Definition of ‘rebuilding’:

1. to repair, especially to dismantle and reassemble with new parts: to rebuild an old car.
2. to replace, restrengthen, or reinforce: to rebuild an army.
3. to revise, reshape, or reorganize: to rebuild a shattered career.

Yes, dismantle. I like that word and it’s what needs to be taken to heart this summer. I find that we as fans forget the dynamic and changing landscape that Raptorland has been of late, there is so much roster turnover with the Raptors that it’s entirely possible that there will be yet another massive revamp of the roster, like it has been in past years. I lost track when trying to figure out the turnover of late, but it’s at least 8 players for each of the past three seasons. And that’s when the Raptors were trying to contend.

Now that the project is in rebuild mode, what kind of an exodus should we expect? That is dependent on whether the current regime (or the incoming one) has an evaluation of the players on the roster, and I don’t think you need to be well-versed in NBAism to figure out what to keep and what to boot of this lot. The last thing the Raptors want is to waste precious playing time on players that aren’t part of a larger plan, and the action this summer should be swift and purposeful. So yeah, I expect lots of new faces once again.

DeMar DeRozan, Ed Davis are the two players that should be automatically penciled into next year’s roster. DeRozan because he’s shown improvement and growth, and has the necessary work-ethic demanded of a good NBA player. Davis because we’re short of big-man defense and he’s a young guy who brings it along with a proper and serious attitude. His rookie deal makes it at even easier decision, and frankly, he hasn’t done anything wrong that would deserve criticism, let alone a boot.

Amir Johnson is in the ‘maybe’ pile and I’ll tell you why. He has proved to be good money for his contract and has a very desirable toughness to go along with his defensive game. I know saying this about a 23-year old doesn’t make great sense and is a risky proposition, but what makes Amir Johnson so attractive to the Raptors will make him doubly so to other teams. If the Raptors are considering trading their pick, add in Amir Johnson to the package and now you can bring in something of real substance. I feel that we can extrapolate what Johnson’s career will be and it’s going to be steady and sound. Right now the Raptors are in the hunt for talent and the dice needs to be rolled, Johnson is a great bait

The ‘out’ pile is sure to raise some eyebrows but when you’re tasked with the duty of rebuilding, you have to be ruthless. Andrea Bargnani gets the axe. Why? It’s been five years and we’ve seen what he can do, and it’s not very interesting. Carrying him over to next year would be going against the spirit of the rebuilding process because he’s gone from being a part of the core to a remnant that reminds you of sadder days. If this is truly a rebuild, he has to go. Same with Calderon.

Reggie Evans, Linas Kleiza and Leandro Barbosa are part of the “your act is getting old” group. They’re not classified with Bargnani because they don’t carry the Chris Bosh era stench, which Bargnani like it or not does. They were all brought in here with an eye to fill out the roster in order to compete, now that the mandate has changed it’s time to move them. Evans is a hard worker and a great teammate, he’s also taking minutes away from Davis and Johnson. The latter trumps the former. If the Raptors acquire that elusive defensive center who will play 35 minutes a night, there’s not going to be much to go around in the big spots because Davis and Johnson cannot handle the three for a minute.

This next pile is like CSI Miami, it’s not very good but if nothing else is on I’ll watch it. Barely. James Johnson, Sonny Weems, Joey Dorsey and Julian Wright. None of these guys are scheduled to be starters in the league anytime soon, and it shouldn’t take a GM more than a season and a half of seeing them play to make a decision as to whether they’re suited to be part of a rebuild process where the identity of a franchise is being transformed. These are guys you look to move as part of a package because on their own they don’t fetch anything. I doubt anyone but Johnson (still under his rookie deal) will return, although I could see Bryan Colangelo bringing back Sonny Weems to appease DeMar DeRozan. Hate that.

Jerryd Bayless is in a category of his own. I’m thinking he’s coming into next year expecting to be the starter if Jose Calderon departs (or even if he remains?). I wonder what his reaction would be to the Raptors drafting a starting point-guard. The commonly held belief is that Bayless is a score-first PG who is suited in a role off the bench (as most score-first PGs are). From Bayless’ perspective, he’s got to feel that he’s on the cusp of becoming a starter in the league based on his good play towards the end of the season, and the confidence shown in him by the club. For my money, Bayless is a keeper as a backup PG, but if the Raptors end up drafting a college kid to play the starting point, I can’t imagine Bayless taking it too kindly. Maybe it’ll motivate him and he’ll try to usurp the new guy, but I think he’s had enough of that already in all his NBA stops. It’s not like the team would bench the new kid because of bad play, I mean, when you draft that high you do it with an aim to develop and expect mistakes.

Next up are Alexis Ajinca and Solomon Alabi, both should get full-time jobs rescuing cats who get stuck in trees.

So, in summary, here’s my order of preference:

DeRozan, Davis, A. Johnson, Bayless, Barbosa, Kleiza, Calderon, Wright, J. Johnson, Bargnani, Dorsey, Evans, Weems, Ajinca, Alabi

Good day!

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  • Matt52

    Good read, Arse.

    Wright over Johnson though? Really? That is my only eye brow raiser.

    • albertan_10

      i have to agree with matt. Wright needs to go and should be next to ajinca

      • KJ-B

        I AGREE. I often disagree with opinions on here but that’s why it’s called a blog and NOT reality… JJ would be my 6th man/swiss army knife all day every day… I’ve been toutin’ this guy for months but the best pick in this draft for the Raps with their personnel is JAN VASELY-aka the Dunkin Ninja-…That’s my starting SF right there!!!!

        • KJ-B

 … JV is the only guy I’m projecting with superstar *potential from this draft besides Kyrie Irving (see: sorely afraid of foot injuries with 82 game pro hoops sched)………..

          • KJ-B

   … KinG of DunK … I rest my case! White men CAN jump!!! Whoever passes on this guy will be crying for years–DIFFERENCE MAKER.

            • _cp_

              i’d like to see a mix tape of his “d” personally. 6’11” euro prospects scare me, the only one worth anything is dirk, and he certainly wouldnt be my first pick for his position.

              maybe we can somehow get our hands on another lottery pick and draft vesely and donatas motiejunas. that’d be awesome! then we could start 3 6’11″+ euros, including bargnani, wouldnt that be great? (sarcasm)

              kyrie or bust

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      Wright is a much better defender than JJ.

      Both can handle, pass the ball at a decent skill level- Wright slightly better ball handling, passing skills.

      Both need to work on outside shot. Plus Wright hustles harder than JJ although both seem to play hard most games.

      I just like Wright for standing up to Jay’s Bull Chit and not going into a game in the 2nd half (didn’t play in 1st half) of a 40 point blowout- when the Rap’s were playing shorthanded at that.

    • Robx

      “It’s not like the team would bench the new kid because of bad play, I mean, when you draft that high you do it with an aim to develop and expect mistakes.”

      Hahhahah, genius! Like Smitch did with Andrea, right? Worst young talent management in the history of the NBA, congrats Raps!

    • KJ-B

      “Chris Bosh era stench”… I’m convinced ur basketball-loco-grrreat writer but U don’t know ball dude–naaaAaaah!!!

  • blastme

    “Next up are Alexis Ajinca and Solomon Alabi, both should get full-time jobs rescuing cats who get stuck in trees.”

    I lol’ed

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!


      Bargnani is on the roster and BC goes and signs, acquires bean pole centers like Ajinca aka Bargnani Light & Solo?

      Doesn’t BC know by now that AB needed veteran rugged players to play next to like KThomas, JCollins or JaCollins not more soft finesse players like himself?

      • POINTS

        I told you the fucker is blind.

  • pesterm1

    Great article. I completely agree with you. My top 4 are derozan, davis, amir johnson, bayless.

    I really think bayless will have a breakout season this year and finally find his place in this league. I was watching some older videos of Bayless when he first entered the league called , Draft day. he seems very into what he does. He is a player that wont stop till he gets what he wants and will continue to work till he gets there. bayless and amir have both seen what its like on other teams playing in better players shados and how easy it is to be traded. I see both of them having better seasons then this year. all 4 players listed baove are hard working players and they all enjoy toronto. i tihnk theyre part of the future going forward.

    • Nilanka15

      Bayless did impress down the stretch. But he impressed as a scorer, not necessarily as a PG. The offense still seemed to lack balance, structure and cohesion with Bayless running the show.

      If we end up drafting Irving, Knight, or Walker, I would rather part with Bayless, and keep Calderon for backup duty. We all know that Calderon is better suited in the 2nd unit, and his contract will make him difficult (although not impossible) to trade.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

        That’s the thing if this was a rebuild as propagandized by BC & Jay then why was Jose starting so late into the past season instead of Bayless? Why not give Bayless 20-25 games as the primary starter and see what type of production he produces over a larger sample size of games. Now we are left wondering about the consistency in his game still.

        Actions speak louder than words or pr media spins on losing with a purpose.

        Irving, Knight or Walker may not even be better than Bayless- certainly they are not right now.

        Anything that has to do with keeping Calderon in the TDot is flawed as Jose always sulks when he loses his starting pg spot- he’s is no mentor especially at around 10 milion dollars.

        Jose is part of the bad Raptors karma (BC, Gheradini, Jay, AB)- gots 2 go.

        • Nilanka15

          Actually, Calderon has never sulked while coming off the bench. Not once.

          • Mediumcore

            Great team player to not sulk, but doesn’t say much about his competetive edge. He should want to be the starter when playing along side T.J. Ford or J. Jack. Not saying he should show it by sulking, but he never gave any indication of wanting to start.

            • Theswirsky

              because he doesn’t sulk it speaks poorly of his competitive edge? I think the exact opposite. He is ready to do whatever his team asks of him to help them compete.

              “I want to start”… his exact words before his previous contract. Just because he didn’t throw a fuss when the job was given to Jack, hardly means he doesn’t want to.

              Of all the player who have ever put on a Raps uni, not one has had the gamesmanship of Jose. He is a class act all the way.

              • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

                Jose is full of bad karma- str8 up & down.

                • POINTS

                  kobe’s 160 points

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

              I believe Jose has said in the media on multiple occasions that he wants to start- correct me if I’m wrong.

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

            That’s what we are led to believe but why is there always a pg problem or situation with Jose?

            Get rid of Jose get rid of the problem.

            • Nilanka15

              The problem was that we never had a clear-cut starter at PG. Whether it was Ford and Calderon, or Jack and Calderon, it’s always been 2 backup calibre PGs battling for starters minutes.

              Having said that, if there’s a taker for Calderon’s contract, it would be wise to move him for obvious financial reasons. But if there isn’t, then we have a pre-determined role that I think Calderon should do well in as his career winds down.

              • Mediumcore

                Agreed, he is the best PG we currently have on the roster and you don’t give that up for nothing.

                • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

                  If Jose is the best pg we have, Bayless would argue that point, then what does that say about our talent level at pg?

                • sleepz

                  It says that the talent level is not very good cause Jose has defensive issues and his once reliable shot it not so reliable anymore.

                  Bayless is not a 1.

                • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

                  Well, David Amber was interviewing Bayless and called him combo guard and Bayless corrected him and said that he is a 1 aka point guard- not a combo guard.

                • Mediumcore

                  LOL, well I didn’t say it was great talent, but he’s much better at making plays for his team mates than Bayless. I’d say Jose is one of the better PG’s coming off the bench in the league, but can’t say that Bayless is at that level yet. He would be a third option off the bench for most teams.

              • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

                That’s just it Jose talent level has been over rated by BC & staff thus everyone they bring in to be his back up is just as good if not better than Jose ie Jack.

                Heck even Sundaita Gaines look as good as Jose and played much better on defense.

                Jose is part of the Rap’s bad karma- he has to go somehow,

                • Theswirsky

                  Jose is one of the few players on this team (for the past 5 years) who would hold a job on any NBA team, get minutes and likely start.

                  I understand Jose is no longer young. I know his contract is not attractive… and those two things are likely going to mean him being moved for the rebuild. But I think he should be one of the toughest to part with.

                • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

                  Jose should be in his prime right now but instead he is hesitant to shoot, can’t consistenly break down defenses with penetration & his defense is a step slow.

                  Alot of Jose apologist may point to his assists (8.9) but he gives up more than he produces on the other end while rarely being a scoring threat on offense.

                  His current salary- thanks to BC, bemoans his abilites as a starting lead guard in the NBA. Jose game more than any other Raptors player has regressed under Jay.

                  On another more veteran, talented team like the Lakers or Heat for instance he may very well fit in better- if he can stay healthy. I wish nothing but the best for Jose- he just gots 2 go.

                  I would move Jose for a 2nd round draft pick just to clear his salary- if another team was willing that

                  Bargnani & Jose (BC tried to trade him) have both been the longest tenured Raptors under BC- do the full stagnation math.

                • guest

                  That’s why Michael Jordan said “No way Jose” He is not wanted as many places as you would like to think.

                • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

                  Larry Brown actually said no to Jose via MJ.

                • POINTS

                  kobe’s 160 points

            • Jonathan

              Not unless you get rid of the fans as well. I assure you, if we ever have an embarassment of riches at the 1 again, these tedious, fan-wrought PG battles will rear their ugly heads again.

          • sleepz

            Thats true, but he doesn’t like being booed. lol

          • POINTS

            if you were getting paid like him would you?

        • POINTS

          kobe’s 160 points

      • Bendit

        But might that (his avg. pg play) have something to do with the lack of talent/inexperience of all on the floor? The theme of the main post was turnover. And getting rid of Bayless or diminishing his role after his showing will further feed into the lack of stability. I vote for checking his improvement next season and going from there. His intangibles (working hard, competitiveness) are reason enough on this team. If we were to draft a pg high we can bring him along more slowly.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

          They (BC & Jay) should have been checking for Bayless’ improvement this season- especially post London but there was an injured Jose still starting in this so called rebuild- BC’s/Jay’s actions speaks louder than their words (lies/deceptions).

          We should be going into next season already knowing exactly what Bayless consistently brings to the table yet we still don’t know that particular.

      • WhatWhat

        Wasn’t his only other real offensive threat basically DeRozan? I mean the other options were basically, an injuried Amir, Davis, JJ, and Reggie/Dorsey.


    James Johnson should be right after Amir Johnson ,also does any one thinks that james johnson can produce triple double on some nites, it just seems to me like he’s capable of do it.

  • jeff_hostetler

    Your stance on James Johnson is confusing. You state the rebuild needs to transform the team’s identity, yet throw Johnson, who’s about as tough a defender as they come, out the window? I don’t get it. If you ask me, the core you keep includes James Johnson. What do you realistically expect in return for him anyway?

    Trading James Johnson is the equivalent of either A) having no direction at all in the rebuild, or B) continuing all the problems of the past half-decade, namely, “if you can’t play on offense, you don’t play on the Raptors. I don’t care how good you play on defense. We don’t take kindly to defenders ’round these parts.”

    • Nilanka15

      Johnson’s got a ton of potential, and I agree that I wouldn’t want to give up on him just yet. But is he a clear cut starter like DeRozan and Davis? Definitely not. Let’s hope he develops a consistent stroke this off-season. And if he’s relegated to the 2nd unit, let’s hope his work ethic doesn’t suffer.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

        Potential gets most NBA coaches & GMs fired.

        JJ is a bench role player- point blank, or a trade asset. There is a reason why he rarely saw the floor in Chi Town.

        • Nilanka15

          The reason is that Chi Town is a stacked team, and doesn’t have patience for young players to develop and learn through their mistakes.

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

            Because those mistake end up costing you games especially when they are the same mistakes over & over.

            I like JJ (who is 6’7 in shoes not 6’9 as Leo/Jack love to say)- as a rotation bench player not as a starter.

        • POINTS

          no way guy jj looks like he can give you tripple doubles

      • Statement

        To me Johnson = Julian wright with a little bit more offensive talent.

        • Statement

          Johnson is a better rebounder but Julian is a much better defender.

          Both are good passers. Both can’t shoot (although James is a little better)

          • mountio

            The other thing people dont seem to be mentioning is JJ is a better help defender (ie blocked shots, transition D) – I think JW maybe a little better on the ball defender. JJ also much better at finishing on the break / in transition .. JW has trouble there. JW really, really struggles on O in the half court set. JJ needs work too, but hes much better.
            In the end, I think JJ>JW in enough facets that the choice is relatively clear.

          • POINTS

            makeup you mind,let me help you jj is the one.

      • Theswirsky

        “But is he a clear cut starter like DeRozan”

        better question. Is Derozan a clear cut starter?

        • Nilanka15

          I meant “clear cut starter” by Raptor standards 😛

          • Theswirsky

            good point.

        • pesterm1

          yes… i think derozan would start on the bulls, a real contender.

        • POINTS

          on a rebuilding team yes.

    • Brasky

      he’s not even that good defensively, though. Wright is far better on that end.

      • slaw

        This. Johnson is constantly out of position defensively and that’s the reason he didn’t play in Chicago. The Raptors are completely disorganized on defence, so JJ’s shortcomings weren’t as apparent in Toronto as in Chicago.

        Still, you’ve got him on a rookie scale deal and he is a decent bench guy for where this team is at right now.

    • Lakonomy

      The issue is his shot. DD is historically bad at the three pointer, and Johnson is not good. Having both of them on the floor without a shooting big makes us really easy to defend, and messes up our spacing.

      • Bo4

        That’s why I want AB as the #1 SF.

        • POINTS

          buddy stop with this AB i’m a pf ,sf the guy that does the complecated things on the raptors team will not be on this team next season .

          • Bo4

            OK, buddy … if you’re the GM, and can only make three moves that are possible to make, what are they?

            • POINTS

              bargs and caldie are two of our defencive problems in our starting line up ,caldie has to go because kobe scored 160 points on him

              1)draft cardiac kemba with the 3rd pick
              2) bargs to the real euro team the NETS for lopez
              3) find 3 point shooter
              i can also live with bargs and caldie on this team just not in the starting lineup.

              • Bo4

                NJN only have Kris Humphries & Brook Lopez up front. They need to ADD a C/PF, not trade one for another. It ain’t going to happen.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      JJ as part of the Raptors future core?lol

      His whole overall game needs to be cultivated.

      He was handed a starting spot in the TDot and did nothing to impress me to keep it for next season as he was consistently inconsistent plus he didn’t look in the best of shape.

      In fact I hope the Rap’s draft either SF DWill or TJones in the draft.

      • Bo4

        DWill will be gone, & TJones would not be part of the rotation.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

          Depends on if the Rap’s get a top 2 selection and/or if some team ahead of them buys the Bismack Biyombo hype allowing DWill to slide down a slot or two (Irving).

          TJones would most definately start at SF for the Rap’s- especially if all this rebuild hype is to be believed in the

          • Bo4

            I wouldn’t bet the home on either. TJones is over-hyped himself. He isn’t ready for the NBA, anymore than DeMar was as a rookie. He isn’t the solution next year. Only DWill would start and contribute significantly. By the time TJones is at the same point, DeMar will be looking to get out.

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

              Time will tell.

      • POINTS

        raps will be ok after the starting c/pf and the guy that brings the ball up to the three point line and then pass it to the c/pf/6 man/fpg/scorer is remove from this team ,how can you win when you are playing 3 against 5 and another thing if you were on this team when kobe scored 160 points i’m sorry it’s time for you to go.

  • JalenRose5

    Love the article! You beautifully articulated into words what I have been feeling for the last two years. I love Bayless and hope he can have a break out year. I wouldn’t mind our point guard situation if jose was designated as our full time back up!

  • cesco

    I have a better suggestion (some have already suggested it) , demolish the entire structure , A to Z and start all over . Trade for draft picks and hope for a rebirth in our lifetime .

    • ak

      rebuild in real life is not at all what you do in nba live or football manager series. derozan, davis and johnson should absolutely stay for the reasons provided in the article.

    • Nilanka15

      But with the exception of DeRozan and Davis, that’s pretty much what Arse is suggesting.

      • cesco

        I am suggesting that no one should be a sacred cow and that include the management , coaching and scouting components of the structure .

        • Nilanka15

          We started the rebuild process 8 months ago, and have since found some nice pieces for the future. What’s the point of starting over again, unless you’re that bitter about Bargnani’s pending departure?

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

            BC didn’t announce this Bull Chit pr spin on losing- rebuild, until January.

            It’s time to clean house (hopefully new Raptors ownership will do this) from the front office down to the locker room and everything inbetween- you don’t have to go home but you gotta go.

          • POINTS

            i’m telling you bargs is gone next year ROME is not happy
            bargs will be with sam mitchel next season also our gm/ass and bargs trainer and cook then you gonna see niggas rock the rim and cardiac kemba breaking ankles players being taken out in wheel chair and sheeee wow wow wow o happy day

    • And hope to draft guys like Ed Davis and DeRozan? OR, you could just not trade those guys. Getting rid of EVERYONE just to get rid of everyone is pretty pointless.

      • slaw

        There also seems to be this idea that all you need is a bunch of young players and you have to play and develop all of them. It’s ludicrous. There aren’t enough minutes to play 10 or 11 young guys and, even if there were, the result is that the team is so awful no one is developing anyway.

        Keeping some vets like Calderon or Barbosa or Evans in supporting roles is necessary. They may not be long term Raptors at this point but you can’t just have 5 rookies and 5 sophomores every year. At some point, you need to focus on 3 or 4 key young guys and surrround them with some quality vets. That time isn’t here yet but constantly re-shuffling the deck means you never get there.

        • I agree completely, although I’d trade Barbosa because I think, if healthy, he’s got a lot of trade value. Calderon, on the other hand, probably is more valuable to the team than in a trade, due to his contract.

  • Great read and I wish it will happen but I still don’t believe BC will part with Bargnani or continue to tank/rebuild.

    He’s going to get the best centre he can get at whatever the cost player-wise and roll the dice once again on competing.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      Hopefully BC & his BullChit consensus crew will be old news come next season- whenever that manifests itself- January?

      Rebuild was just another BC aka The Deceiver pr spin on losing with a purpose.

  • ChrisR

    I like James Johnson as a back up 3

    I think Bargnani would be invaluable off the bench if we had a deeper team.

    nothing wrong with a davis/Amir platoon at the 4(this is our strongest position as far as depth)

    we need a point guard and a centre, bottom line

    • Bo4

      1) Make Restricted Free Agent Marc Gasol an offer that the Grizz can’t match? and 2) trade down to get Jimmer Fredette?

  • Duncan

    Arrgh! Still almost 3 weeks till the lottery! Tough to figure out the first move without knowing where we’ll draft….

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      Life as a Rap’s fan in 2011 via BC, Gheradini & Jay.

  • Stu Jackson

    bargs would be great as an odom type player coming off the would be foolish to develop him for so long and trade him like that

    • Nilanka15

      Odom is great off the bench because he brings so much more than scoring (reboudning, play-making, defense, ball-handling, leadership, etc.). Can’t say the same for Bargs.

      Let’s face it, Odom would be a starter on 29 other teams.

    • Like just about any player, he’s an asset. Keeping him simply because you developed him is not smart team building. You do what’s best for the team. And as already stated, Bargnani is nothing like Odom. Besides scoring, what does Bargnani bring?

      • Iscore you defend

        Belinelli just made 20+ against LA in game 5. He is the SG starter in a PLAYOFF team. Not in Toronto because he sucks. As Bargnani. They just score.

        • Nilanka15

          A little short-sighted, are we?!?!

          The previous 4 games, Belinelli is averaging a whopping 6.5 ppg, shooting 29.7% from the field, 22.3% from 3pt range, 1 rpg, 0.5 apg, ZERO free throw attemtps, in 26 largely undeserved minutes.

          Belinelli is fucking garbage.

          But hey, VIVA ITALIA!!!

          • Theswirsky

            Nilanka your being ridiculous. Single game statistics say so much more about a player (especially Italian players) than any statistic over a period of time.

            Come on now, where have you been for the past 5 years?

        • I really have no idea the point of your comment. Personally, I was against trading Belinelli because he was simply a better all around player than Weems. Belinelli can score, but he’s also a decent defender, and a good ball handler and passer. Unfortunately the only skills that Bargnani has which aren’t below average is scoring.

    • cesco

      On a team with a couple of all star players you can do that . There is no way Andrea will accept a backup role while watching DD lick the floor on constant double coverage , something Andrea did handle during the season .

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      Barg’s aka I Got The Flu Again Coach doesn’t have half the basketball skills not to mention the desire to compete of

      Barg’s hasn’t been developed but coddled- recognize.

    • POINTS

      whoooos ganna doooo the complicated stuff ?

  • meductic

    I like J Johnson while I am willing to accept that he is a project with potential to be a contributing back up behind a SF who can ideally both shoot 3’s and contribute to defense. However, I truly believe that J Wright’s negatives out weigh his contributions, even when he is willing to play. At the shortest this rebuild will take at least 2 more years. Of the 3 greatest needs the Raps are best covered at PG for the short term. Despite this they have to take Irving or Williams if able. If not it would ideally be draft one of either a centre or SF and trade/buy/steal for the other. Reassess PG for 2012 when there will be some great ones available and try to assemble as many possible 2012 picks as possible… There are very few short cuts and unfotunately no guarentees

  • Doe~Moe

    I just wanna see andrea get traded so i dont have to be forced to watch that god awful primo pasta commercial on nba tv. Like how you gonna be the face of the franchise and be making commerical ads about primo pasta…i know hes italian an all but comon man! whos with me!?!?!

  • hateslosing

    How many times have you seen Alabi play?

    • arsenalist

      Enough in the DLeague.

  • Mediumcore

    “but what makes Amir Johnson so attractive to the Raptors will make him doubly so to other teams”

    I think that statement should be the other way around. As fans we probably have an inflated idea of what Amir’s really worth, as opposed to other teams. I’d say a player like Wilson Udonis Haslem probably has more people talking about him in the NBA than does Amir. As far as his value as a player I’d think he is regarded somewhere between Udonis Haslem (high end) and Carols Delfino (lower end) but with less noteriety. Solid player, but not goint to get you anything special in a trade.

    • Mediumcore

      *originally I was thinking Wilson Chandler but then thought he might be too high on the ladder to compare Amir to

    • Nilanka15

      Interesting point. But do fans’ perceptions accurately parallel GM/scouts’ perceptions? I would hope not.

      • Mediumcore

        Perhaps not, but I’d say GM’s are influenced by what fans, season ticket holders want…remember the “young gunz” angle? When BC was coming up with that he had to know a core of Derozan, Weems and Amir had no hope of doing anything special, but rolled with it to appease fans. In that same manner SOME GM’s must know that trading for Amir isn’t going to put a smile on their fans face or sell tix.(I say some because teams like Minnie, Clevland, etc..are not just struggling to improve their team they’re struggling to sell tix and stay afloat.

        It’s not a clear cut factor in decision maiking but keeping fans happy is still a factor to be considered.

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    Put the REBUILD kool aid down as to propagate those words is to reinforce the lie that BC came up with in January to rationalize all the current losing of games by the Rap’s to fans.

    The Rap’s are in a total meltdown state- believe it or not, as the entire front office is likely to be replaced under new ownership.

    BC’s Raptors year 5- DeRozan, Davis, AJohnson, Bayless, Barbosa, Kleiza, Calderon, Wright, JJohnson, Bargnani, Dorsey, Evans, Weems, Ajinca, Alabi- wow?!?!

    It’ll be very interesting to see who survives the Rap’s- transformation, post MLSE.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      Breaking Raptors News Alert:

      This is not a rebuild but just the continuation of the “stability of stagnation” under BC.

  • barenakedman

    Amir – DD – ED – Bayless – Bargnani – JJ

    This is the core of players I hope we’ll be going forward with if BC is retained. They are in the sequence from Amir to JJ that I’d be most to least disappointed if they weren’t.

    There is no way they won’t be bringing in that big presence at the five.
    If Bargs isn’t part of a trade to make that happen it’ll be new and exciting to see him coming off the bench for 20 minutes. He’s young enough to be part of a contending Raptors team a few years down the road. Please don’t think now that we have that defensive presence it’ll allow Bargs to play 30-40 minutes.

    If they draft a PG, Bayless should continue to start unless the rookie has shown he can excel in the NBA.The level of play at the NBA level is so different than everything else that there are very few guaranteed to make it prospects.

    If JJ doesn’t come back improved he’s lost a huge opportunity he may never see again.

    Amir, DD and ED are on the right track and they’ll only get better.

  • Kingraptors

    I don’t think anyone understands here, it’s easy to say get rid of someone but you need someone that is willing to take that player… and if you state that a player’s flaws are substantially visible then PLEASE tell me why would another team trade for that player… those teams have scouts ya know

    It takes 2 to tango… jus sayin

    • Mediumcore

      Now, now, there’s no need to bring logic into the coversation.

    • Nilanka15

      Two words: Hedo Turkoglu.

      Nuff said.

    • POINTS

      new jersey would take.

  • Theswirsky

    I just hope this team rebuilds around Regae Even. Anyone with a name that sweet has got to be the center peice of everything.

    • Statement

      Don’t forget Leonard.

  • Bo4

    Arse, MLSE isn’t crazy enough to let BC go without someone ‘they like to go to’ ‘ready to take over’. Andrea isn’t going anywhere. A new role is a must, though. #1 SF?

    Plus you’ve way over-rated Linas & Julian. Linas will NOT even be on the bench (he’s List, at best), and Julian will be ‘allowed’ (encouraged) to walk away.

    But what do I know … I’m just a fan …

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      MLSE is selling their shares in the Franchise so they are most liely going to let the new owners (provided MLSE finds a suitable offer) put in place their own Basketball management team as they see fit.

      As well, BC is still under contract until June 30 that being said reportedly he is working on the Raptors draft until further notice.

      Andrea, who is now bigger & slower, will fail as a SF remember Sam played him there to no avail.

      • Bo4

        MLSE doesn’t work that fast. BC will be extended one year. If he has a better offer, they’ll go to Plan B.

        Andrea might have Marc Gasol as a C, & and another 3 point shooter in Jimmer Fredette. The dynamics of the starting unit would be MUCH more balanced than any of the Raptor teams he’s been on up until now.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

          MLSE starts taking bids on April 24th I believe- correct me if I’m wrong. MLSE will have an interim GM (Embry) running things until the sale is completed and/or through the potential NBA lockout.

          Then the new owners will hire their own basketball management team and so forth.

          BC is gone unless the potential new owners want him- which is very doubtful.

          Who is Fredette going to guard?lol He’ll be lucky to have a JJ Reddick like career- if he works out extra hard.

          Gasol, have you been watching the playoffs, isn’t leaving his adopted American hometown of Memphis for the TDot. As well ZBo re-signed with Memphis in part because Gasol will do the same- next.

          Whomever buys the Rap’s need to ship AB (Jose too) out of town as soon as his BYC contract tag expires July 1- too much bad karma with Pasta plus he straight up quit on the Rap’s post London.

          • Bo4

            MLSE is like a big boat … it doesn’t change directions in a short period of time. I mean, their beaurocracy will be really slow to get the job done.

            Why would Embry take the gig? He brought BC onboard to begin with.

            If BC is gone, so will AB, MG & JT.

            I don’t know if anyone is crazy enough to ship out our only real passer (JC), tho.

            I seem to remember Steve Kerr doing pretty well in the same role as JF would get.

            Memphis is in financial trouble cause of poor attendance. They may not be able to retain him fiscally.

            I’m just convinced that the three simplest steps to advancement are 1) move AB to #1 SF, 2) Sign MG to an offer sheet that both exceeds all other offers & prevents the Griz from matching, and 3) trading down to draft JF. All are do-able, and the resulting team will be a significantly improved one. THEN we give them all until Xmas to prove that they belong together …

            • Smushmush

              Memphis is actually doing okay and their playoff attendance even during away games has been splendid because of the success of the Zach Randolph-led Memphis Grizzlies playing without Rudy Gay – their franchise player (Shane Battier has filled in admirably well for Rudy Gay), it looks like they are actually doing okay financially because of the renewed optimism of the Grind Memphis Grizzlies (Aside – the Memphis Grizzlies organization sold out Game 6 tickets against San Antonio Spurs in less than an hour. Fans will always show up when teams win (Just look at a sold out Atlanta Hawks arena cheering for the upset of the Orlando Magic in Game 6)). In conclusion, on a 60 loss team, nobody should be spared from front office down to the players, I think the ship on BC, MG, Triano, Jim Kelly has sailed and new blood should be infused into the organization so that they can stop being a laughing stock in the league. My 2 cents.

              • Bo4

                Actually, the Griz were 27th out of 30 teams!

  • yeezy

    FREDETTE IS OVERRATED. I dont see him scoring more than 14 points a game in an NBA team unless hes playing against the Raps. AND FOR BARGNANI, I just hope hes gone next season along with triano. HIM and TRIANO create a bad presence around the team. Bargs keeps jacking those shots and barely makes them and cant defend on the other side to save his life. I just hope MLSE pushes Colangelo to get rid of bargnani before the next season starts or MLSE will get rid of him along with gherardini.

    • Nilanka15

      Agreed. Fredette would be the LAST player I’d want the Raps to pick. He was horribly inefficient in college. I don’t imagine that improving in the pros.


    the real king is coming ,we will have ROY ,EOY and COY…we are in Canada so the NBA will let us have all three, short season /bhm/mlkd do the math. when the king arrive he will be breaking ankles,necks and hitting game winning shots. we are not getting kyrie or dw,we are picking 3rd and thats where the king will be, he will have the raptors games on tnt ,espn, nbc ,abc,cbs maybe even cbn BC will shine again. JT look like DOC . this is what this kid is going to do for this team.
    >>>>> CARDIAC KEMBA <<<<<