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Highlights, injuries, Twitter, Jonny Flynn and Chris Bosh failing.

Quick one today. First, I will point you in the direction of some DeMar DeRozan Drew League Highlights. What’s the Drew League you ask? This is the Drew League I say. DeRozan killed there last year as well, it’s basically a bunch of Cali guys playing ball. Other notables who have passed through there include Ricky Davis, Trevor Ariza, Andre Miller, Baron Davis and Paul Pierce.

In what should be big news but kind of fell under the radar was Amir Johnson having surgery on his ankle to repair an “instability”. In all the years I’ve been writing, I don’t think I’ve ever heard an injury described that way. You might recall Johnson missing the last five games of the season due to the same injury. The report states that he should be ready to go for training camp, but it doesn’t have any information about when he might be 100% so he can get around to doing all that improving he needs to be doing. It’s a good thing he got it checked out though, because unlike when I hurt my ankle playing ball at 17, I didn’t make much of it and didn’t see a doctor because of the whole ER wait thing. When I finally cracked it 10 years later the doctor goes to me, “So you had a pretty bad break the first time around, eh?”.

Jonny Flynn. There was some talk on Twitter about how the Raptors were “front runners” to land him. I hope it’s not true and this little article out of nowhere fills me with some hope. There’s nothing about Flynn I like, least of all his court vision. I hope he proves me wrong someday but so far all he’s shown to be is a point guard who can drive off the dribble, but doesn’t quite know what to do when he gets there (ahem, Jerryd Bayless). On defense, sure, he’s quick and moves his feet very well, but is he a good defensive player? Hardly, he gets blown because of his other shortcomings, like not anticipating when a drive is coming, misreading a pick, playing too tight and a host of reasons that make you scratch your head. Right now he’s headed for a Brevin Knight type career, and that too only if he gets a half-decent jumper going.

Oh, and did I mention that he shot 41.7% and 36.5% his first two seasons? Fine, maybe the hip surgery played a part last year, but his inability to make an impact anywhere else makes you question whether he’s backup, let alone starter, quality. Also, Minny gave up on him.

Charles Oakley as an assistant coach?. He says he’s having back issues and can’t be sitting on the bench, me thinks he’s setting up the groundwork to sue a casino because he claims he was beaten up by security guards. Now, I find that hard to believe because I know security guards quite well, there’s one downstairs in my building right now and he’s 62 years old, listens to CHUM radio, and is reading last week’s newspaper. You can’t tell me that guy beat up Charles Oakley. No sir, you cannot.

I find these days two things bring me exquisite pleasure: 1) Drambuie, 2) Watching Chris Bosh fail. So it follows that I was in heaven when I had a neat Drambuie by my side and I saw Dirk Nowtizki punish Bosh on that three, and then made him look like a lamp post on the winning basket. I would give anything for this series to go seven games, and with Miami down 1 with 0.5 seconds left, Bosh get fouled and miss two free throws. By some freak luck, they get the ball back and Bosh gets fouled again, and he again misses two FTs. It would wreck his stupid career like it did Nick Anderson’s. Prediction: If Miami loses this series, Bosh gets traded.

Finally, let’s head on to the Twitterverse:

Amir Johnson says:

These are kinda hot!!! ladies would you rock these?

Julian Wright says (please pay attention to the background image on this page):

Just got back not long ago from seeing X-Men… Pretty good!

Reggie Evans says:

Atl what’s good.

As you can clearly see, Twitter is awesome and you can learn a lot from it.

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