Welcome to the Raptors-centric Big Board, today’s post focuses on the significance of tiers when drafting.

Less than 24 hours after receiving the news that he had dropped to 5th spot in the draft, GM Bryan Colangelo confirmed that there were 7 or 8 players that the Raptors had their eyes on. Below is a list of the tiers those players may fall into.

This year we’ve decided to shake it up a bit and we will be regularly updating the big board with commentary and additional information from several key industry insiders. But to start, here’s the list of who to keep an eye on, aka, The Big Board, and this year it is in tiers.

Here is how the tier system works. Just about every team in the NBA not named Minnesota, now widely recognizes that the best way to draft is to use the tier system. In doing so, you eliminate the age old debate of do I draft for need or do I take the best player available? According to the tier system, you rank players in terms of their skill sets into categories like, for example, those listed below. Once you have all the players in the draft slotted into tiers, when it’s your turn to draft you always draft from the highest tier remaining. So, even if the fans of the Raptors might shoot themselves in the head if the Raptors were to draft Kanter (what’s this, he’s rejected us?), if you have him in tier 3, and he is the only guy in tier 3 available when its your team’s turn to pick, you draft him.

In this light, you are always drafting the best player available. But where the tier system really helps teams to make a smart choice, and in a very large way saves GMs from what was once called “Knighting” or “Grunwlading” or even “McHaleing” but is now affectionately referred to as “ Kahning”- that is taking a guy who either fits a need or who plainly doesn’t, is that in the tier system when you have two or more players on the board in the same tier when it is your teams turn to pick, you pick the player who more clearly fits a need of the team. So, if we look back a couple of years to the last time the Raps picked in the top 5, the Bargnani draft – if the Raps had been using the tier system, then by all accounts there was no real separation between Bargnani, Aldridge, Roy, Gay, and Ty Thomas for the #1 pick. And since the Raps already had a power forward as part of their core, they would have selected from either Roy or Gay with the #1 pick.

Here are the tiers as we see them:

Tier 1: Franchise player/Can’t miss superstar: these are guys that are consensus #1’s like Lebron, Tim Duncan, Blake Griffin, and John Wall. Rarely, but on occasion you can have more than 1 of these guys in the same draft – think back to Lebron and Carmelo! However, more often than not, if you are the Raptors and have a high pick, you get a draft that doesn’t even have one of these – like this year’s draft for example.

Tier 2: Potential Superstar and perennial All-Star: these are the next group of players, say a Derek Rose, Kevin Durant, or Dwight Howard. Guys who have all the tools to be a superstar, and who will likely be an All-Star in the league but who come into the league with some question marks. One of the reason why this year’s draft is considered so weak is that there is no one who falls into this tier either. These are top 5 picks in a good draft.

Tier 3: NBA Starter and with all star potential: These guys will come in right away and help your team. They are mostly second option guys, who occasional turn out to be franchise players- but more often than not, when, in a good draft they go in the bottom half of the top ten, but in this years draft we are talking about them as if they are the cream of the crop. This year’s draft has three players that most scouts agree upon as belonging in this category: Irving, Williams, and Kanter- none of whom will be available when the Raptors pick at #5. However, I would also add another 2 names to this list: Brandon Knight, Jan Vesley. Both these players are likely to be available when the Raptors pick, and i would imagine they are at the top of Colangelo’s list of guys to watch film of.

Tier 4: NBA Starter with some upside: here we have guys who we know are going to be in the league and contribute on a team as the third scoring option, with strong leadership capabilities, or as a defensive specialist, etc. In a strong draft, you would start hitting this point, the fourth tier starts around pick 10 and would find a player in the bottom end of the lottery who could still come in and help you team immediately with some upside, but would not be considered a top five player at his position any time in the near future.

Tier 5: NBA Rotational Player with starter possibility: These are the guys who round out the 20s and close out the first round. James Johnson is a good example of this type of player and maybe this is why Colangelo didn’t mind giving up his pick from Miami in this draft for Johnson. I still think that was a bad trade and would rather have Honeycutt, Singler, or Nolan Smith, but hey, at this point you aren’t really expecting the guy you draft at 27 to actually do anything more than Jerome Moiso (what Sam Mitchell would call taking up air at the end of the bench ).

Tier ***: Potential Superstar but possible/likely bust – aka a long shot: This is the tier that doesn’t actually exist but should. You see, every year teams talk themselves into a project. A guy explodes in the tournament, or measures an 11 foot wingspan at the combine, or scores 118 points at the Nike Hoop Summit and all of a sudden he is somehow a better choice than a player scouts have watched develop since the age of 7. GMs often fall in love with guys like this and slot them to be higher than they should be on the off chance that their guy is actually Serge Ibaka and not Darko Milicic. If I was a GM, I would have a separate tier for these guys, just to remind me that they are not in fact as “real” as they appear. This doesn’t mean I would refuse to draft them. I mean, I would suggest that Bismack Biyombo belongs in this category this year. Now when the Raps pick at 5, if no one from tier 3 remains, I might consider drafting Biyombo since what you get from a tier 4 guy is really nothing special.

So for the Raptors, assuming they stay at #5, and assuming that Kanter, Williams, and Irving go in the top 4 picks, the 7 or 8 guys that Colangelo has his eyes on and the tiers that they are slotted into are…well, we’ll return with Big Board 2.0 for that story. Until then, I’m sure you’ll slot those guys into the tiers mentioned above, and maybe add some more of your own.

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  • The Rub

    “I still think that was a bad trade and would rather have Honeycutt, Singler, or Nolan Smith…”

    I hate this mentality and it shows up every draft by everyone from experts to casual fans.  They fall in love with the unknown, they don’t look at the fact that these guys haven’t proven anything yet, they just live the dream that since these guys are so young and raw that a proper evaluation isn’t possible they could be the next great superstar.  We start putting down players who are 21 because they’re too old, we were able to see them for 3 years in college, we know some of their weaknesses, take the 19 year old who sat on the bench most of the year, but have you seen his numbers at the combine, reminds me of a young Magic Johnson.

    The Raptors fall into this trap a lot, we draft on potential every single time.  How about instead of going for home-runs every time up we just try for solid singles and doubles and if something bigger happens, well, that’s just gravy. 

    I’m not saying Singler, Smith or Honeycutt might not turn out to be better in the long run, what I am saying is that based on the history of the draft if your 27th pick turns out to be James Johnson (who I don’t even like that much) you’re pretty happy about it.

    • Triano?

      There is absolutely no chance Honeycutt is available that late.  And Smith or Singler over Johnson is simply a joke.

    • Theswirsky

      “They fall in love with the unknown, they don’t look at the fact that these guys haven’t proven anything yet, they just live the dream that since these guys are so young and raw that a proper evaluation isn’t possible they could be the next great superstar”
      So much truth to this.  If a guy is young he has potential.  The younger he is the more potential he has.  People really need to get over this kind of stuff.  A rock has potential… that hardly means its going to be the next Michael Jordan or even doing anything other than sitting in the same spot it was 100 years from now.

      A very low 1st round pick, for a guy that looks like he can, fill a role for the Raptors long term is not a bad deal. 

  • Mediumcore

    Nice break down of the tiers, can’t wait for the Big Board 2.0 

    • KJ-B

      lOl–finally a mention of Jan Vesely in a positive light on this site… That’s my sleeper pick for NBA breakout–he’s got NBA skills that even managed to shine in Euro League at the pace traditionally played there against men…whoever gets that guy will probably have the best player–if he get PT and takes to coaching… 

      • ak

        well if you think that highly of him would you point out a single thing he can do at an elite level, dunking apart that is.

      • Mediumcore

        I haven’t seen much of Vesely, but he looks athletic and long. My concern with him is that in the few hilights I’ve seen of him he seems to get really easy position in the post which is an unlikely scenario in the NBA for a guy that is as slim as he is. High motor is a big plus and I can see a bit of Javale McGee in his game. Problem is when you compare him to other players with similar build, McGee, Anthony Randolph (come to mind this moment) their lack of muscle can hurt them. Only guy I can think of with that sort of build who has been successful in the NBA is Durant and frankly Vesely doesn’t have handles or range. I’d settle for a McGee type defender though. 

        • Theswirsky

          While McGee – Randolph – Vesley all have similar heights and weights… when you see them, I find it hard to believe they are even remotely accurate.  McGee looks like a beast compared to Randolph and Vesley.  He’s not Dwight Howard size. (Then again Dwight is only listed at 265).

          I would not put McGee in the smaller build (or lack of muscles) category those other two fit in.

          • Mediumcore

            McGee didn’t look like that when he first came into the league though. He was much more on the Randolph size. I’m hoping if we did draft Vesley (hoping for Knight myself) that he could put on some size so he could get that deep post position where he can take advantage of his length and hops. 

      • I’d like to coin a new phrase in regards to what people love to say about guys who played in Euro league.  People love to say that “they’ve played against men”.  Really, I think what’s more accurate is “they’ve played against adults”. 

        Because if you take many examples of Euro players who “graduated” to the NBA, many of them are considered soft.  Or rather a lot of people love to use the word ‘scrappy’.  Not beastly, mind you, but scrappy.  I mean, Pau Gasol is practically a woman and he’s one of Euro’s best.  So let’s try to avoid this phrase that guys who played in Euro league have played against men. 

  • Milesboyer

     Aren’t we all just talking out our asses or regurgitating someone else’s opinion when it comes to assessing most of these draftees?

  • mountio

    I think Kanter belongs in either Tier 4 or  Tier *** if you want to be generous. This guy has essentially got his reputation based on one scouting game (which he played well in, yes .. but thats it).
    Also, not to nitpick, but I think you have your examples messed up in tier one and tier 2. Rose, DH and KD in a lower rank than John Wall (or even Griffin?). I would argue all three of those guys are (and were at draft time) tier 1. Tier 2 seems more like Wall, Bosh, Horford to me. Wall was for sure a consensus #1 (but somewhat by default) and while he looks like hell have a nice career .. hes not in the group of the others.
    I think this draft is pretty simple .. whoever you think slips into Tier 3, you take. Not sure if thats Kinght and Vasely .. but if it is, I would take them (and I would take Knight over Vasely). For sure its not Kemba .. destinted to be an off the bench Vinny Johnson (or Damon Stoudamire that doesnt start) type at best.

    • notoracism

       mountio you are a racist idiot, watch kanter’s european games before you open up your mouth and stfu .

      • mountio

        Im assuming this is some sort of joke .. but Im not gettin it …
        Kanter played 9 games total as a 16-17 year old in Europe and got little time ..
        Perhaps you were being sarcastic and this is all proving your point .. not sure ..

      • Theswirsky

        Yes! the racist card again!  Oh how racist mountio is because he thinks Kanter falls into another Tier.  What a terrible thing to do!  You should be ashamed of yourself Mountio…. a lower tier?  Way to insult every European player and voice your hate of Turkish people.

    • Rubuntech

      There is bound to be plenty of disagreements amongst bloggers on classifications here. Also, it is easy to look back and say this guy should have been in that tier after we see their pro careers. DWade was considered at draft time about the same as Irving but turned out to be a franchise player. A guy like Thabeet is not looking good asa pro and obviously was overrated but every draft board had him top 5 and would likely have made Tier 3 at worst 4. One of the classifications that really need to be considered once beyond Tier 3 are skills that are translatable to the NBA and we know from experience that size matters but only in respect to skill/IQ/athleticism.

    •  I, for one, didn’t see any racism in your comment, but I do disagree about the body of work of Kanter.  In the Kanter thread in the forum, I posted about five Youtube clips of Kanter playing in the Hoop Summit, High School, two European games and a spring league game.  There’s one clip of a scout breaking down Kanter in some European game that I’d recommend.  I for one have seen him play in the Hoop Summit game and most of a game in Europe (not sure which one- no one spoke English), and I’ve been VERY impressed with him.  I think he definitely belongs in tier 3.  The guy just knows how to play ball.  Period.  

      • James

         “I for one have seen him play in the Hoop Summit game and most of a game in Europe (not sure which one- no one spoke English), and I’ve been VERY impressed with him.”

        Bull SHIT !!! You have seen MOST of Kanter’s European games !! Where did you see them ? Which Channel ? I ask you this few month ago and you said you have NOT even seen one and Now Suddenly you got your hands on the tape of MOST of his games in EUROPE !!!

        BBBSSS !! You are a sad man that has to lie like this.

        • Uh, maybe reread my comment.  I said that I saw the Nike Hoop Summit game and MOST of A European game.  

          Jesus, get a grip, dude.

          Edit: And learn to read before you shoot your mouth off.

          • James

            So you saw 1 game and part of another game and you think you can judge a player !!! Dude, Aren’t you full of yourself !!!!! 

            • I’m not judging a player.  I’m forming an opinion of him, and I’ve liked what I’ve seen from those two games, plus the many clips I’ve seen from numerous other games, which includes aNBA scout breaking down his game from a game he played in Europe.  I’ve also read the scouting reports about him and liked what I’ve read.

              One question.  Are you able to disagree with someone WITHOUT personally insulting them?  Because the evidence suggests not.

            • James, how many games have YOU seen?

        • Rene

           Are you not a native English speaker?  If so, I’ll forgive you on this point.  Otherwise…

          You’ll notice that you quoted Tim W as saying “most of a game,” which is very different from most of his games.  Reading comprehension much?

          • James

            you will forgive me !!! LOOOOLLL, Thanks Mom…. 

      • mountio

        Would you mind posting them again in these comments? I just searched through and cant find them. Maybe im just slow, but I find the forum portion of this site ridiculusly hard to use / search, etc.
        Im willing to keep an open mind on Kanter, but nothing Ive seen or read has shown me he will be more than an undersized, underathletic banger with a decent touch that would be great in the college game, but will struggle to be more than a role player in the NBA

        • Here is the comment where I embedded the videos.  That’s easier that trying to embed them here.

          • mountio

            Thanks. There are a few I havent seen before. The first one, even though it appears to be against pretty weak talent, at least shows his ability to get up and down the floor, dunk on the run, etc.
            The others are more what I had seen in the past. Gets the ball inside, head fake, finishes with a two handed layup after his man goes for the fake. That will not cut it in the NBA.
            Anyways .. this footage may have swayed me marginally, but his body of work is still extremely limited for a top 3 pick in the NBA.


            • That’s definitely true.  He definitely wouldn’t be a top 5 pick in a stronger draft, but this year, the skills that he’s displayed makes him more tempting than most of the more well known players.  

              • Nilanka15

                But it would be wise to find out why he skipped out on our interview before even considering drafting Kanter.  The last thing we need is to be held hostage by a rookie (a la Steve Francis in Vancouver).

  • Bo4

     Question, which tier do every one of the current Raptors come from (hindsight allowed)? James Johnson is a Tier 5. (I don’t think that we have a Tier 1, 2, or 3 right now.)
    (I don’t include Bargnani, Barbosa or Calderon because they’re the one’s I’d trade away in order to upgrade my bigs, mediums or smalls, all of which we MUST do!)  I want to get Marc Gasol, André Iguodala & Ray Felton instead. What categories would they, too, be in?

    • mountio

      AB and DD are tier 3, Ed is tier 4, Jose was Tier 4, but isnt any longer. The rest are all tier 5.

      • Bo4

        IF DeMar is a 3, I could argue that Amir should be a 3. However, I have difficulty believing they’re 4s. Ed might be a 4, and might be a 5. Those 3 are our 3 best core players, though.

        • Bo4

          On a .500 team, I think Amir is the only Raptor that might start. DeMar, Ed, James & Jerryd would all probably be subs. Marc, André & Ray would all also be starters. Andrea, Leandro & José would all probably be subs. That’s why I want to do those three upgrades.  

          • mountio

            Amir is the definition of a tier 5. NBA rotation player with starter possibility. Isnt that an exact description of Amir’s progression through his first 5 or so seasons? Not a knock on his game or improvement, just facts.
            DD, on the other hand, is a top ten pick, with two years in the league. I think its fair to say hes established “starter status” and to say that he doesnt have a chance at being an allstar (im not saying its a lock by any means .. by he has a chance and has shown some (not all) of the tools).
            You might be right to think that Amir MIGHT play the most valuable role on a good team vs our other players due to his versatility, hustle, etc. (I would argue, but I see where you are coming from) .. but theres no way in hell he would start. He cant even crack our starting line up!

            • Bo4

              Hindsight is allowed, so Amir can be & is our best player right now, as far as I’m concerned (I’m NOT including AB, LB nor JC here). Granted, DeMar is as good a scorer as Amir is a shot-blocker, but Amir’s overall game is slightly superior. Both might be starters & might be subs on a .500 team, with Amir having slightly better odds. If we can’t draft a sure starter, we might as well trade for one …

              • Bo4

                On second thought, possible starters on a .500 team:
                Amir, Ed, Andrea, DeMar, José, & Jerryd, currently.
                Marc, André & Ray would, as well.  

              • mountio

                Well, I guess everyone has their opinion .. but to me (and I think most people) Amir is far from our best player (especially when you consider future ability, which this whole thing does). Depending your point of view, one (or all) of DD, Ed and AB are better players than Amir. I put him 4th on our team, behind those 3, and would have a tough time arguing for anything higher than 3rd

                • Demar

                   Demar is more of a 2 or 3, Amir is in tier 3 or 4, Ed would be 2 or 3 as well. I’m just speculating but we’ll see what they become next season.

        • Rene

           Are we talking what tier they were when they were drafted?  Seems kind of a silly exercise to put them into tiers now.  The whole point of the tier system is to account for uncertainty. 

          Amir is a Tier 5 now, but might not even have been Tier 5 when he was drafted.  There needs to be an additional tier for guys like Amir who were picked purely on upside, but not “superstar” upside.

          If we’re talking what tier they were before they were drafted, it could be argued that Bayless was a marginal Tier 2 or a Tier ***.  I recall a poll (so take this with a grain of salt) where Rose and Beasley were considered as having certain superstar potential, and the third player people felt most likely to be a superstar from that draft was Bayless.  People weren’t as certain about him as Rose/Beasley, but they were more certain about him than all the other picks.

          Of course in hindsight, Bayless fell in the draft and hasn’t exactly broken out.

      • Daniel

        I read the blogosphere more like a parallel universe that incites me sometimes to smile.  Your post is a good example: AB is a clear tier 4 with potential for tier 3 on the offensive side, DD is a tier 5 however his statistical production for an SG is NBA worst ever and Jose is a demonstrable tier 3 – still 5th in assists in NBA and once considered for All-Star. They all fit the author’s categorization to a T.
        Probably you refer to some kind of future status the way you place the players in tiers. While not impossible they are highly unlikely.
        Almost all the bloggers I’m reading are taking their wishes as the reality. I hope you are all under 20 yrs old when it’s fine to consider the world as a dream. In the real world though Jason Kidd is still a much better player than Westbrook and defense still trumps the mindless rim-attacking prowess of all the “New Age” PG’s.   

        • mountio

          The whole point of the post was to discuss draft status (ie future looking!). This IS all about potential, not results. Maybe you misunderstood, so Ill give you the benefit of the doubt .. but if you think youd draft Kidd NOW over Westrbrook, you have lost your mind. As to who has had a better career? Obviously Kidd, a multiple time allstar who took a mediocre team to the finals.
          As for AB, i know there is a bias, but to claim that, offensively, he has the “potential” to be an NBA starter? Please. Offensively, there is no question hes a 3 (maybe higher) .. defensively hes a 5 or worse .. obviously open to interpretation as to where that all shakes out. 
          The point on Jose is the same .. hes past his prime .. and, while you maybe could have argued his potential allstar status for a season or two, that argument was shortlived. Thus, to me, hes a 4 ..

          • Daniel

            Thank you for the benefit of the doubt.  You were the one placing current players in the author’s tiers. God, what is school teaching kids nowadays?

            • mountio

              No probs on the benefit of the doubt. And .. I was simply answering another posters question as to where the current raps fit in this whole thing .. (a relevant excercise, btw, since we are currently evaluating which players to keep vs draft picks with a view to the next 2-5 years out ..) 

        • Pesterm1

          DOWNER ! sry grandpa 

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          New Age pg’s? What exactly is a New Age pg?

          I guess this New Age pagan bullchit has reached the NBA in some folks minds. lmfao

  • Triano?

    If the Raptors can’t land Kanter or Knight, they need to move the franchise to Manitoba.  Andrea and Jose can star on the Winnipeg Wankers.

  • Rpsfan95

    3 – Knight
    4 – Kemba, Leonard
    5 – Jimmer
    *** – Valanciunas, Vesley, Bismack

    • Triano?

      Tier 10 (rotation player in the D-league): Bismack Biyombo

    • Rene

      I agree with this 100%> 

    • Tier ***
      A guy explodes in the tournament, or measures an 11 foot wingspan at the combine, or scores 118 points at the Nike Hoop Summit

      Rading this I immediately thought of Walker (tournament), Bismack (wingspan) and Kanter (nike hoop)

    • Nilanka15

      I’d stay away from Jimmer at all costs.  He hasn’t even been impressing at the combine.

  • Toshmon

     My Big Board

    1.Derrick Williams
    2.Kyrie Irving
    3.Brandon Knight 
    4.Kemba Walker
    5.Marcus Morris
    6.Bismack Biyimbo
    7.Enes Kanter
    8.Tristan Thompson
    9.Jimmer Fredette
    10.Alex Burks
    11.Markieff Morrris
    12.Jonas Valanciunas

    How I think it will Play out:

    1. Kyrie Irving
    2.Derrick Williams
    3.Brandon Knight
    4.Enes Kanter
    5.Kemba Walker

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      No Kawhi Leonard in top 12? He will go top 7 guaranteed.

      If the Rap’s draft a pg they will most likely have to trade Jose because Jose will be a 3rd stringer behind Bayless & the pg drafted. 

      • Toshmon

        You might be right about Leonard.
        Jimmer might be pushing it.

        & Yeah I think anybody is trade bait this year.

    • ak

      Kyrie Irving
      Derrick Williams
      Enes Kanter

      Brandon Knight
      Kawhi Leonard
      Chris Singleton
      Kemba Walker
      Jonas Valanciunas

      Bismark Biyombo
      Alex Burks

  • hateslosing


  • Brian

     “Derek” Rose, is that any relation to “Derrick” Rose, the Bulls point guard? 

  • kaboom


  • Timmi

    It seems like Bargnani is NOT going Anywhere for at least another season 🙂 🙂 Sorry to all you Haters Out there 🙂 🙂

    BC on NBA.COMhttp://www.nba.com/video/channels/draft/2011/05/21/20110521_tor_colangelo_da_interview.nba/

    • kaboom

      He’s selling Andrea Bargnani dumbass. 

      • YourMama

        Maybe a Dumb ass like you will buy into his BS but no real GM Dumb F**

    • Ya, it really does sound like he’s selling him.  It’s not as if the Raptors have room for 3 PFs, and I highly doubt Ed Davis or Amir are going anywhere.  

      • John

        I can see Amir being moved easily. Plus, Amir can play the back up center and … As far Ed, He can also play major minutes beside AB. Any Center that comes in the draft, will not be able to contribute this year. I can totally see the Raptors to give AB another season at 10 million to see what he has to offer.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

          I don’t think so as Amir is going in for off season ankle surgery no one will want him in a trade until he proves that he’s 100% healthy.

          If AB is a Raptor next season then you know that this franchise is bullchit.

          • Pran

            andrea is our best player. you dumb faggots are stupid.

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

              On offense. That’s exactly what’s wrong with the Rap’s all offense no defense just like Andrea’s game.
              $50,000 dollar fine buddy. lol

          • points

            if this bumbo cloth= BC don’t get rid of bargs and calderon before the start of the season i’m done with this team cause it’s bullchit.

        • Any Center that comes in the draft, will not be able to contribute this year. 

          Valanciunas can start for sure.

          ANY center that plays alongside Bargnani will not to be able to contribute PERIOD

        • I think Kanter being able to contribute next season.  I think he’ll take some time to get going, but he’s got the skills and body to be able to come in and contribute.

          And the Raptors have already given Bargnani 5 seasons.  Isn’t that the same excuse people said last year?  “just give him one more year”.  

          • John

            LOL, You really think Kanter is available at 5 ?? What are you smoking ? I know, the same stuff that made you think Bayless has potential to be an ALL-STAR, Amir is one of the best PFs in the league 🙂

            • Kanter MAY be available at five, but it’s unlikely.  

              I never once said that Bayless has the potential to be an All-Star, and in fact have argued against him being the future at PG for the team because of his inability to run an offense.

              I’ve said that Amir is the most productive players on the team and is probably the only current Raptor who could start on a contender, but never once have I ever said he had the ability to be anything more than a role player.  

              I realize that my being right about Bargnani all along has made you upset with me, but lying to try and make your point only makes you look bad.

        • Nilanka15

          “to see what he has to offer”?  Really???  Is there more to learn about Bargnani in 1 more season, that we haven’t already learned in the last 5???  C’mon man, enough is enough. 

          • Beaverboi

            They could try him out at the 2. Maybe that is his natural position and thus why he hasn’t performed to expectations…

          • points

            well we still need to see how he does as the rators point guard i guess

  • Timmi
  • Ibzilla

    Trade the pick for Andre Iguodala or Josh Smith. Both are better than anyone in this horrible disaster called a draft!

    • If this draft is so horrible, why would Philadelphia or Atlanta trade perfectly good players for a pick in it?

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!
  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!


    Bargnani in all his off season glory- does he work out or just eat bowls of Primo Pasta? lol

    • Pran

      hahaa you fag. i can only imagine what you entered into google to find this pic.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

        I found the picture while browsing threads on Realgm, I didn’t google anything- chump.

        Laugh it off if you must but a picture is worth a thousands words as Bargnani has not one muscle on his body just soft like puddy and this is whom BC, Gheradini & Jay coddles like a child.lmfao

  • Moronto

    No Enes Kanter please!!! |I know how we desperately need a big man on our team but we can’t afford to have another “Bargnani/Araujo experiment”. Get Byombo instead, but I prefer Brandon Knight though.

    • I can’t believe that you compared Bargnani with Araujo.  How on earth are they similar at all?  One is a highly skilled offensive player that simply didn’t have the talent or fortitude to do the dirty work.  The other was a low skilled player who had the fortitude to do the dirty work, but not the physical skills.

      They’re not even both European.  Araujo is from Brazil and even went to BYU.

      Please explain to me how picking Kanter would be continuing the “Bargnani/Araujo experiment”.  

  • Rodney

    Bargnani and #5 to Utah for Favors, Jefferson and #12?????