Quick one today. First, I will point you in the direction of some DeMar DeRozan Drew League Highlights. What’s the Drew League you ask? This is the Drew League I say. DeRozan killed there last year as well, it’s basically a bunch of Cali guys playing ball. Other notables who have passed through there include Ricky Davis, Trevor Ariza, Andre Miller, Baron Davis and Paul Pierce.

In what should be big news but kind of fell under the radar was Amir Johnson having surgery on his ankle to repair an “instability”. In all the years I’ve been writing, I don’t think I’ve ever heard an injury described that way. You might recall Johnson missing the last five games of the season due to the same injury. The report states that he should be ready to go for training camp, but it doesn’t have any information about when he might be 100% so he can get around to doing all that improving he needs to be doing. It’s a good thing he got it checked out though, because unlike when I hurt my ankle playing ball at 17, I didn’t make much of it and didn’t see a doctor because of the whole ER wait thing. When I finally cracked it 10 years later the doctor goes to me, “So you had a pretty bad break the first time around, eh?”.

Jonny Flynn. There was some talk on Twitter about how the Raptors were “front runners” to land him. I hope it’s not true and this little article out of nowhere fills me with some hope. There’s nothing about Flynn I like, least of all his court vision. I hope he proves me wrong someday but so far all he’s shown to be is a point guard who can drive off the dribble, but doesn’t quite know what to do when he gets there (ahem, Jerryd Bayless). On defense, sure, he’s quick and moves his feet very well, but is he a good defensive player? Hardly, he gets blown because of his other shortcomings, like not anticipating when a drive is coming, misreading a pick, playing too tight and a host of reasons that make you scratch your head. Right now he’s headed for a Brevin Knight type career, and that too only if he gets a half-decent jumper going.

Oh, and did I mention that he shot 41.7% and 36.5% his first two seasons? Fine, maybe the hip surgery played a part last year, but his inability to make an impact anywhere else makes you question whether he’s backup, let alone starter, quality. Also, Minny gave up on him.

Charles Oakley as an assistant coach?. He says he’s having back issues and can’t be sitting on the bench, me thinks he’s setting up the groundwork to sue a casino because he claims he was beaten up by security guards. Now, I find that hard to believe because I know security guards quite well, there’s one downstairs in my building right now and he’s 62 years old, listens to CHUM radio, and is reading last week’s newspaper. You can’t tell me that guy beat up Charles Oakley. No sir, you cannot.

I find these days two things bring me exquisite pleasure: 1) Drambuie, 2) Watching Chris Bosh fail. So it follows that I was in heaven when I had a neat Drambuie by my side and I saw Dirk Nowtizki punish Bosh on that three, and then made him look like a lamp post on the winning basket. I would give anything for this series to go seven games, and with Miami down 1 with 0.5 seconds left, Bosh get fouled and miss two free throws. By some freak luck, they get the ball back and Bosh gets fouled again, and he again misses two FTs. It would wreck his stupid career like it did Nick Anderson’s. Prediction: If Miami loses this series, Bosh gets traded.

Finally, let’s head on to the Twitterverse:

Amir Johnson says:

These are kinda hot!!! ladies would you rock these? http://t.co/FdqLw

Julian Wright says (please pay attention to the background image on this page):

Just got back not long ago from seeing X-Men… Pretty good!

Reggie Evans says:

Atl what’s good.

As you can clearly see, Twitter is awesome and you can learn a lot from it.

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  • Ambidextrious

    With Johnny Flynn you are taking a big risk. I’d rather have Brandon Jennings in my opinion..

    • Dalex

      Jennings numbers are almost identical to DeMar’s – unless you’re looking to get rid of the 5th pick and something else, I don’t think he’ll get traded any time soon.

      • Ambidextrious

        I’ve got some ideas ill try to post them up

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      A Jennings DeRozan backcourt would be nice- straight outta Compton style!!

      They have a great chemistry between themselves  already so playing together on the same team would make them a dangerous duo as they matured in the NBA together.

      Why did BC & Jay play a visibly hurt Amir so late into the so called ‘rebuild’ season with nothing to gain but off season surgery instead of playing the bench guys like Alabi, Ajinca & Dorsey more? Or letting JJ play some back up PF?

      Oakley is coaching for anyone anytime soon as he requested a leave of absence from the Bobcats telling Silas to fill his assistant coaching position due to his health- back. If he does come back in the future to coach it will most likely be with his buddy MJ’s team.

      CB isn’t failing he’s in the NBA Finals- BC is the one who is failing, especially post Sam, as that CB S&T deal gets worse by the day.

      • Nilanka15

        I wouldn’t mind seeing how the Jennings/DeRozan experiment works.  The possibility excites me much more than Flynn or Lawson.

  • It`s hard to find a player with worse advanced stats (across the board: WP, Adj +/+, etc) than Jonny Flynn.  Try to find one.

  • Theswirsky

    1)Agree on Johnny Flynn

    2) Oakley probably ate the security guards and it gave him serious heart burn

    3) Bosh came up big on that final play for Dallas… much like he came up big for Toronto when it mattered most.

  • Johnn19

    Who are all the idiots who think that Colangelo should trade for Flynn a PG who is not even good enough to play for Minny the worst team in the NBA, with the stupidest GM who has a fixation on drafting PG’s?

    • barenakedman

      If they trade for Flynn because it is part of a bigger deal to move up in the draft I’m all for it. 

  • AJM

    “Oh, and did I mention that he shot 41.7% and 36.5% his first two seasons”
    Do you know any other PG who plays well in a triangle system?!

    • Theswirsky

      do you know any who look that bad in the triangle?

  • JW

    Some of the security guards listen to Chum and read the paper, while others are oiling their hand cuffs, wondering why they failed the  psychological part of the police screening.    It’s a profession that can have both extremes.   The old timers, see it as a job, young guys with  superiority complexes see it as a calling.

  • Buddahfan

    Johnson’s ankle injury was similar to Stephon Curry’s.  Curry was also operated on by Dr. Andersen about 2 weeks ago.

    Johnson previously had a serious ankle injury to the same ankle back in October 2007.

    Both Curry and Johnson basically had instability in their ankles due to repeated serious ankle injuries to the same ankle resulting in a stretching of the ligaments and leading to the instability in the ankles that both were experiencing.

    The operation was more preventative than anything else.  By tightening up the ligaments it reduces the chance of further serious injury to the ankle.

    No big deal.

  • Bendit

    For the next Heat loss I suggest you try equal parts Drambuie & Cognac. Experience has shown that there is an equal elevation of euphoria and numbness.       

  • Buschfire

    Detroit fired Keusters today to add to another stale sunday…can’t wait to game 3 tonight!!! go Dallas!!!! : )

  • Raptor4Ever

    I fully agree with you on Flynn as I think his ceiling is a Back up PG as well. But how about Jenning ? Is Bucks Open to trades for him ?

    How about Amir Johnson and our Number 5 Pick for Jennings and their Draft Pick ??

    • Raptor4Ever

      Bucks Pick is #10, Will they go for a this trade ??? They can get Walker or Knight for a PG and have Amir as a Solid PF while we get DD’s Pal as our starting PG and it seems like they have a great chemistry and also a 10 pick that can give us hopefully a good bench player.

      Jennings    DD
      Davis    AB   Keliza 

      • points

        You have AB on this team,he is one of the players  i want off this team it’s time for him to go somewhere warm. one down two to go (bargs and calderon)

  • Raptor4Ever

    Since Messina just went to Lakers, Do you guys think AB can end up being a Lakers next season ?? I am pretty sure that Lakers will not give up either Bynum ( Jerry Buss’s Son is in Love with Bynum)or Gasol but I think Lamar will be available and the salaries match as well. AB can be their 6th man and ….

                      Jenning   DD
                   Davis    X       Lamar

    Then we can get our X player either through the draft this year with number 10, or use number 10 pick with Barbosa or Jose to get a higher pick or a Center through trade.

  • James

    Damn, CB4 after having a terrible shooting night, scores the BIGGEST Basket of the night, putting Heat ahead 88-86 with 39 second left on the Clock, the LAST Basket of the GAME 🙂 🙂 and Where ???
    In his Home Town….. Does it get better than this ?? Hell NOOOOOO.

    Eat Your Words Haters. Just sit on you homes and EAT IT because the big fellow is 2 games away from getting his first Ring.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      I guess CB still isn’t clutch?lol

      If CB wins a NBA title, Heat have to win the next 2 games, in his hometown of Dallas- whoa!!

      All that shit both BC & Jay flung on CB’s character post free agency in the media is sticking to them now as the truth always comes out in due time but a turd is still a turd even if it’s named BC (or Jay).

      • Theswirsky

        This is from June 1st:

        CB4 , +11 in the NBA finals 🙂 The Highest Number between both teams !!!! Wow” – Johnnytonight?  -10 last on his team, only beat by Peja.  3 Rebounds… 38% shooting.  Amazing…  he showed us huh!But in fairness he did hit a big shot… and it was nice to see him do a good job covering Dirk on the last play to get some retribution… oh wait what?

        • Steve

          did you like the shot that won the game 😉 2 more games and a Ring babyyyyy 😉

          • Theswirsky

            yep for Jamaal Magloire to babyyyy 😉

            • mountio

              Are you guys watching these games? CB has proved that hes a solid (at best) player who can hit the odd WIDE OPEN jump that that his two superstar teamates create for him. He even shyed away from a wide open jumped the possession before that.
              Even then, his 7 for 18 was the best of the finals last night! People on this forum would be calling for AB’s head if 7-18 was his worst game, let alone his best (and thats as the first option, not the guy who just gets open jumpers)
              Anyways – I realize its a small sample set and he has had some good games in the playoffs (some stinkers too). I dont think anyone in TO was arguing that CB is a SOLID player. Of course he is .. he hasnt made all those all star teams for nothing. BUT – he is far (very far) from a max player .. and he proves it each and every night I watch the Heat.

              • Steve

                They don’t watch the game. CB4 is embarrassing the likes of TheSwirsky everyday by his strong plays these days and these kids are still stuck on Hate and writing rubbish. 

                Check out ESPN Pal and see how everyone is raving about the last Shot of the game 🙂 🙂

                • mountio

                  He hit an open jumper. Yes. In a big moment. Yes. That puts him right up there with John Paxon, Steve Kerr, Robert Horry. All fine players .. but not max guys at all.

                • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

                  Except CB is a multiple all star player and will be an all star in the future as well.

                  DWade & LBJ aren’t max contract guys either.

                  CB, DWade & LBJ all 3 took less than the max amount of contract dollars available tot hem in order to sign with Miami- get up on game or remain mentally lame. 

                  @ The Swirsky

                  You are stuck on stupid straight up & down as it takes more energy to be negative than positive- CB seen BC’s BulllChit 1st hand and decided to vacate the ACC premises for a more promising future- you should be mad or upset with BC not CB. 

                • mountio

                  Dude – “max contract guy” refers to whether or not someone is deserving of a max contract – Lebron and Wade are – no question about it.
                  CB is not.
                  The fact that they each took marginally less than the max is moot to the point.
                  Im not tryin to hack on CB unnecessarily – just stating the facts. Hes a very solid NBA player. As I noted, he hasnt made all those all star teams for nothing. But – there are twenty something all stars per year .. CB is defintely at the bottom of that list. He’s doing ok as a third wheel to two of the best 5 players in the league (if you consider ok shooting in the 30% range when your game is mostly open jumpers and / or layups) .. our franchise would have been stuck in neutral if we paid him the max and kept him.

            • Dan

              And yet, Even Magloire Does not want to come Play for Toronto 😉 😉 

  • Bigbalboski79

    a bargani for jennings deal makes the most sense to me. bucks need scoring, and have a good anchor at the centre spot with bogut.  i’d be building a deal around jennings for bargs.

    and i too am not enamoured with flynn.  a swap with minny for the 2nd pick is another option.

  • Groovydodgeman

    You are not a good writer and you opinions are not backed very well and I disagree with them you might have good basis but you back it up with trash talk and it really makes people not want to continue reading RR. Thanks for waisting my time!

    • Calibremc

      “waisting” go back to school buddy…