A interview of Colangelo surfaced yesterday where he commented on the status of Leandro Barbosa.

A interview of Colangelo surfaced yesterday where he commented on the status of Leandro Barbosa. Here’s a translation from the French transcription:

I know he intends to test the free agent market or eventually return to Brazil. For now, I have not yet contacted his agent. But at the same time, if he tests the market, we will still be in a position to sign him over several years. Anyway, he’s one of my favorite players.

Nothing that we couldn’t add up ourselves, really, but it was a little surprising that Barbosa is keen on testing the free-agent market. On first glance you’d think that the $7.6M he’s due is going to be hard to beat considering he’s only played 44 and 58 games the last two seasons. The only logic here is that he could be able to get a longer deal which would accumulate to a larger sum than what he might command next summer. I would say it’s pretty silly to sign Barbosa to a multi-year deal of any sort when the overall direction of the team is in relative flux, and will be regardless of what happens this summer. There’s of course interest from Brazil as well. Barbosa’s contract has been discussed a lot the last week on these pages so I’ll refrain from further comment, whatever needs to be said has been said.

Official reviews of Eurocamp are coming in and it’s not looking good for Bismack Biyombo again. My favorite quote comes from an anonymous NBA GM:

“Bismack Biyombo played one-against-none today … and he lost.”

Let’s quickly round-up some of the mock drafts.

Outlet Player
Draft Express Kemba Walker, PG
NBA Draft Jan Vesely, SF/PF
ESPN Jan Vesely, SF/PF
Yahoo Sports Kemba Walker, PG
NBA.com Jan Vesely, SF/PF
CBS Sports Jan Vesely, SF/PF
Fox Sports: Kawhi Leonard, F
RotoWorld Kemba Walker, PG
HoopsHype Kawhi Leonard, F
Hoopsworld Kawhi Leonard, F

Kawhi Leonard is gaining steam, likely because of his strong workout with the Wizards when he outplayed Texas small forward Jordan Hamilton. Here’s his interview after the Wizards workout where he says that the reason for his rise in the draft boards is that teams are finally seeing his strong work ethic in the flesh and liking it. He claims to bring “defense and rebounding” to the fore and is working at becoming a better “catch and shoot from the three” player. He’ll be in Toronto on Wednesday.

If Leonard is the guy Colangelo is after with that second top ten pick he’s looking to acquire, then the whole Bargnani at the three idea probably isn’t happening. I am very curious about how he’d fare as a small forward, the last (and only) time that happened was against Orlando in the playoffs when Hedo Turkoglu lit him up. During the Jermaine O’Neal experiment they moved him around a bit to have Bosh, O’Neal and him on the court at the same time, but I don’t recall how it worked out.

I’m for the idea on paper because defensively he can’t have any worse of an influence on the team. The skepticism of the strategy comes from Bargnani’s insistence that he needs to be playing his “natural position” of power forward. If he’s complaining about receiving 35 minutes a night at center, I can’t even imagine how he’d react to having to move his feet on defense guarding the wing. Assuming defense is a wash, I’m not even so sure that his height advantage will translate to an offensive advantage, and it could potentially hurt his offensive numbers because a quicker, more mobile defender will be able to contest his jumpers while not conceding the drive. Think Chris Bosh vs Trenton Hassell.

RR Draft party is happening, info here.

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  • J-Hoss

    Bargnani at the 3….defensive wash…..

    Why don’t the Raptors try Jose Calderon at the 5? Seeing as how most people think his defense already can’t be any worse, it would probably be a wash.

    I know you came out in the article and in not so many words basically said you were against it, so I’m not criticising you. What I am criticising – with extreme judice – is the idea of Bargnani as a small forward. I remember games a few years back against Detroit where Bargnani was matched up against Tayshaun Prince. Prince almost literally ran circles around Bargnani. It was embarrassing that Toronto had an organization that thought that was a good idea. Terrible, terrible idea.

    • Mediumcore

      Completely agree. I can’t beleive that we’re event discussing the possibility of AB playing at SF. Truly pathetic.

    • Juicey

      I think I remember that play.  And then I remember, after he ran circles around him he quickly pulled Barg’s shorts down.  At first Bargs didn’t notice and then all of sudden he saw it and quickly pulled them up.  Man did he look embarrassed and then angry.  But by that point Tayshaun was already free to go in for an uncontested reverse dunk.

      I remember in the same game Rip Hamilton was covered by Bargs, and he squatted down, dribbled the ball and ran through Barg’s legs.  Bargs quickly bent down to grab him, but it was too late and Rip was already behind him for an uncontested windmill jam.

      Later in that game I recall Ben Gordon pulled Barg’s shorts back and stuck the ball in them.  Bargs quickly turned around but couldn’t find the ball, then he turned back the other way and he still couldn’t find it.  He had no clue that they were in the back of his shorts.  By the time he figured it out, BG had pulled the ball back out and went in for an uncontesed 360º jam.

      I’m almost positive I saw all of this happen.

      • Statement


        That was quick and nutritious and simply delicious.

      • guest

        guy…stop exaggerating…

        the Ben Gordon dunk was more of a tomahawk, NOT a 360

        • KJ-B

          #7 only shoots 3s…this must be a typo ((Small Forward-that must be trade bait because the whole L knows he can’t play the 4 or the 5))

        • Juicey

          Okay, but at least we can agree that he pumped up his shoe’s three times while Bargs was looking for the ball, and then covered his eyes while he was dunking the ball.

    • You’re talking about AB playing defense against faster, more athletic players at the SF position.  Who ever is playing SF against Bargnani is going to have career numbers.  Bargnani is a ROTATIONAL player.  You bring him in when you’re down 15 points in a game to shoot the lights out.  He’s a defensive liability and a non-factor when it comes to rebounding.  To all the Bargnani fans…mostly Italians…stop thinking he’s a young Dirk Notwitzki.  AB needs to be traded and we need draft picks for next year…cause next year there are alot of PF and C in the draft that are very good.  

  • onemanweave

    If BC signs Barbosa to a long term contract, it will be proof positive that BC’s long term well being takes precedence over that of his team.
       This is the kind of move, I’ve been afraid Colangelo would make, given his short window of opportunity to remain in charge.  What he does over the summer will show whether he’s trying to build a championship team down the road or an eighth-place one that will save his bacon.
       It will be interesting to see how much of an asset he really is to the team or if he’s just a self-serving clothes horse. I know some people on here have made their decision already, but this, for me, will be the acid test.

    • Toshmon

      Umm… Barbosa is sick man.

      He’s one of the best 6thmen in the NBA. Every championship team needs a guy like him.

      Yes or no?

      Plus he actually wants to play in Toronto!Hahha the raptors are shit, he’s one of the fastest guys in the NBA & he’s still young man.(27 I think)
      we are lucky to have a guy like him. Do u remember our losing streak this year? Some would argue that a large part of that was barbosa’s injury.

      Just cause your rebuilding doesn’t mean you can’t have a 27yrold vet on the team. Don’t we need a guy like that for the second unit?!

      He enjoys coming off the bench on one of the worst teams in the NBA.
      Toronto fans don’ t know what they got til it’s gone.

      Btw who is he taking playing time or potential free agent $ away from? Our other backup two guard?
      Or the free agents lining up to sign with the raps?

      I’m not trying to be insulting, I would just like to know people’s line of reasoning.

      • pesterm1

        barbosa is sick but the guys always injured lately. if we can get him on t he cheaper side (which we wont) then he will be back. if he goes i really wouldnt careid rather open up the capspace and roster spot incase we draft knight or walker.

      • why do you think he ‘wants to play in TO?’  i mean, if he REALLY wanted to play for the raps, there wouldn’t be all this speculation about testing free agency, opting out, or returning to brazil, would there?  seems to me like he’s throwing feelers out there, trying to gauge interest.

        • Nilanka15

          Most of that Brazil talk stems from the uncertainty of an NBA season next year.

          • Dalex

            Also, no one in the Brazilian leagues make anywhere near NBA money – sub-million dollar contracts. It’s a like a league filled with Hassan Adams and Lonnie Baxters

      • onemanweave

        Barbosa has the option to remain for another year at seven million. He isn’t going to sign an extension for chump change. 
           He is a decent offensive catalyst off the bench.  He would work well on a high end team that could play him when he’s hot and sit him when he’s not.
           On the Raps, you’re laying out a good chunk of change for the next three or four years and getting a 27 year old player  with injury issues who’s game is based on speed.
            He’s not gonna get faster or more durable and he’s not gonna turn things around for TO any more than he did last season. This team needs to keep playing their good young players and add more in next year’s draft.
           If he stays next year, fine. He can help to a limited degree. Long term, you’re buying into mediocrity and the kind of significant financial commitment to a mid-level talent that hasn’t worked yet and won’t in the future.

    • Nilanka15

      Can’t help but agree with Toshmon.  Signing Barbosa to say a 2-3 year deal (at $4-5 million per year) would hardly be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  As mentioned, even young/rebuilding teams need veterans to round out the roster.  And in Barbosa, we have a player who likes the city and the organization, is still very effective as a player (when healthy), has a clearly defined role which he’s comfortable with, and he doesn’t interfere with the development of DeRozan, Davis, Amir, Bayless, etc.  What exactly is the problem?
      Unless of course, you would prefer to use Barbosa’s cap hold on a different free agent in an attempt to land a bona fide allstar.  But then again, we all know how hard it is to attract significant free agents in Toronto.

      • JW

        I would not sign him to a long term until we know what we have in this talent pool, we just don’t need to get ahead of ourselves yet.  We have the luxury to wait.

        One thing I wish Bryan used a bit more, is patience on the ink.

    • Moataz

      its litmus test

  • 511

    Did Barbosa give up on the fix-the-wrist-once-and-for-all-surgery that was so talked about for most of this past season … or did I miss something? 

    • I believe doctors concluded that there was no “fix-the-wrist-once-and-for-all” surgery. So he’d just have to live through it on painkillers.
      Hope that offseason/lockout rest will make it better

      • 511

        Didn’t know. Thanks. 

  • lakonomy

    I remember how it worked out – not well. He was abused playing defense, and became just a 3 pt shooting role player on offense.

  • Statement

    How is Barbosa not one of Colangelo’s favorite players.  He scores a lot (inefficiently), plays middling defense (he leaks out an awful lot) and never secures a rebound.

    Give this man 10 million over 5 years.

    • J_Hoss

      Barbosa for 2m/year? Where do I sign?

      • ezz_bee

        hell i’d do 2.5mill over 5 years!  2 mill would be a ridiculous steal!

      • Statement


      • JW

        With his injury history it would be stupid for Bryan to blow 5mil on this guy.   It’s not fair to the team or the coach.  You can’t count on him to be healthy.  He hasn’t been for a long time.

        No one wanted to touch him for that reason.  Spending our FA money for this guy, and worse overpaying, would be idiotic!

        If he wants to stay 3mil is tops… otherwise do the veteran dance somewhere else.

    • The games I watched he was our best defensive player. Actually applied pressure on the ball and never let his man go past

      Leaking out is result of good D. And its only a bad thing when you talk about rebounding.

      • onemanweave

        Isn’t being our ‘best defensive player’  kind of like  being the thinnest fat man?
           Leaking our can be a result of good D, I guess. It can also show a propensity to ‘get mine’ and in the games you watched, you may have noticed that LB displays that quality from time to time.
           He is not a bad player. He could help a good team or be the difference between being bad and REALLY bad next season but he does not have the mileage and skill set that he needs to  be locked up long term unless it’s at money he’s not prepared to accept.
           That’s kind of what the shuffle-off-to-Brazil dance is about. Who’s gonna bite? BC?

  • East Coast

    In terms of the BC quote, to me the important thing, is “I know he will test the free agent market or eventually return to Brazil.”  So, maybe BC has done some homework, and as he said, he “knows” LB will test FA market.  That would be significant as it opens up capspace.  That’s the sure thing to take from it.   The part about having interest and being one of my favorite players, is not the is a projection of a possible option, but people look at that and say, “Damn, BC’s going to resign LB to a long deal.”   Maybe.

     But it also looks like LB will opt out, which will give us more money in FA, and the BC’s seems pretty confident LB will do that.  Which would make sense given the way BC has talked about capspace, even though if LB doesn’t opt out, we don’t really have all that much.  Even less if the cap goes down and there are no salary rollbacks.

    • pesterm1

      Ya i really dont get any of this resigning barbosa speculation. i dont read anything in that article that says that. it just ssems like yah he has an option he might pick it up, seems like he will go to brazil but he is a great player. BC gves leandro praise and people tihnk thats means he is being resigned. Bargnani will not be a SF  ….. EVER. way to heavy and slow. but he definetly would tear apart other 3’s on offense no sf can alter his shots.

      • Nilanka15

        The best way to slow down Bargnani’s offense, is to put a smaller, quicker player on him.  Bargnani will hardly ever post-up smaller players, so it’s not like he’d use his height as an advantage.  We’d be left watching contested 3’s, long 2’s, and a plethora of fadeaways, leading to 43% from the field.  I can see opposing small forwards trembling in their shorts now. 

        • pesterm1

          what r u talking about? i wtched like 90 percent of games and there were alot of SF’s gaurding bargnani. Bargnani almost always has a mismatch . he is to quick for c’s and pf’s and to big for sf’s. it wouldnt be anything new to have sf’s gaurd bargnani. ur acting like its rarely done.

          • Nilanka15

            Dude, what are YOU talking about?  There was nothing in my post that commented on the frequency at which SF’s guard Bargnani. 

            I was implying that on paper, yes, Bargnani would appear to have a height advantage against small forwards, but in reality, he hardly ever uses it to his advantage because he settles for long shots and fadeaways.  When was the last time you saw Bargnani punish anyone in the post?  That’s what I thought….

            • pesterm1

              u said the best way to shutdown bargnani is put a sf on him… im saying its been done and its not a difference. bargnani can shoot over top of any small forward not named LBJ.

              • Nilanka15

                Bargnani can shoot over almost every player in the league.  But while guarded by SF’s, Bargnani’s only other “advantage” (i.e. his speed) is completely negated.  Hence the long 2s and fadeaways. 

                It’s not only LeBron who could slow down Bargnani.  It’s Artest, Gay, Prince, Battier, Marion, Pierce, Josh Smith, Iguodala, Mbah a Moute, Deng, Gerald Wallace, Ariza, Jefferson, Kirilenko, etc.

                • Mapko

                  It seems as just about every team had a “shut down deffender” that rendered Bargs useless on offence. How the hell did he average 20 plus point????

                • Nilanka15

                  Simple question deserves a simple answer:  because Bargnani was, more often than not, guarded by immobile post players, and not small forwards.  Happy?

                • pesterm1

                  I want proof not just ur opinion. looking at the 2011 games on ESPN its seems were both right. Bargnani for some reason plays poorly against indiana, atlanta, new orleans, sometimes boston and sometimes orlando. so id say your right about granger, and josh smith but i dont see any other team that supports that. for some reason goldenstate gave bargnani alot of trouble but that probably has more to do with the pace that GS plays. its seems teams with large centers and power forwards gave bargs more trouble … ORL – howard , BOS – Garnnet, NO – Okafor. just did a wquick look but thats what i see at first glance.

                • Theswirsky

                  or it could be the 18 shots he took every game which inevitably lead to a ton of points

                • Danny

                  LOL, Too bad Amir and Sonny could not get that many shots 🙂

                • points

                  buddy, you give renaldo balkman 18 shots per game and i think he could average 20 plus point

              • points

                i tell you man this is our guy going forward , bargs who’s going to be able to stop him and calderon next season the raptors two best players

  • brother

    Optimistic view: BC is playing the game and trying to convince LB that he is really valuable. BC might be hoping that LB is thinking “wow. I must really have something here. Maybe I will test the free agent market – okay I won’t exercise that option!! I’ll be rich!!!” Then BC slams the door and locks it on LB’s agent.

  • I heard the raps have the worst odds to win it all next year. Does that mean we will find ourself back in the lottery with a good shot of getting the first pick?

    • Marz

      I think Minnesota will have something to say about that.

      • we’ll just have to wait and see. Next years draft should be huge for some teams. I heard Minnesota is poised to make a playoff appearance next season. They in the market for a veteran SG. I’m sure they have grown tired of gathering lottery picks. They seem ready to make some moves either this season or next.

        • Juicey

          I can almost guarantee Minnesota wont be in the playoffs next year.  They are so far away from the playoffs no veteran SG is taking them there.  Well unless that veteran SG is named Kobe or Wade, and even then Minnesota would probably find a way to mess it up.

      • ezz_bee

        also, never underestimate the Clippers.  There stars have the worst injury record in the league.  If griffen goes down so do the clips, and HARD.

    • Nilanka15

      Those odds mean absolutely nothing with so much roster shuffling bound to happen between now and the start of next season (whenever it is) for every team in the league.

      • mountio

        .. I dont know about absolutely nothing. As a gambling man myself .. I put a lot of weight in Vegas .. they know what they are doing and you shouldnt take anything they put out lightly. Will they change between now and the start of the year? Of course they will. But – what they are saying now is that as of right now, including expected draft picks, the Raps are in the worst position of any team in the league.
        Hard to argue when you think about Cavs having top top 5 picks and Minny picking 2 (and having Love who people know and think is great) – thus, on paper, the Raps are the worst team out there, in terms of a chance to win this year.
        Should we care? Hell no .. its not our goal or even realistic to remotely think we can compete this year, let alone win .. but that doesnt make it not true

        • Nilanka15

          Sorry, but I don’t agree.  We all know that the Raptors roster today won’t be the same roster we see on November 1st.  The upcoming draft is merely one factor in determining a team’s success.  Does Vegas have any idea what Colangelo has in mind in terms of trades, free agents’ intentions, forthcoming injuries?  Of course not.  Factor in these unpredictable variables for each of the remaining 29 teams, and there’s no way those Vegas odds mean anything today….especially if you acknowledge that these same odds will change as the summer progresses.

          Show me Vegas odds following next season’s final preseason game, and I’ll think differently.  But Vegas odds 2 days after a championship, in no way shape or form, is an accurate indicator of success for the upcoming season, which is what Akuma’s original post was implying.

          • pesterm1

            lasy year ESPN madesaid we would be one of the worst teams in the league and look what happend. everyone was like no way we will make the playoffs and then we crashed and burned HARD!  its nice to see optomistic raptors fans but if u set the bar too high we will be dissapointed.

            • Nilanka15

              I’m not saying the Raptors will win a champsionship next season.  I’m not even saying we’ll make the playoffs next season.  All I’m saying is that the validity of Vegas predictions this early in the 2012 season doesn’t provide much substance.
              For example, imagine what the Vegas odds said about the Celtics’ chances in the summer of 2007 BEFORE the trades for Allen and Garnett were made.

              The bottom line:  It’s FAR too early for 2012 predictions considering what can happen (in terms of roster changes) between now and opening night.

              • pesterm1

                all im saying is there the raps are a 22 win team right now…  theres not many FA’s or trades that could really make them THAT much better. unless its like an all star player… which it wont be. so the raps may not be the worst but who knows.

          • mountio

            Your argument is starting to remind of the nitpicking on the Heat as “flawed” because they arent perfect. Same with the odds – are they a perfect predictor next season? Of course they arent.
            But – they are the best predictor we have now of team’s relative chances next year – knowing what we know now. Of course if a huge trade goes down that could change a bunch of things or if Kyrie Iriving gets taken by the Cavs and blows an ACL or LBJ and Wade get hit by a bus. But – assuming a steady state of things (ie players perform as excepted, draft picks perform generally in line with their draft position, GMs make trades or use cap space as can be resonably expected, etc) they are a very good indicator of teams chances next year. Are the odds at the tip of the season better? Yup. The odds at the all star break better than that? Yup. The odds at teh start of the playoffs better than that? Of course. BUT – that doesnt mean today’s odds are meaingless at all.  

            • Nilanka15

              The original post on this topic suggested that the Raptors are (according to Vegas) the least likely to win a championship next year.  Since we finished with the 3rd worst record, the Vegas odds suggest we’ve somehow gotten worse over the last 2 months without actually doing anything.  Cleveland, with two picks in the weakest draft since 2006, is apparently in a better position to succeed than Toronto, despite not having promising pieces like DeRozan or Davis to add to.  C’mon man, from a basketball perspective (not a gambling perspective), you can’t seriously believe today’s Vegas predictions are anything we, as fans, should pay attention to.  Today’s Vegas predictions are just as relevant as their predictions for the 2019-2020 season. 

              • mountio

                Listen .. I love the raps and Im not saying I think we are in that bad of shape from my perspective. As i said before, winning the title next year should not be on our radar screen in terms of a plan in any way shape or form .. so the odds dont bother me at all, since its something we arent striving for. I would be more worried if we had no shot at winning in 3-5 years, which should be our plan.
                Im not super farmiliar with the Cavs cap situation .. but two picks in the top 5 (even in a weak draft) is pretty compelling (at least in terms of potential upside, which these odds care about .. as they are odds to win the whole thing next year as opposed to odds that would project record).
                The only thing I take away from this is that its a decent grounding to remember that, even though we have some nice pieces, we have a LONG LONG way to go (the odds would argue the longest of any team in the NBA). From that perspective, these are a very useful reminder

        • JW

          In fairness to the odds makers, its not about how good the team is, its about attracting money to both sides of the equation.  How do you get the money in the US on the Raptors?   You give them poor odds.   This is why during the Doneghy  fiasco the Raptors were such a great team to bet on to cover.   The public does not like Canadian teams, and anyone with a bit of sense took the advantage when it presented itself. 

          So the Vegas odds, also reflect the popularity of our franchise in the US. 

          • mountio

            That is true. However, there are a slew of teams at 100:1, including Minnesota and the Cavs. Raps at 150:1. Not sure the Vegas action out of those cities is dramatically different than out of Toronto such to sway the odds in their favour.
            I would, however, by the argument that Miami is probably a little low because they are the most well know team, so there might be action in their favour swaying the odds ..

    • JW

      It likely means that rest of the NBA felt we needed a new GM, and few are giving Bryan the credibility to improve this club.

    • points

      yes if Tot Dad draft a dummy

    • It says we can’t win championship, doesn’t mean we can’t win games or that we are the worst team (although its implied)

  • Brothersteve

    Colangelo said he was considering offering Barbosa an extension weeks ago.  Barbosa is a positive influence on the younger players and a great teammate.

  • Danny

    Moving AB to SF is the dumbest Idea that ONLY Raptor Organization that can come up with !!! He is simply NOT suited for that role and it is better to trade him than play him at SF.

  • ezz_bee

    I think have bargs as a full time starting 3 wouldn’t work. However, I have posted before that I think that you could have success having bargs shift to the small forward and go “big” on offense in key possessions or for a couple of shifts a game.  Full time I don’t think it works.

    I’m still not convinced that Barbosa opts out of his contract.  All this media just seems like it is him or his agent trying to drum up interest in his services.  I don’t see anyone offering him close to 7.5 mill a season.  I think when he doesn’t get the offer he is looking for he opts in.  Makes sense to me.

    • Nilanka15

      I’m curious about your reasoning on how Bargnani playing SF can work in small amounts, but fail on a permanent basis.  Are you suggesting we use the “element of surprise” a few times a game until the opposition figures it out?  If so, wouldn’t it seem likely that within 10 games of the season, the scouting report will be out on Bargnani’s 4-5 “shifts” (I loathe hockey metaphors in basketball) at SF, and that defenses will be ready for it from the opening tip?

      • cesco

        During the regular season , facing a team at the bottom of the heap , I don’t think the opposition will “prepare” for the few times Andrea will play SF .

  • Raptorsss

    And the winner for taking a quotation completely out of context goes too….Arsenalist. 

    If anybody cared to read that article, they were making Biyombo take jump shots where he missed over 80% and looked nervous.  When they made him do big man moves in the post he was still the lottery talent, that he’s been all along.

    It’s like criticizing Bargnani, for failing at a rebounding drill, where he is the only player trying to rebound the ball.  That’s not his game. . .

    • Arsenalist

      It’s not considered out of context when you link to the context.

    • Nilanka15

      I don’t think the quote was taken out of context at all.  This is a pre-draft workout.  GMs need to know exactly what each prospect’s strength’s and weaknesses are.  Just because it’s common knowledge that offense isn’t Biyombo’s game, it doesn’t mean he’s immune to critiquing.  The quote above shows that his offense is much worse than everyone thought it was.

      If Biyombo looked nervous in a high school sized gym with 50 people watching, imagine how he’d shit himself on opening night with 19,000 screaming fans…

    • Nilanka15


      His jumper is downright awful…even within 10 feet.

      • Raptorsss

        Who thought that the guy could ever shoot the ball?  You didn’t draft Bargnani for his rebounding and you’re not drafting biyombo for his (complete lack of offense).

        to save me from having to type more just read this: 

        He can play in the NBA right now. If you understand what he is and what
        he isn’t, and you’re OK with that, then I think he’s a very safe pick.

        — Anonymous NBA general manage
        Said one GM:….”Defense helps win championships. Ben Wallace and Tyson Chandler don’t
        score, but they help their teams in so many ways. If you value defense,
        length and drive, I think it’s hard not to like him. Maybe love him.”


        • Theswirsky

          if Biyombo was a 7fter like Chandler or had the overwelming strength of Wallace I’d probably say its worth the risk.  Also while Chandler and Wallace don’t (or didn’t) score much… they are 8-10 pt a game guys (Wallace not anymore but he was in his prime).  Will Biyombo be that?

          The guy sounds and looks alot more like Joel Anthony.  Nothing wrong with that…. just nothing good about it either.  Not what you want with pick #5 though.

          • It really depends much on PG and team offense to get these guys baskets
            Hell, even Reggie Evans can score sometimes

  • RapthoseLeafs

    I’m torn on the whole Barbosa thing.

    It’s been mentioned that LB is an inefficient scorer. Not sure where that comes from – he shot .450 with a bad wrist, 2nd best amongst Raptors who took 8 or more shots. Barbie was 4th amongst 3 point shooters, although on a Raptor team that was DEAD F*@6bed185a0ac9230575c5ef2bb2ca4895:disqus KING LAST, I don’t think he’s calling home to brag about that stat.

    Barbosa’s a veteran, and god knows the young brats need some of that around the team. Veteran leadership is essential to players like Davis & Demar (and the new guy – whoever he is). Having someone like LB, who can contribute with his hustling speed & NBA experience, would certainly be beneficial to their development.
    As for AB at the SF, I’ve generally been dead set against that experiment happening again. However, it’s not like we are going anywhere in a hurry, so maybe it’s worth a try in small doses – and see where it takes us.

    I still believe Raptors should explore Davis in the 5 role – as I highly doubt we’ll pick up a Chandler / Noah type anytime soon. And developing a Big from scratch will take too long – Demar may decide to adios amigo Toronto by then. Amir is destined to be a Secondary Big off the Bench (when he’s completely healthy), so Front Court is still in a state of flux. With our tendency towards unrealistic Defensive Centre thoughts, our pressing needs seem more geared towards the Back court and SF spots.

    • RapthoseLeafs

      wtf … my spell check inserted pesterm1 in the post.

      Should’ve read:

      Barbie was 4th amongst 3 point shooters, although on a Raptor team that was DEAD F*#KING LAST, I don’t think he’s calling home to brag about that stat.

  • Bukowski

    This on Hoopsworld. I was hoping Raptors would get him. Dwayne Casey should’ve received another coaching chance by now, but now that he was a major piece in their championship puzzle, his stock went up even more. Everything I’m hearing suggests he ends up in Detroit and I think that would be an excellent fit. Detroit is known historically for defense and that’s exactly what Casey preaches. 

  • O D

    All these post about Barney, but in my opinion the problems in his DEFENSE. PERIOD.
    BArney could be a sixth man with a little improvement in his defense.
    Barney could be our starter if he STFU boxed out and defended the rim, and rotated with the front court.
    Also Barney needs to lose that Cot damn waist, for heavens sake get in shape Big Man.

  • guest

    I want to like your blog… But I just can’t with statements like this: “During the Jermaine O’Neal experiment they moved him around a bit to have Bosh, O’Neal and him on the court at the same time, but I don’t recall how it worked out.”

    I remeber how it worked out. He was terrible. In fact right now, playing Bargnani over even James Johnson would impact the team negatively. We’ve been down the “Bargnani at the SF position” TWICE already and if failed miserably. The problem is not where Bargnani plays, the problem is BARGNANI!

    • cesco

      Andrea defense is ONE of the many problems the Raps have .

      • Nilanka15

        Andrea’s and Calderon’s defense have been horrible for long enough for us to assume they can’t get any better. 

        On the other hand, DeRozan, Amir, Bayless, J.Johnson are all inexperienced enough to improve their defense. 

        • cesco

          J.J , I believe never played better defense than in the first game he played for the Raps against the Bulls , sort of like the few games during the season when Andrea at least get over 8 rebs and get a block or two . DeRozan may or may not improve his defense . Amir has the desire to improve and he probably will .

  • His wrist problems are chronic.  Raptors do not need him.  I like Barbosa but he’s a luxury they can’t afford to have.  Especially if they plan to draft a guard.

  • Star_bury

    Am I the only one that notices that Evans and Barbosa are HOLDING HANDS??? It’s like the scene from Mallrats with the topless fortune teller all over again!

    • O D

      What a funny picture..Couldnt be anymore gay.