James Johnson as a point-forward? I’ve been open-minded enough to entertain that idea for most of the season, maybe it’s because watching Raptors basketball is so brutal that your mind can wander off and start imagining things that shouldn’t be imagined. Like Jarrett Jack as a starting point guard, Jamario Moon as a defensive-stopper, Chris Bosh as a franchise player, Jason Kapono as a starter, unicorns, fat yoga teachers, you get the idea. The new scene is James Johnson being trumpeted a pretty good find by Bryan Colangelo, and someone who was totally worth that first-round pick. His versatility has been praised and he’s now seen as someone the Raptors could very well take forward in their quest to win 30 games.

I figured I put that versatility to the test by seeing just how he fared when playing the position that makes a small forward so versatile – the point. Synergy Sports has video of 20 plays where James Johnson was the ball-handler in a pick ‘n roll, a situation frequently dealt by point guards. So without further ado, here you go:

Here’s how it went:

Made layup
Missed layup
Missed layup
Missed jumper
Missed jumper
Made layup
Made jumper
Made layup
Missed jumper
Made dunk
Made dunk
Missed jumper
Made layup
Missed jumper

You can add them up and see what his percentages are, all I could notice was that he had five turnovers in these situations and as the video shows, they weren’t exactly because the defense was suffocating. I’m not writing off James Johnson as an NBA player, a point-forward or the second coming of Magic Johnson, I’m just saying that the guy is about as refined as a girl from Peterborough. I wish there was a crystal ball which would project his NBA career for us so that we’d be sure we’re not wasting time with him, but there’s not and since he’s cheap, under contract and Colangelo’s acquisition, he’ll get at least another year to ply his trade in Toronto. I also hope there was a Crystal ball which would go back into time and tell me if that bastard who put my sandwich together at Ginger had washed his hands, because I feel goddamn awful.

Here are his Synergy offensive usage/stats, provided only because I felt this post wasn’t long enough.

Have a nice Saturday. Oh yeah, yours truly will be on TSN radio today at 4PM on their “Game Day” show with Matt Cauz. Hopefully I don’t talk too fast because when I talk too fast I get violent and violence is not a good thing, except when it’s against someone who made you a sandwich whilst taking a piss.

One more thing, phdsteve is working late tonight to create the first version of The Big Board. A draft board so big that we were compelled to put the word Big in it. Much unlike McDonalds which should really get rid of the Big in BigMac because that sandwich is tiny man, I had it a couple days ago and I had to dart over to Popeyes to get a real meal.

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  • Rubuntech

    Remember that JJ was acquired late, didnt know his team mate tendencies until later. Give the dude a chance – he is young and still learning. He isn’t Lebron or Pierce but I like what I saw. My crystal ball says he will be a large part of a more competitive team in 2 years. 

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

       I don’t trust his decision making ability nor his ball handling ability as a point forward.
      JJ was handed the starting SF position by BC via Jay to the detriment of Sonny (who was trying to get a new contract) and did nothing to prove that he deserved it arriving out of shape and staying out of shape during his tenure as a Raptor.
      JJ had good games and bad games but wasn’t consistent enough in his good or bad games.
      In 2 years the Rap’s won’t be in the playoffs unless they acquire a star level player like Gay, AI, etc plus get rid of Jay, Barg’s & Jose. 

      @ JHP
      The Rap’s have no 2nd round pick in this year’s draft.

      • Fgf

         No FA wants to come here, we can’t even get Kanter to interview with us for gosh sakes

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          BC is getting dissed by International rookies now- his star has faded as has his Raptors basketball vision aka Winning Plan.lol

        • points

          thank god for that i don’t want that guy. 

    • Matt Maurice

      Agreed 1000%  Gove the guy a chance.  He’s barely played in his time in the NBA.

  • JHP

    I’m not sure what to make of him and I love it how the draft always sucks.  But the whole team is young and 20ish win seasons usually means major changes.  I know this is off topic but did the Raptors get a second round draft pick from Dallas? 

  • minks77

    you sure it was ginger and not the toxic soup a Mickey Dees/Popeyes combo sets up in your gut?

    Ach, it was probably Ginger. I only go to the one at parliament and Carleton now. The Yonge street spots were banned for me a long time ago. I do miss being able to literally slide around the place’s greasy as hell floors though.

  • He was awful in those pick and roll situations.  He wasn’t decisive, didn’t seem to have any idea of how to rub his defender off the pick, and never seemed to know what to do once the pick occurred. I’ve liked a lot of what I’ve seen from Johnson this year, but not this.

  • Raptor4Ever

     Thanks for the Great Post. A Voice of Sanity among the fanatic insane fans of RR. As you said, James Johnson will get another season to prove BC was right to trade the first round pick, make his job easier and …  One would have thought Raptors found a diamond in the rough by reading the enthusiastic comments of Raptor fans here just few month ago when we got James Johnson.

    However, the reality is this: James Johnson, Bayless, Amir Johnson, Money Weems and many other signing by BC are just decent players who would be number 8 or 9 in a rotation in any good team But our sold to us as a future building blocks.

    If rebuild means focusing our resources on these scrubs, then we are royally screwed for years to come.

    • barenakedman

       From what I’ve seen it is more ED and DD being promoted as building blocks for a good team, not the guys you mentioned. 
      That being said I think all four guys you mention have a possibility to have an important role on a good team and wouldn’t give up on them yet. 

      Amir has shown remarkable improvement and could be the first big off the bench for any of the teams still playing with the possible exception of the Bulls but even there it’s close. 

      If Bayless continues to play as well as he did the 14 games he started, he has that role on a good team.

      JJ and SW have both played well enough at times to make me believe that with the right attitude and coaching there is enough talent to give them a place on a good team. Unless it is an obvious upgrade I’d keep working with them. That is what you do with a rebuild. You work with what you have until somebody  better comes along.  

    • points

      our building block is our 2006 #1 pick draft pick it’s been 5 years so he should be ready now 

  • kaboom


  • Cal S

    How can Triano not be blamed for this? numerous of those were set plays. This absolutely convinced me, new coach please. 

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      It looks like, according to rumors, BC will extend Jay’s contract as not to make him a lame duck head coach next season.

      Jay is most likely here for as long as BC is in charge as Jay is his Yes Man coach aka Company Man (as per Jack Armstrong).

      See it. Believe it. Achieve it. Not!!!!!!!

    • It’s a pick and roll.  I’m not sure how a coach can be blamed for a player not running the pick and roll well.  You think that Triano DESIGNED the pick and roll the way it was run?  You REALLY don’t like Triano if you’re blaming him for that.  

      • Cal S

        No, I’m saying why would Triano call a pick and roll for a player who has no business running it? please answer me that

        • Maybe so he can learn from it.  The season was about development.  Allowing these players to do things they aren’t used to helps them develop.  

  • Mack North

    Just heard you on TSN Radio. You were talking very fast. Your house must be destroyed, or possibly your wife?

    • Arsenalist

       Haha.  It was fun, I’m loving Kemba Walker being measured 6’1″ in shoes.

      • Riazan

        sweet, is it available online? 

        • Arsenalist

           Don’t think so.  They have a live stream, that’s about it.

      • Mack North

         Just f’ing with you bruh! You give all of us here at RR a good name! Keep it up!

    • Raptor4Ever

      Damn, I missed it. Is TSN radio a national radio !! and is it AM or FM ? 

      • steve


  • Doug Smiths a Douche

    who cares about enes kanter???  the likelihood he’ll be a star is low.  euro big man? like theres alot of those in the association…

    give me a speedy PG or a wing who plays D and shoots 3s.  thats where BC should be looking.  BC would be outta his effing mind to take a euro big man after the bargnani experiment.

    we should be looking at FA or a trade for a centre. 

    • Cuttyd

       the point is, BC has made his bones in large with euro players. The great white hope. now they wont even piss on him if he was on fire. LMFAO! Turk was right, the word is out. no one wants to play for our team.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        Not to mention how both BC & Jay lied on CB (& Turk) in the media basically blaming missing the playoffs on him and his upcoming free agent situation.

        Jay wouldn’t even shake CB’s hand pre game- gave some lame excuse, yet he shook Steve Nash & Mike Bibby’s hands pre game as caught by tv cameras.

        You think players don’t talk amongst themselves about coaches & GMs?

        That’s most likely why Kanter pissed on BC and didn’t even want to talk (interview) to him at the NBA pre draft camp in Chicago.

        BC is a lying spin master & Jay is his puppet coach how else can you explain Sam being fired at 8-9 yet BC is bending over backwards to keep Jay as the Rap’s head coach by rationalizing his poor coaching job with balderdash via pr spins in the wind.

        Matter of fact it was hilarious to see both BC & Jay try to flex on Andrea after the season was over but didn’t do, say a damn thing to him during the season (I believe that Barg’s was sat on the bench for an extended period of time just once by Jay for his lackadaisical efforts) when it would have been most effective.

        Rap’s need new leadership from the President on down to the coach as this BC Consensus is too cult like in my mind- one mind one thought.

        • ak

          that denver game was one of the worst i have seen raptors play. at a time it was pretty evident the team needed fresh blood.
          jay still gots2go though. with these young boys we need a vet.

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

            If you do the research you will find out that the Denver game is a trap game on the road for the Rap’s- they got blown out this year as well.

            I have seen the Rap’s play worse under Jay- 40 point loss to GS in a complete blow out game. 

            I wonder who said that Sam lost the players- Jay? As both CB & JO were miffed at Sam’s firing at 8-9. Sam should have been let to finish out the season at the very least as Jay has been given more chances, excuses because he is BC’s yes man ie Company Man (as per Jack Armstrong).

            If BC brings Jay back as head coach plus Bargnani then you know that he’s full of 100% BullChit.

            • ak

              as far as our coaching goes, i want them to hire someone who could start laying down some rough defensive identity to this team.
              we have athletes capable of being very good defenders at each position except for centre. if we add singleton or leonard to this group there will be no excuse to being the bitches of the nba anymore. let golden state and nyk fight for that title.

  • hateslosing

     Anyone else terrified by the the fact that almost a quarter of his possessions where he shot 26.7%?

    • Rasheedunc

      anyone else terrified that TSN radio could put someone who makes Peterborough jokes on their air as some basketball source??? 

      • Nilanka15

        You’re obviously from Peterborough 

  • Johnn19

    For his 1st attempt at starting JJ shot 46% 9.2pts, 4.7rbs, 3.0asts, 1.0stls, 1.2blks in 28 mins and 25 games with Rap’s, a new team and new players. 
    I’ll take another year of that and let him get to know his teamates and coaches, and improve his all around game. Not a bad preview for a 28th 1st round pick, a good BC decision.  

  • enoss

    I was just looking at James Johnson yesterday. I started by looking for small forwards who could rebound and play defense.

    I discovered that James Johnson was #12/10/2 respectively in rebounds/steals/blocks pg for small forwards. And that is with less mpg (28) than those ahead of him.

    I am not saying we should stop looking. I am saying that unless we are focused on a scorer in that role I am not sure who a better choice would be given age/$$/availability.

    I am also saying that trade was a good one.

  • Rasheedunc

    false, but you’re obviously ignorant.