agree on, as it’s a lot clearer of a statement than your previous comment (below). That earlier comment (which I criticized, and still stand by that criticism), was like a hanging chad – where we’re left to decide what way to vote (on the statement).

    [ “I don’t know if Bargnani meant to slight his teammates by making a statement like that, or whether it was a manifestation of his middling command of the English language. “]

    For the most part, it was your only reference to his English – amongst what was mostly surrounded by straight-up criticism of Andrea’s interview. Like this next one.

    [” Right now he’s easy pickings and I’m done firing my shots, but really, that comment about him doing things more complicated than rebounds and defense is the worst thing a player can say. “]

    Either his command of the English language is bad, and the whole interview should be taken as such; or it’s good and his comments were stupid.

    Speaking of that comment by Bargnani, I couldn’t help but think it was an extremely intelligent statement. Rebounding & defense ARE important ingredients (amongst many) towards winning, although Boston has proved that you can be lousy at rebounding (10th in play-offs), and still win a championship. Lakers were 11th by the way. Offense is still important, as was demonstrated in today’s Bulls-Pacers game. It took a phenomenal effort by Rose (39 points), to overcome a hot Indiana team (.524 efg%).
    Anyways, I think people are dissecting these interviews just a little too intensely. Including the comment below:

    [” Andrea Bargnani took some veiled shots from Amir Johnson who classified the need for a “legit center” as an off-season task ….”]

    The irony of this “interpreted slag on AB”, is that Amir could find himself being moved as well (since everyone here thinks Bargnani is gone). Johnson is a duplicate of Ed (who needs more floor time), and as such, AJ’s value would be better served as a trade piece. As a Starting Front Court, Ed & Amir would get shredded by “Big” teams. On top of that, such a pairing would necessitate getting a scoring Big (woe the irony), to offset the loss in offensive production.

    That’s why I wouldn’t be surprised if our Front Court (at some point during next season), features Ed and a bunch of new guys. Or the surprise might be, that we find ourselves with a (bigger) Ed & Andrea as next season’s Front Court – seeing as we have this capacity to trash certain players (like Vince), reducing their value, and then wonder why we can’t move them, or get back a reasonable return.

    No matter who replaces Andrea (as that magical defensive Centre), that player will be faced with the frustration of poor wing & guard defenders. A Starting PG who can`t defend, and a Starting SG who can`t defend. When I say that, I’m assuming JJ and Bayless are in back-up roles.

    This next season could see the following players no longer with us.
    – Bargnani
    – Weems
    – Reggie (probably too costly + Raps will need offense)
    – Barbosa (trade probably – depends on CBA and/or he grabs one last multi-year contract)
    – One of the PG’s (depends on the draft / free agency)
    – Ajinca
    – Wright
    – Amir (see above)
    . Alabi (judging by the confidence Raps have in him – why would they keep him – probable trade filler).

    That’s 9 “potentially” new players. While Amir may not be moved until the trade deadline (depends on his health), and with Kleiza pretty much out for most of next season, ìt could mean a dramatically different roster come October. Then again, that’s pretty much par for Toronto teams – where we love starting over and over and over again. And where we love to hate departed “off-spring”.

    • points

      BC loves the #9

    • Nilanka15

      Do you honestly think that fans’ opinions have the ability to affect the value of players in trades? The only reason Vince may have had low trade value was because of the way he played. Same goes for Bargnani.

      Also, there’s no reason why Ed and Amir can’t be on the same roster next year with one backing up the other.

      • Theswirsky

        I totally agree. I think fans can have an influence as to whether a player gets traded or not (ie. by being disgruntled with them, not showing up to games, not watching games etc) but not that players value. Vince killed his trade value both because of his play and demanding a trade. Bargnani’s value will be directly related to what he does on the floor (and his contract) not what fans think of him.

    • Theswirsky

      “I couldn’t help but think it was an extremely intelligent statement”

      Then explain why, since he has made a similar statements in the past, he has never done anything about it? In fact his defense and rebounding has gotten worse.

      What Bargnani says by now should be meaningless as he has as of yet not backed that up on the court. Whether thats due to an inability to do so or an unwillingness I’m not sure.

      While knowing what should be done is one thing, actually doing it is another. You don’t praise someone for saying they will donate all their money to charity and then go out and spend it all on new chain instead.

  • RapthoseLeafs

    [” Speaking of that comment by Bargnani, I couldn’t help but think it was an extremely intelligent statement”]


    I started this comment above, and got lost in my point. Suffice to say, Reggie is a good rebounder, as is Dorsey. Buy neither are guys you want in the last 5 minutes in a close game (Remember the game with FT shooting Howard). Julian Wright was a decent defender, but it’s when he tried to be an offensive threat that he faltered in his game. Same goes with our former Antoine Wright.

    Suffice to say, Demar is an example of how hard it is to accomplish things on the offensive side. And for many of the 20+ ppg guys, they worked hard to accomplish their stats. And yes, for those who want to counter this, Bargs usage stats were poorer this year, but I attribute that to Jay’s overuse of him (too many minutes), and a function of being the primary scorer and receiving priority defensive focus. Still can’t figure that one out too. AB’s numbers the previous 2 years show much better numbers.

    • BCistheMan

      Great Read. Thank you for sharing this with us. I really enjoyed it. I think RR should start giving you some room on their team to write.

  • RapthoseLeafs

    There’s a certain entertainment when people say Bargnani was not the sole reason for our failures, but are more or less thinking, he’s the only one I wanna criticize.

    I’d imagine some wonder why a fan can hold onto a specific player, and why they have so much trouble letting that player go. On an individual basis that would be the easy thing to do, if you’re a team fan, and not just about the players. But that would be dismissing the history within Toronto and its’ sporting world, that does this continually. There’s always a reason why a player doesn’t pan out. And there’s always a reason why their exit becomes inevitable. Never our fault (Raptor coaching, GMing, MLSE, FANS, fans, whatever.. ), but simply theirs.

    I was a big Kaberle fan, and when he was traded I went … meh … typical Toronto. I had been losing interest, and that sorta put a tougher seal on the coffin. Which is not to say I can’t t try a Count Vlad and come back.

    With Kaberle, you had talented VETERAN who’s only 33 – with at least 5 or 6 good years left – who would’ve resigned with Toronto if he thought they wanted him.

    Most of all though … he was OURS.

    The thing about focusing on players, and why fans need this aspect to the game, is that players give personality to a team. When Dave Stieb started a game, I knew we were getting a grumpy and somewhat abrasive personality going out on that mound, but I also knew our odds were pretty f*@king good.

    Personally, he was our most dominating Pitcher since day 1. Not as a whole, as I think of Halliday fits that picture better, but just in that individual moment. It was like he was angry every time he was facing a batter – which I guess caters to the Toronto sports psyche.

    For players like Bargnani, Demar and Davis, one or more of them will see a championship in their careers. But it will never be here. We make sure of that.

    2011 will see no basketball play-offs … no hockey play-offs … and pretty sure – no baseball play-offs. With the exception of 2 Jay years, it’s been a spinning wheel …. all day long, all year long, all decade long. And we’re the mice.

    • sup?

      Dude Demar and ED will bring TORONTO to the promise land but not with triano on their side.

    • mac

      Great read. For me it always been about the personalities. When Stieb went to Chicago I for a brief moment in time became a Blue Jay and White Sox fan.

      Same goes when Clark got traded to the Nordiques for Sundin. Except I totally turned the leafs off for quite a while. I still watch the Leafs from a distance. Of coarse who doesn’t

      Until this last little while I really have not followed the Jays that closely until last year but when Doc pitched I always watched.

      Call it being a fake fan or what-ever but it ‘s how it works for a lot of people. We follow players.

      Now here’s the crutch. All you bashers want Bargs gone and I probably understand the die hard B-Ball guys are all about the game and execution and defense. But us followers are about scoring and personalities. You guys will always pay your money & watch but us followers will not if our favorite player gets traded. Who is more important to the advertisers.

      The Raptors have put themselves in a tough spot someone is going to lose

      • Theswirsky

        “You guys will always pay your money & watch but us followers will not if our favorite player gets tradedÈ

        yep and you are what I call fairweather fans. You will be gone one day but back another. So complain about those of us who want whats best for the team…. you’ll be back eventually. And if you are not, there are a million others to take your place. You are hardly relevant.

        Their will be many more fairweather fans watching and supporting a team when that team is good, than fairweather fans when a team is bad.

        • mac

          History tells us this team may never be good. Demar is already complaining about not getting respect for his play . How long before he bolts and will the Raptors be winners before he does. The clock is ticking

      • Ihatehaters

        Good players come and go. Vince. Mighty Mouse. T-Mac. Bosh. The sheep will return…

      • Bendit

        I believe you have missed the point entirely about what it means to be a fan of a team.

        There is one antidote to your approach and that is when the team wins “followers” like you will turn your eyeballs over and come back to watch whether a Bargnani or Bosh or Vince etc were here or not. If a player is not contributing or he gets better value in exchange in order to improve the team…he goes.

    • Theswirsky

      “when people say Bargnani was not the sole reason for our failures, but are more or less thinking, he’s the only one I wanna criticize.”

      you do understand that he sees the most minutes, the most usage and has the largest long term contract left on this team right?

      Any team is made up of 5 players on the floor and 7 more on the bench. Everything is not one persons fault. But that doesn’t mean that one person can’t have the biggest influence on those faults.

      As for the rest of your statement.. a player being “ours” and therefore supporting him is ridiculous. I by no means want to support a player I think is somehow hurting the team (whether through their play or through their contractual value). A player who I feel is hurting the team.

      I do agree however that players give a team personality. And for the past 7 years this team has had a soft and passive personality. A lack of hear and desire. And that can be directly related to their two most influencial players over that time (Bosh and Bargnani). And one of the biggest reason this team needs a serious change.

      • BCistheMan

        “ou do understand that he sees the most minutes, the most usage and has the largest long term contract left on this team right? ”

        Based on this logic, anytime the team is NOT performing well we should focus on the STAR player and criticize him ONLY and ask for his trade and departure from the team while let the others OFF the hook !!

        So it is never the fault of the supporting cast of the scrubs, Bad GM for putting a team together that lack any sort of cohesively or a Coach which can not implement a system that actually works !!!

        Based on your logic, Lakers should have traded Kobe when the team struggling after the SHAQ departure or Celtics should have traded Paul Pierce when team was struggling before arrival of Allen and KG !!!

        Thank God for those franchises that their GM and fans had a better understanding of what it means to build champions and championships and TOO BAD for us that we don’t.

        Hence they are there and we are here. Five years, almost 15 million to a GM to give us his finished product of 3rd worst record in the league !!!

        • Theswirsky

          I didn’t even remotely say that, hint at that, or lead to that.

          No need to put words in my mouth.

  • FAQ

    Bargs is as good as the Raptors will get, unless they find a winner in the draft.

    If BC blows up the Raptors for the 4th season, basketball in Toronto is gonna get problematic.

    The current roster doesn’t seem to have enough players with “NBA bodies” … they’re scrawny.

    Next several seasons will only be interesting to watch visiting teams.

    Raptors will be a cellar-dwelling team for years to come, like Minny.

  • RBB

    Vala is better, imo, than Kanter.
    I say this, having just returned to TO but having lived in Barcelona for the past two years and watching a lot of euroleague play and having gone to many games.

    While I’m at it…
    Rubio will NOT do well in the NBA, given his current game (as some people mention acquiring him). The guy can’t hit a 3, his mid-game range isn’t great, his defensive footwork is terrible and he looks like a child when any game gets rough.

    • Bendit

      Thank you for that Rubio assessment. It confirms my own thoughts albeit watching a few games on tv.

      However, you mention that Vala is better than Kanter….but is Kanter playing pro ball this season?

      • RBB

        No he isn’t playing from what I have seen. Even when he played euroleague a few years ago, it was sparingly. I have to imagine anyone who has barely played in the past few years unable to hone their skills at all…and that alone will make them far worse. Vala actually seems like he will be real decent in a few years.

  • Balls of Steel

    If we land the # 1 pick, there’s only Irving to consider, if # 2, it’s Williams, if # 3, it’s Barnes / Kanter (tie).