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In the most disappointing performance in the nine days here, Canada fell yesterday against Panama, a team that has lost its last three games by almost a 30 point average. Canada had hopes of taking the 5th spot that would give them the qualification to next year pre-Olympics, hoping for a ticket to London 2012 but instead, they lost to the weakest team in the second round.

Nuggets forward Gary Forbes had the best individual performance of the tournament with 39 points, 18 of them were in the last period which Panama won 21-19. Panama was without three of its starters including their leading scorer and entire backcourt.

Both teams had a great FG percentage but Canada shot just 4/17 in the fourth and lost the rebounding battle 41-28, in part because of the presence of 37 year old veteran Ruben Garces who had 12 boards playing the full 40 minutes. Carl English had a great game with 24 points, 15 of them in the first period while Kelly Olynyk added 13 and 4 boards.

With this result, the Venezuela–Uruguay doesn’t matter and the Candians will leave Mar del Plata tomorrow.

Leo Rautins:

“It’s a disappointing loss. We knew that Panama is a team that could look almost disinterested one day and come out and play like they did today. Even though they didn’t win, they’re a team that can beat anybody in this tournament when they want to play. It’s very disappointing, I don’t think we’re good enough yet to absorb injuries, we need all of our players. But with that being said, we still had opportunities. With a few shots and a few stops we could have easily been in the top four.

On the team’s future:

“We have a lot of good, young players and the idea is that every young player that wants to represent their country could be with the team. The future looks bright”

Carl English:

“We had an OK start but we gave the opportunity to a team like Panama to have rhythm. They play a lot of one-on-one and we gave these guys confidence. For us, we fight but we didn’t follow the plan. In most of our losses in this tournament we got away from the plan and that’s disappointing. I don’t feel we should leave tomorrow but they were confident, made some big shots, and beat us.

Pictures here.


Finally Jonas Valanciunas had his breakout game yesterday in Lithuania’s huge win against Serbia 100-90. Jonas had 18 points in nine shots attempted during his 20 minutes of play that included 5 rebounds and 2 blocks shots. Valanciunas has seen his minutes increased since the injury to Petravicius but yesterday the team was also without big man Lavrinovic.

In other news, Spain continues on its road to the finals with a 77-68 victory against Germany. Jose Calderon started for the team and play 20 minutes with 2 points and no assists.

PhdSteve on ESPN

Talking Jonas and Bargnani as part of the 5-on-5 series.

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  • Ds

    Jose is really doing us proud over there, eh? Two points and no assists.

    • p00ka

      Well, I don’t know what other info you have about his performance in the meaningless (for Spain) game, besides the stat sheet, but what meaningful commentary do you have about his play in today’s game, that actually meant something: 20 minutes, 8 pts on 3/4, with 2/2 from 3 pt, 3 ast’s, 5 RBs, 1 steal. I’m sure he’s concerned about whether you feel proud, so that must have given him some inspiration. 

  • Tomas

    Jonas is going to be a great pick for raptors.. And hkw comd kleiza isint getting any love here? He is going to come back with a vengence if he stays healthy he is a pottential all star and if not than def top 3 player for raps along his countryman in next 4 years… Raptors are lucky to have the best two lithuanians on its roster

    • Nilanka15

      Kleiza an all-star???  First of all, coming back from mircofracture knee surgery isn’t easy to do.  And even if he does make a full recovery, he’s still battling against Lebron, Melo, Garnett, Granger, Pierce, Bosh, Josh Smith, etc. for an all-star selection in the Eastern Conference front-court.  Never gonna happen…

    • Thierry Bertho

      lmao WAKE UP

  • Pesterm1

    shtty video for the raps. it doesnt even work… great job ESPN . . .clap clap 😐

  • Guest

    the best part of this is how Leo quit after this game with a year left on his contract

    • tonious35

      words can’t describe how pleased I am to hear this…. damage done too soon by Leo though, I am doubting that Canada will get Dalembert back.  Leo should not show his face on Raptors games anymore for our sake.  Hearing this punk color analyze after sinking our Canadian program even more is an insult to Canadian basketball fans.

  • Truthkiller

    WOW!!! We all knew Canada basketball was already garbage enough but to lose to friking Carlos Arroyo and Gary Neal SMH, those guys are proven scrubs.

    I guess the loss is a blessing in disguise, it means seeing less of Leo HAHAHA! 

    • Please, try to read something before saying those things. Carlos Arroyo is a true international superstar. He played at the world and in the Olympic and carried his team to beat USA in Athens 2004. And ALSO he plays for Puerto Rico, a great team, not Panama.. And Gary Neal is not even in this tournament.

      • Truthkiller

        I guess I wasn’t clear, I’m talking about in terms of NBA status.

    • Mack North

      If they are proven scrubs, I’d sure like to be one too! It’s the best league in the world.

  • Raptorsss

    I’m glad Leo is gone.. zero wins at the worlds last year and losing to Venezuela and Panama this year its time for a change.  Still too many good Canadian players who didn’t represent, and I am still surprised at how well Brazil did with only Splitter as their lone NBA player.

    Our boys are ranked top 10 in the world hopefully the crew sticks together and help the mens into a top 10 world team.

  • Guest

    Jonas crushed Germany !!  holy shit, just watched JV have a legendary 4th quarter to knock Germany out of the next round, everyone needs to see this highlight tape when the guy posts it in the forums

  • Aaron8007

    Great 4th quarter by JV.  His length and activity was a factor on both ends.  Its his level of intensity for such a young guy is impressive.  He is Long and has good hands and decent feet.  Impressive for a 19 year old.  Future all star if he stays healthy not my words but Thorpe’s oppinion but i do agree.  THough he lost his composure in the second and third quarter.  The raptors will definetly be better when he comes over in 2013.